Ghost of Tsushima: The Cost of Iron

Ghost of Tsushima: The Cost of Iron

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Cost of Iron is a Tale of Tsushima about an item called an iron mark and its impact on the relationship of two brothers. Jin will meet one of the brothers and try to obtain the iron mark.

The woods near Kuta Farmstead have seen more Mongol patrols than usual - and there are whispers of merchants traveling the area safely. I need to find out what's happening in those woods.


Investigate the home

While approaching the house where the quest takes place, you will hear a hurt peasant.

Peasant: It hurts... My leg!

Enter the house and you will find a number of people inside.

Peasant: We should run. Find a better place to hide.

Peasant: We'd be like wounded deer to the Mongols.

Peasant: This is all because of that iron mark!

Peasant: We'll rest, and go back for it...

Approach their leader on the right side and talk to him.

Peasant: A samurai!

Jin: What happened to you?

Peasant: There's a merchant working with the Mongols. They gave him with an iron mark. We tried to take it from him, but... he had too many guards.

Jin: This iron mark must be worth a lot to risk your lives for it.

Peasant: Whoever carries it is free to travel the roads without fear of being stopped by Mongols.

Jin: I could find a use for that.

Peasant: You... you're welcome to it. We had to flee, but the merchant's cart is still up the road.

Jin: I'll look for this iron mark. Stay here and tend to your wounds.

Peasant: Be careful. The Mongols will come looking for their men...

Search for the merchant cart

You can use the Guiding Wind to find the location of the merchant's cart.

Jin: That must be the merchant's cart...

Jin: No sign of the merchant...

Jin: Mongols. They fought the men I spoke with...

Investigate the cart

After checking the dead bodies, approach the cart to progress the quest.

Jin: The iron mark isn't here...

Defeat the Mongols

Immediately after checking the cart, you will be attacked by Mongols.

Jin: Mongols.

Go ahead and defeat the Mongol soldiers.

Return to the wounded men

After defeating all the Mongols return to the house you visited earlier.

Jin: The Mongols may be searching for the men I met. I'd better warn them...

Jin: I'm too late.

Peasant: You have to save the merchant with the iron mark. He... he's my brother.

Jin: Your brother?

Peasant: I was stealing the mark to stop him from dishonoring his family.

Jin: If he agreed to help the Mongols, he deserves to die.

Peasant: No, he's a good man. Please...

Jin: I can't promise his safety, but I'll try to find him.

Peasant: Thank you...

Search for Mongol tracks

Go outside the house and look for tracks you can use to find the brother.

Jin: The Mongols who killed him left tracks...

Jin: There. Headed that way.

If ever you lose the tracks, just use the Guiding Wind and it will point the direction so you can continue the quest objective.

Jin: They turned off here.

Continue following the tracks, until you find a house surrounded by Mongols.

Rescue the merchant

Go ahead and defeat all the Mongols in the area. After clearing the enemies. talk to the merchant inside the house.

Peasant: You've saved my life. Thank you.

Jin: Save your thanks. Your brother told me you work for the Mongols.

Peasant: They promised to protect my family... and our sisters, if I carried supplies for them.

Jin: And now your brother is dead. He led the men who tried to steal your iron mark.

Peasant: No! Oh, that fool... No wonder the Mongols thought I betrayed them... I never had any iron mark... besides, they're engraved with the bearer's name.

Jin: So no one else can use the... You're free to go. If I hear you're working for the Mongols again...

Peasant: They'd sooner kill me. And I cannot face my family after this. I have nothing. Nothing... What can I do now... what do I live for?

And with that, you have completed The Cost of Iron side quest.

Charm of Advantage Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Melee Charm. This item is the Charm of Advantage

  • Ghost Weapons deal 20% more damage

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