Diablo II: Characters Guide

Diablo II: Characters Guide

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Do you know that you can complete the full game of Diablo II and its expansion without talking or interacting with any NPC characters in the game? However, if you would like to complete all of the quests and get all of their rewards, you should become familiar with the characters and interact with them as you journey in your mission of defeating the Prime Evils.

Some of these characters will serve as merchants, while some will be as quest-givers, and, in the case of Deckard Cain, a wise mentor and a superb identifier of unknown items.

Characters in Act I: The Sightless Eye


He is the first person you will meet in the game. He gives a short background of the story and invites you to inform him after you have defeated the final boss of the act. He will then bring you to Act II.


She is the blacksmith of the camp. She can buy and sell armor and weapons. She will later give the hero the chance to imbue an item, to convert a white item to a rare item, once her quest gets completed.


She is the leader and mystic of the camp. She provides guidance to the hero and serves as the mentor before Deckard Cain comes back and takes that role. She will give the hero a free skill-point once her first quest gets completed. Later on, after Deckard Cain gets saved in one of the quests, she will give the hero a rare ring. This is typically an upgrade for most classes.


She is the leader of the Rogues in the camp. She will become a Hirelings merchant after her quest gets completed.

Deckard Cain

He is the wise, old mentor from Diablo I. He needs to be saved first though in one of the quests. After that, he will provide the hero his free service of identifying unknown items.


He is a merchant that provides Gambling services. Give him money, and he will give you a random rare item.


She is an elite rogue who guards the area between Blood Moor and Cold Plains. If you talk to her without completing the first quest of the game, Den of Evil, she will advise you not to proceed as the next area has stronger enemies. This is a way the game designers are giving you a tip to become familiar with the mechanics first by completing the tutorial quest.

Characters in Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei


Even though you can already just teleport to the Act I Camp through the portals, Warriv is still there in case you would like to visit the West through his caravan.


A new character, an alchemist that sells keys, potions, and other consumable items. He does not trust your character at the start until you help Atma in her quest.


The town healer. She can repair your items and provides free healing as well. She sells armor, and melee and ranged weapons.

Deckard Cain

He follows you and provides guidance and lore to your current quests. He continues identifying items for free.


The owner of the tavern. She will implore you to avenge her murdered husband and son. After helping her in the quest, the prices of items offered by merchants will go down.


A man you will meet in Atma's tavern. He is the official town drunk and will provide gossip on other characters.


The town sorcerer. He sells staves, scepters, wands, tomes, and health potions. There will be a quest later where Drognan will provide you more information to proceed.


The Hirelings merchant. He is in charge of guarding the city and offers mercenary services.


An old adventurer and used to be a bandit. He sells armor and melee and ranged weapons. He also provides the Gambling service.


The first person you will meet in Act II. He welcomes you to the city but does not give much information. Later in the game, he will open up and allow you to enter the palace.


The guard of the palace that blocks you from entering. Later in the game, he will let you get inside.


He is the equivalent of Warriv in Act I. He owns the ship that will transport you to Act III.


You will meet Tyrael locked in Tal Rasha's tomb, where he will thank you for freeing him and will give you advice on how to chase three Prime Evils.

Characters in Act III: The Infernal Gate


He is the captain of the ship the brings you back-and-forth between the towns of Act II and Act III. He will be involved later on in one of the quests related to a figurine.

Deckard Cain

He continues to provide guidance and offer you his free services in identifying unknown items.


He is the town healer who refers to himself in third-person. Later in the act, he will reward you with a rare ring, after his quest gets completed.


He is a reclusive merchant living in a small hut. He provides Gambling services and sells potions. He rewards the hero twice after his quests get completed.


The blacksmith of the town. He sells armor and melee and ranged weapons. He will later give the hero a quest to look for a small magical dagger.


The leader of the Iron Wolves and the Hirelings merchant. She will provide lower prices once the Gidbin has been placed in the town.


A mysterious woman who gives information to the hero. She is a foreshadowing of the expansion set's Assassin class.

Characters in Act IV: The Harrowing

Deckard Cain

Even at the very edge of Hell, Cain follows you and provides guidance and free identification of unknown items.


The archangel who has been helping humanity fight the Prime Evils. He will give you a quest, later on, to look for his rogue lieutenant.


The healer of the base. She also provides Gambling service and sells armor, weapons, scrolls, and potions.


The blacksmith of the base. He repairs items and sells armor and weapons.


Izual is an angel and used to be a lieutenant of Tyrael. However, he was captured by the demons during an attack on the Hellforge. His spirit was bound to a monster and has roamed the Plains of Despair ever since.


Hadriel is an angel present in the path just before the Chaos Sanctuary. Similar to Flavie, he will give you advice on the difficulty of the next area, depending on whether you have done the previous quest or not.

Characters in Act V: Lord of Destruction


He plays a crucial role in the plot of Act V. Without him, the story will not progress. As part of the story, he will disappear as a merchant mid-act and will become a miniboss the hero must defeat. Before that, he plays the role of providing the hero with the Gambling service.


She will replace Nihlathak as the Gambling merchant once the hero saves her in one of the quests.

Deckard Cain

He is always with you to provide advice and identify items.


He is the leader of the town. He will reward the hero with runes after his quest gets completed. He also provides the service for Hirelings.


He is the blacksmith of the town. He can repair and sell armor and weapons. He will grant the hero a chance to socket an item after his quest gets completed.


She is the healer of the town and a merchant for healing items. She will give the hero a scroll that permanently increases total resistance once her quest gets completed.