Ghost of Tsushima: The Value of Sake

Ghost of Tsushima: The Value of Sake

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Value of Sake is a Tale of Tsushima where Jin defends and frees the Kii Sake Brewery in Azamo from the hands of the Mongols.

The Mongols are attacking the Kii Sake Brewery in Azamo. A favorite of mine and all of Tsushima. I won't let them drain it dry.


Speak with the Woman

While approaching the house where the brewery is located, you will hear and find out that the owner of the brewery is named Kii.

Kii: How many barrels do we have?

Peasant: Ten, my lady.

Kii: Not enough. The Mongols will drink that in an afternoon.

Jin: Is everything all right?

Kii: Would you care to join me for a cup of tea?

Jin: Tea. This is the famed Kii Sake Brewery of Azamo.

Kii: Please. This way.

Follow Kii

Follow Kii and she will bring you to a house where she will reveal what's happening in the brewery.

Kii: Apologies, my lord, I couldn't speak freely out there. The Mongols might have overheard...

Jin: The Mongols have been here?

Kii: They've been drinking us dry.

Jin: I can't fault their taste. Kii Sake is the pride of Tsushima.

Kii: Especially compared to that horse piss they drink...

Jin: I think it's mare's milk.

Kii: Is there a difference?

Jin: When are they coming back?

Kii: Soon. Take your workers and hide. I'll deal with the Mongols.

Find an Ambush Spot

Use the Guiding Wind to find the ambush spot located near the tall grasses in front of the brewery.

While looking for this spot, you will hear Kii bring the rest to safety.

Jin: Need to find a good spot for an ambush.

Kii: Everyone! Gather round. We need to get behind the brewery and stay out of sight. Our friend here is going to renegotiate our relationship with the Mongols.

Defeat the Mongols

Once you have located the ambush spot, a cutscene will play, showing the Mongols that arrived to claim the sake.

Go ahead and defeat them.

After eliminating the first batch, you will hear a horn signaling the arrival of more Mongols.

Jin: Damn. There's more.

Speak with Kii

After defeating all the Mongols, look for Kii.

Kii: Well done, my lord.

Jin: The Mongols will be back when their men don't return.

Kii: Can you stay? You could drink as much sake as you like. It would be on the house...

Jin: I'm afraid you'll need to relocate. Try the Golden Temple in Ariake. Many have found refuge there.

Kii: Thank you, my lord.

And with that, you have completed The Value of Sake side quest.

Charm of Resolve I Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Utility Charm. This item is the Charm of Resolve I

  • 15% increase to Resolve gains

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