Ghost of Tsushima: Incident at Hiyoshi Pass

Ghost of Tsushima: Incident at Hiyoshi Pass

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Ghost of Tsushima's Incident at Hiyoshi Pass is a Tale of Tsushima about a hostage-taking situation that occurs at Hiyoshi Bridge where Jin has to save a boy from the Mongols that are shooting a barrage of arrows from below.

The plot is very similar to the early part of the film Seven Samurai, where a child was held hostage by a thief, and the villagers asked for the help of a samurai to save him.

The other quest that is very similar to the main plot of this film is Hammer and Forge.

The Mongols have taken the bridge leading into Hiyoshi Springs. It's stopping the people of Tsushima from traveling the ravine safely. I need to clear the bridge of Mongol control.


Start of Incident at Hiyoshi Pass

You get the Incident at Hiyoshi Pass quest when you talk to an NPC in Hiyoshi Springs Inn. It is one of the NPCs with a speech bubble that you can activate.

Talk to this man and the quest will be acquired in your journal.

Peasant: My lord. The Mongols have taken the bridge leading into Hiyoshi Springs...

Jin: Many people travel that bridge. They'll be vulnerable to attack... I'll go there, see what I can do.

Peasant: Thank you, my lord.

Find the bridge between Hiyoshi and Ariake

You can use the Guiding Wind to find the exact spot where the quest takes place. While approaching the bridge, you will hear a man shouting to his nephew and to the Mongols.

Peasant: Be brave, Banta! We'll save you, my boy! Stop it, you animals!

Once you have reached the bridge, talk to the worried uncle.

Peasant: My lord! They've taken the bridge.

Jin: Tell me...

Peasant: We were running for Hiyoshi Springs. The bridge looked safe, but the Mongols were in the ravine. They started shooting from below...

Jin: Someone's injured.

Peasant: Banta. My brother's boy.

Jin: They're using him as bait. Tell your family to stay clear of the bridge. I'll stop this.

Rescue Banta from the Mongol archers

You will notice that there are lots of Mongol archers scattered on both sides of the bridge.

You can use your bow to do ranged combat, or just use your katana to eliminate them all.

Mongol: Keep screaming, runt!

Mongol: Your family's leaving you to die!

Mongol: (Laughs)

You will know that all the Mongols are defeated as Jin will comment on it himself.

Jin: That's the last of them.

Return to the bridge to inform Banta.

Peasant: Have they stopped shooting?

Jin: It is over. Go to your family.

Peasant: Thank you, my lord.

Jin: The bridge is clear!

Speak with Banta’s uncle

Return to Banta's uncle and talk to him.

Jin: The Mongols are gone.

Peasant: Did they scream?

Jin: Their suffering isn't your concern. Take your family to Hiyoshi Springs. These roads are dangerous.

Peasant: We will. Thank you.

And with that, you have completed Incident at Hiyoshi Pass side quest.

Charm of Unyielding I Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Defense Charm. This item is the Charm of Unyielding I

  • Moderately reduces damage taken while at 50% health or less.

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