Ghost of Tsushima: The Sensei and the Student

Ghost of Tsushima: The Sensei and the Student

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Sensei and the Student is the second part of The Tale of Sensei Ishikawa wherein Jin and Sensei Ishikawa continue their search for Tomoe, the Sensei's prodigy student who sided with the Mongols.

Sensei Ishikawa and I learned that his former student, Tomoe, has sided with the Mongols. He asked me to meet him at his dojo so we can continue the hunt to track her down.


  • Minor Legend Increase
  • Minor Ranged Charm
  • + 2 Silk

Meet Ishikawa at his dojo in Hiyoshi

After visiting Sensei Ishikawa's dojo in the first part of the tale, it will become a permanent fast travel spot.

Hence, you don't have to spend time going to the dojo. Just open your map and do a fast travel.

Sensei Ishikawa will be waiting for you at the entrance of the dojo.

Jin: Sensei, any word on Tomoe?

Ishikawa: Yes. But I'm not sure you are ready for her.

Jin: You make her sound like a demon.

Ishikawa: That's not far off the mark. Tomoe is fearless. She is not samurai, but she is a born killer.

Jin: I know the type.

Ishikawa: No. You do not.

Follow Ishikawa

He will ask you to follow him and continue the search for Tomoe.

Ishikawa: Come.

Jin: Where are we headed?

Ishikawa: An archery range. A local saw Mongols training there. I suspect Tomoe was with them.

Jin: If Tomoe is truly fearless, she'd make a useful ally.

Ishikawa: A starving leopard is fearless, too.

Jin: Leopards can't master your way of the bow.

Ishikawa: Let it go, Sakai. She will never join us.

Jin: Why did she turn against you?

Ishikawa: I took a risk in sharing all I knew with her. When she betrayed my trust, I punished her.

Jin: It must have been harsh.

Ishikawa: You saw what she did to the prisoners at Fort Nakayama. That was no mistake. That was a choice. And not the first time she's made it.

Jin: We don't know it was her fault.

Ishikawa: You don't. I do.

Climb to the top of the cliff

You will soon reach a spot facing a cliff. He will ask you to climb it. You will not see him climbing though.

Ishikawa: You have to climb to get there.

Jin: Sure you can make it, Sensei?

Ishikawa: What are you waiting for, Sakai?

Jin: You need a hand, Sensei?

Speak with Sensei Ishikawa

After reaching the top of the cliff, you will find him waiting there lazily.

Ishikawa: Not bad, Sakai.

Jin: You said the only way up was to climb.

Ishikawa: No, I said you had to climb. It's a good exercise.

Ishikawa: Arrows. Mongol and Japanese.

Jin: If there were here, they're long gone.

Ishikawa: We might pick up their trail by the practice target.

Jin: There is no target.

Ishikawa: Near that watchtower.

Jin: Not bad, Sensei.

Ishikawa: Find out where they went.

Inspect the target

You will do more climbing but this time, downwards. Approach the tower that Sensei Ishikawa pointed to. 

Once you have reached the area, you will notice this small sack.

Jin: How many Mongols is Tomoe training?

Jin: A severed head. Used for target practice. Sensei! Mongols here!

Defeat the Mongols

Just after you find out about the severed head, a horn will blow and Mongols will attack you from nowhere.

Jin will ask for Sensei's help but he will not come.

Jin: Sensei! I could use your help.

Kunai Tutorial

If you have not used the Kunai before, the game will show you the tutorial for it. Remember, we unlocked the Kunai during the first part of Sensei Ishikawa's tale.

You use the Kunai or any Quickfire weapons with R1. Use the Left Analog stick for targeting

Speak with Sensei Ishikawa

Sensei Ishikawa will only appear after all the Mongols have been killed.

Jin is angry that Sensei Ishikawa didn't help him fight the Mongols.

Ishikawa: Good work, Sakai.

Jin: Resting your bow arm, Sensei?

Ishikawa: Observing your response to ambush.

Jin: You knew those Mongols were still here.

Ishikawa: Yes.

Jin: You didn't think to mention it?

