Diablo II: How to Increase the Stash Size

Diablo II: How to Increase the Stash Size

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Diablo II is the best loot-based game ever created. Hence it is a complete mystery why the item storage was designed with extremely limited content. With this design, it is impossible to collect even a single character class's best armor or weapons. It is just too limited.

Original Diablo II Stash

The original Diablo II contains only a measly 24 slots. That will fit only six boots or three polearms. Imagine playing for hundreds of hours and finding the best items you want to save, but there is no place to store them.

Lord of Destruction Stash

However things got changed after the release of the expansion Lord of Destruction, one year after the original game. With this expansion, the stash got larger, from 24 to 48 slots, double the original size. That means, now you can store 12 boots or six polearms!

Imagine the frustration of those who want to collect the best items in the game. It is just impossible.

Plugy Stash

Fortunately, there is a way to increase the stash size by a magnitude that is fit for the best loot-based, collection game. This is made possible by a mod called Plugy, a plugin that gives some quality of life changes to Diablo II without drastically changing the original game mechanics.

  • Plugy gives Diablo II the following changes with regards to item storage:
  • Every character gains a personal stash and a shared stash
  • A stash has pages with each containing 10x10 slots, that is, 100 slots per page
  • There are 4 Billion pages for personal and shared stash
  • In other words, infinite storage for the whole game

Not only did Plugy solved the storage problems of Diablo II, but it also made it easy to share items between characters without having to use multiple versions of the game or any muleing program.

How to Use Plugy

Plugy is easy to use, as it only requires the installation of a free plugin. The current version is compatible up to version 1.13d patch of Diablo II.

  1. Ensure you are within the compatible version.
  2. Download the free Plugy installer from http://plugy.free.fr/en/index.html
  3. Install the plugin.
  4. You can still play the original version of Diablo II without the changes by running the original launcher of the game.
  5. To run the Plugy version, choose the Plugy launcher.

Additional Features of Plugy

Plugy has some exciting features in addition to the infinite stash storage. You get all these extra benefits after running the installer.

  • The Runewords that are exclusive to the Battle.net realm become available in the game
  • The Pandemonium Event becomes available
  • The Uber Diablo quest becomes available
  • The Cow Level Portal becomes always-accessible, even if the Cow King has already been killed in that difficulty
  • Unlimited skill and character stats reset
  • Display of additional info in the game, like item levels, magic find, and maximum resistances