Ghost of Tsushima: Lord Jinroku

Ghost of Tsushima: Lord Jinroku

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Ghost of Tsushima's Lord Jinroku is a legendary warrior known in the land of Izuhara. You will first hear about his fame in the Hiyoshi Survivor Camp.

He is also known as The Last Samurai.

Lord Jinroku is the final boss of the tale The Other Side of Honor.

Peasant: Another samurai? Alive? I thought Lord Jinroku was the only one.

Jin: I don't know the name...

Peasant: He's in Kashine, my lord. I'm sure he'd be happy to see you.

Jin: I'm curious to meet him...

Lord Jinroku Boss Guide

You will need a guide to defeat Lord Jinroku. However, as no one has yet survived his final finisher attack, we don't have much information on how to defeat him.

Only one other person has seen his final form, and he had promised never to reveal it, in fear of incurring the Wrath of Jinroku.

The Other Side of Honor

To get more details on this mythical warrior, view our guide for The Other Side of Honor.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Other Side of Honor