Ghost of Tsushima: Old Trading Post

Ghost of Tsushima: Old Trading Post

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Ghost of Tsushima's Old Trading Post is a Mongol Territory located in the South-East of Komoda in the  Izuhara Region of Tsushima island. You can liberate Mongol Territories by eliminating all the Mongols inside and facing the Mongol Leader.

This is one of the early Mongol territories you can liberate at the start of the game.

Old Trading Post Map and Location

Old Trading Post Territory Details

This enemy territory is still in the vicinity of the starting part of the game. While completing the quests for either Lady Masako or Sensei Ishikawa, you might stumble and discover this camp.


The rewards of the clearing this territory are minor. Also, there are no special items that can be found inside the territory.


This Mongol territory has two quest objectives.

  • Defeat the Mongols
  • Bonus - Kill enemies during a single Standoff (0/3)

Approach to Combat

Though you can visit this early in the game, one of the objectives in this territory might be hard for you to complete, specifically, the requirement to kill 3 enemies in a single standoff.

If you have not yet unlocked Standoff Streak, which increases your kills by one and has not yet unlocked the Technique for an additional kill, for a total of 3, then you will not meet this objective.

Loot the Camp

There are plenty of Supplies and other materials in the camp, but no special items like Mongol Artifacts or Records.

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