Ghost of Tsushima: The Other Side of Honor

Ghost of Tsushima: The Other Side of Honor

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Other Side of Honor is a Tale of Tsushima about a person who pretends to be a samurai in Kashine. Jin seeks out the impostor and confronts him.

Someone mentioned seeing a samurai alive in Kashine. If another samurai made it out of Komoda Beach, I need to find out who it is.


Start of The Other Side of Honor

You get The Other Side of Honor quest when you talk to an NPC in Hiyoshi Survivor Camp. It is one of the NPCs with a speech bubble that you can activate.

Talk to this man and the quest will be acquired in your journal.

Peasant: Another samurai? Alive? I thought Lord Jinroku was the only one.

Jin: I don't know the name...

Peasant: He's in Kashine, my lord. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you.

Jin: I'm curious to meet him...

Investigate the area

The location of the quest is far from the survivor camp. You might want to ride your horse to get there.

Once you reach the area, you will notice a lot of farmers working on an estate.

Jin: So peaceful here... What is this place?

Peasant: A visitor! Lord Jinroku will be pleased another warrior is here.

Enter the house and you will be welcomed by the people inside.

Peasant: I thought you were Lord Jinroku, but you're anothe samurai. Welcome, my lord.

Jin: Another samurai?

Peasant: You haven't heard of Lord Jinroku? He's a legendary samurai.

Jin: I'd like to meet him. When will he return?

Peasant: Soon! Join us for dinner. Perhaps he'll share one of his grand stories with you!

Speak with Jinroku

You don't have to wait for long as Jinroku will appear soon, as if on cue.

Samurai: I'm back from my dangerous mission! Don't worry, I am unharmed!

Samurai: Oh... I wasn't expecting a visitor. We're happy to have you, of course!

Jin: Hmm. Thank you. I didn't realize any other samurai had survived.

Samurai: It was a fierce battle, wasn't it? The beaches of Komatsu ran red with blood that... terrible day.

Jin: We fought at Komoda.

Samurai: Of course. Forgive me, I'm tired from a long ride. Please, have Nabe show you the bath. We can speak more over dinner.

Peasant: Please follow me, my lord.

Follow Nabe to the bath

While following Nabe to the bath, she will give you more information about Jinroku.

Jin: How much do you know of Lord Jinroku?

Peasant: He tells us everything. If it wasn't for him, we would have lost the whole island!

Jin: When you met him, was he armed?

Peasant: He gave everything to save Tsushima except his horse. It's at the stables.

Jin: My bath can wait. I want to look at his horse.

Investigate the stables

The stables are near the bath, just a few steps. There are three items that Jin will investigate, all shown below.

Jin: Normal tools. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Jin: A farm horse. Never seen battle.

Jin: I know this saddle. It belonged to Lord Higuchi. Jinroku is no samurai. I'll get the truth from him...

Confront the imposter

If you go back to the house, Jinroku is no longer there.

Jin: Where is Jinroku?

Peasant: He left quickly after you went to the bath. It must have been important.

Jin: I'll find him.

Track Jinroku

This part might frustrate some players as there is not much clue where Jinroku is. If you use the Guiding Wind, it will not show you the direction to him.

There are also no scripted investigation tracks. You really have to find him visually.

Follow these tips to find him. After getting out of the house, look at your right side and you will get this scene below.

Jinroku is actually visible in this photo. He is behind a rock, watching you.

So that is the direction you have to move towards. Be ready to run and dash, as he will sprint the moment he notices you are approaching him.

Stop the imposter

He will just stand there until you get close. And then he will run really fast.

Just run after him. He will even bring you to a secret Hot Spring location.

Jin: We need to talk. Stop running, you fool!

Carved Mountain Hot Spring

He will run through the Carved Mountain Hot Spring and you will get the chance to discover it. It will become a permanent fast-travel spot for you.

Jin: Stop! Before it's too late...

Jin: I don't want to kill you, stop!

Defeat Jinroku

Finally, Jinroku will stop, and this time, he will challenge you into a duel.

Samurai: I challenge you to a duel!

Jin: You want to fight me?

Samurai: Yes. It's the only way!

Jin: If that's your wish, I accept.

Duel at the Kashine Onsen

What follows next could be the most difficult boss fight in the whole game. It is too complicated that we created a separate boss guide just for Lord Jinroku.

If you have played Sekiro, this battle will remind you of the fight with Owl for his cunning. Jinroku's fight style is truly the other side of honor.

Some players say Lord Jinroku is equal to a young Isshin Ashina at his prime, the Sword Saint himself.

Return to the farm

It might take you multiple days as the game suddenly goes Dark Souls mode. But if you don't hesitate, you will prevail.

Speak with the woman

After multiple deaths and knowing that hesitation is defeat, you can return to the house and talk to the woman.

She will reveal that she is aware that Jinroku is not truly a samurai, for he is the other side of honor.

Peasant: Lord Sakai. Welcome back.

Jin: Jinroku wasn't the man you thought. He wasn't a samurai at all.

Peasant: Ah. He told you the truth.

Jin: You knew he was lying?

Peasant: He seemed harmless, and we enjoyed having him around. I hope you didn't kill him.

Jin: He's alive, but he won't be coming back.

Peasant: I'll tell the others he left on an important mission. We were fine without him. We will be again.

And with that, you have completed The Other Side of Honor side quest.

Charm of Shadows Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Stealth Charm. This item is the Charm of Shadows

  • Reduces enemy detection speed by 10%

Unlock Mythic Tales

Defeating Lord Jinroku will unlock the Mythic Tales.

Mythic Tales are now available. Seek out musicians to hear tales of legendary techniques and long-forgotten treasures.

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