Ghost of Tsushima: For Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima: For Tsushima

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Ghost of Tsushima's For Tsushima is a Tale of Tsushima about a group of people, mostly farmers and fishermen, that banded together to fight the Mongols. They are being led by a woman who volunteered to train them.

There are some in Azamo who want to fight back against the Mongols. But they are not samurai and will only endanger their lives. I should seek them out.


Speak to the woman at the Azamo Inn

You will find the woman near the Ariake Bamboo Strike spot in Azamo Inn.

Guardian: My lord, have you come to help the Azamo League, too?

Jin: I've never heard of them.

Guardian: Farmers and fishermen, banded together to fight the Mongols. I've come from Ariake to train them.

Jin: I admire their bravery. How is the training going?

Guardian: They were supposed to meet me here hours ago. I was about to look for them.

Jin: I'll ride with you.

Follow the woman to the farm

While traveling to the farm, you will learn more about the woman who trains the volunteers.

Guardian: Their leaders stay at a farmhouse nearby. They'll know where the main force is camped. As a child, I dreamed of becoming a samurai. Now I'm riding with a real one.

Jin: But you know how to fight. And handle a horse.

Guardian: My village was constantly raided by pirates on the coast. They killed my parents when I was young. I learned to defend myself. I hope the skills I gained through hardship can be of use to the people here.

Jin: You're not so different from a samurai. There's a fire up ahead.

Guardian: The farmhouse!

Avenge those at the burning farmhouse

Go ahead and punish the Mongols burning the house and the fallen volunteers.

Regroup with the woman

Talk to the woman after defeating all the Mongols in the area.

Guardian: These are the men I was supposed to meet.

Jin: If the Mongols found them, they could have found the main force too.

Guardian: I should have come sooner.

Jin: We can still warn the others. Hear that? They might have found the main force.

Guardian: We have to help them! Hurry, my lord!

Jin: Wait!

Keep up with the woman

Immediately ride your horse, as you will fail the objective if you let the woman get far.

Reach the encounter area

It will be too late though, as the Mongols have found the volunteers first.

Guardian: We're too late!

Jin: We can't save everyone.

Guardian: Then I will avenge the dead!

Jin: A samurai remains calm before a fight.

Jin: Wait!

Guardian: Pay for your crimes, invaders!

Go ahead and defeat all the Mongols in the area.

Speak with the woman

After defeating all the Mongols, approach the woman and talk to her.

Guardian: We did it!

Jin: You have skill. But you nearly died rushing into battle.

Guardian: Don't the Mongols anger you?

Jin: A samurai's most important weapon is himself. Lose control, and you risk defeat.

Guardian: I see... I should return home. Learn to master my emotions.

Jin: Keep fighting. We need people like you. But remember the lesson.

Guardian: I will, my lord.

And with that, you have completed For Tsushima side quest.

Charm of Hidden Sight

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Stealth Charm. This item is the Charm of Hidden Sight

  • Enemies stop hunting for you 40% faster

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