Ghost of Tsushima: Whispers in the Woods

Ghost of Tsushima: Whispers in the Woods

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Ghost of Tsushima's Whispers in the Woods is a Tale of Tsushima about a forest haunted with spirits of vengeful samurai. Jin investigates the truth behind it.

The Kashine forest is too quiet. Something isn't right there.


Start of Whispers in the Woods

You get the Whispers in the Woods quest when you talk to an NPC located in a road near a Fox Den. As this is not a named location, it's best to see his exact position on the map as shown below.

Talk to this man and the quest will be added in your journal.

Peasant: Stay away, my lord! The spirits of vengeful samurai haunt this forest.

Jin: Why are you spouting nonsense?

Peasant: It's true! This was once a place of refuge. Now, all who enter the forest are never seen again.

Jin: We're at war. People go missing.

Peasant: But even the Mongols fear this place. Wait until nightfall, my lord. That's when death stalks the forest.

Investigate location

After talking to the monk, the time will transition into the night, and your investigation begins.

Jin: After tonight, you won't need to spin tales of murderous spirits.

Peasant: I pray you are right, my lord.

Search for spirits in the forest

This place is dark, and you can't use your Guiding Wind to help you find the direction to your target.

In other words, you really have to explore and observe your surroundings. 

You are going to face similar quests in the future, where you have to find something and you will not get any other help but your own visual observation.

So it's time to explore. Note, though, that if you extend beyond the "boundary" of the valid range of distance for an investigation, then the game will notify you.

You just have to back then and search within the boundary.

The Decapitated Person

While exploring the dark forest, you will find this decapitated person. Where is it located? This is the same dead person next to the Inari Shrine. Just keep exploring and you will find this.

Jin: A cut made by a fine blade... with unskilled hands. Murdered. The tales aren't completely false.

Now, go back to the abandoned building near the monk. You will find three scrolls there that give more info to the mystery.

The scrolls are all in the building, placed adjacent to each other. Just search the building thoroughly and you surely find the three scrolls.

The Legend of Yagata Forest Scroll Contents

Yagata Forest has stood long before me and will stand long after I'm gone. The legend says that every tree is the spirit of a samurai who fell protecting the island. Are these the whispers I hear? Are they crying out in pain, begging for us to repay them for their sacrifice? Or are they trying to warn us of something and protect us even now?

Daily Tasks Contents

Light lanterns
Repair shrine
Make an offering to the kami
Ignore the voices
Ignore the voices
Ignore the voices

The Voices

I've grown weary. Night after night, I hear their voices. Sometimes, the whispers seem to come on the winds from afar, and barely reach my ears before they fade away. Other times, they assault me and wake me from my dreams as my heart pounds and every breath feels like a weight sits heavy on my chest. Tonight I'll stay awake... I'll follow the whispers... I'll find out what they wish to tell me.

After seeing the three scrolls, Jin will have an insight.

Jin: The caretaker heard strange noises at night... Then he went missing.

Investigate the campsite

After viewing the three scrolls, go back to exploring the area, and you will surely find a campsite with an active fire burning.

This time, the Guiding Wind will help you. 

Jin: A campfire. Someone must be there.

At the campsite, you will find another decapitated person.

Jin: This was recent. The killer must be close.

Follow the tracks

Just walk a few steps beyond the victim, and you will find the tracks of the suspect.

Follow the tracks, and they will lead you to the culprits.

Jin: Someone ran this way.

Follow the hanging bodies

While following the footsteps, you will start seeing dead bodies hanging from trees.

Jin: This was stagged to scare people away.

Defeat the bandits

Finally, after a few more steps, you will find out the real culprits behind the mystery of the forest.

Go ahead and punish them.

Bandit: Did you get him?

Bandit: Easy. Just one guy. Took his head.

Bandit: If we keep this up, we'll have the forest to ourselves as long as we like.

Bandit: Right? Even the Mongols avoid it now.

Bandit: Chopping off heads with this samurai blade isn't fun. But worth it to have this place all to ourselves.

Return to the traveler

After defeating all the bandits, return to the quest giver you met earlier.

Jin: The forest is safe. I should give the man by the road a new tale to tell.

Peasant: My lord! You survived the night...

Jin: And you have a new tale to tell. Murderous bandits once made the sacred forest their home. But the spirits of the samurai who protect these woods were angered. The last warrior of clan Sakai heard their anguished howls.

Peasant: He rid the forest of the killers. And the spirits of the fallen samurai were grateful. A good story. As if the samurai spirits have summoned you here to save their forest...

And with that, you have completed Whispers in the Woods side quest.

Charm of Dual Destruction I Reward

Completing the tale rewards you with a Minor Melee Charm. This item is the Charm of Dual Destruction I

  • Attacks have a 5% chance to deal double damage

The Next Quest

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