Ishikawa: If you can't handle a few Mongols, what good will you be against Tomoe?

Jin: This is war - not a test.

Ishikawa: And how many wars have you fought? I'll test you as I see fit.

Jin: I can see why Tomoe attacked you.

Ishikawa: (Laughs)

Pick up the Mongols’ trail

That Sensei's laughter diffused the tension. Time to continue searching for Tomoe.

Ishikawa: Where did she go, Sakai?

Jin: I'll look around.

Jin: A lot of tracks. A dozen men, maybe more.

Ishikawa: Follow the trail.

Follow the Mongols’ trail

This is standard tracking practice. Follow the steps. This will take a while. To save time, run and the Sensei will also run.

Ishikawa: If we catch her, do not wait for me. Attack, and keep moving. Or you'll die.

Jin: Do you plan to use your bow this time?

Ishikawa: If we find her.

Jin: And if not?

Ishikawa: Can you take a dozen enemy soldiers without me?

Jin: If I must.

Ishikawa: Good answer.

Save the captive villagers

Finally, you will soon reach a village where Mongols are using the villagers for shooting practice.

Jin: Look at them!

Ishikawa: They're practicing what Tomoe taught them.

Jin: Murdering the innocent.

Go ahead, unleash your katana and run towards the enemies. 

Hopefully, you didn't really do that because the game wants you to complete this objective using stealth.

But, if you did, then it's a good thing the game gives you the tutorial for handling hostages.

Rescuing Hostages Tutorial

If you ran earlier and attacked the enemies upfront, you would see this tutorial that shares there is a consequence if you attack enemies holding hostages.

The Mongols have taken hostages. If the enemy spots you, they will start executing their prisoners.

You will easily notice this visually. Observe the scene below.

  1. The hostage is marked with a shield icon. That is the one you must protect
  2. The enemy who has the immediate intent to kill the hostage will show up with the red skull icon. 

If left alone, the enemy will kill the hostage in a few seconds. So, the best advice is to drop the fight with others as long as the red icon is showing.

Go for that enemy with the red icon. And you will never fail a hostage-taking scenario in the game, even if you never use stealth. 

Always ensure that you are next to the hostage. And you will be able to disrupt any of the red icon enemies from killing the hostage.

Note that after killing the enemy with the red icon, others can still have it. Just be alert whenever this happens and eliminate the one with red icon first.

This is the first hostage saving scenario you have faced, but you will see more in the future, sometimes with multiple hostages in one quest, scattered in various locations of the enemy camp.

Release the Hostages

After eliminating all the enemies, you can release the hostages. Note that even if you are in front of the hostages, as long as there are enemies, the Rescue trigger will not activate. You have to clear the area for a rescue to occur.

Jin: Did you see a Japanese woman with these Mongols.

Peasant: I could not believe it. She was giving them orders!

Jin: What did she say?

Peasant: Something about the sensei. And the hot springs. That's all I heard, my lord. Forgive me.

Speak with Sensei Ishikawa

Approach Sensei Ishikawa and he will share with you his remorse on training Tomoe.

Ishikawa: I taught a monster how to hunt.

Jin: They heard Tomoe giving orders to the Mongols. She mentioned Hiyoshi Springs.

Ishikawa: She's just getting started. Sakai. The way you fight... It's not your uncle's way, and it's not mine.

Jin: We've never faced an enemy like this. I do what I must to defeat them.

Ishikawa: A samurai is a guardian. Not a killer who darts around like a thief.

Jin: You didn't see Komoda.

Ishikawa: I've seen enough. I know it was brutal. But I won't train another monster.

Jin: I know. I won't let that happen.

Ishikawa: If Tomoe is going after Hiyoshi Springs... I need to prepare. So do you. I'll see you at my dojo, Sakai.

And with that, you have completed The Sensei and the Student side quest.

Charm of Efficiency Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Ranged Charm. This item is the Charm of Efficiency

  • 15% increase to nocking and reload speeds.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue the adventures with Sensei Ishikawa, let's proceed with The Past Never Passes.