Diablo II: Charms Guide

Diablo II: Charms Guide

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There are many game mechanics in Diablo II that make it unique and contributes to its timelessness. You would wonder why other games have not adopted some of these features yet. Charms in Diablo II are among these unique features that you will not find elsewhere. For a collection game, the concept of a charm is revolutionary.

A charm is an item in Diablo II that contributes something new to your character as long as it is present in your inventory. The concept is very simple, but it has a lot of depth. This new contribution could be anything that has relevance to your hero, like additional health, mana, resistance, elemental and physical defense and offense, energy, character attributes, and even skill points.

Charms were first introduced in the expansion Lord of Destruction. Together with Runes and Runewords, they elevated Diablo II's itemization and made it the best loot-based game.

Charms Game Mechanics

  • They do not work if placed inside the stash of the character
  • They do not work if placed inside the Horadric Cube, even if the cube is in the inventory
  • Charms can only be Magic or Unique. There are no charms that are Normal, Rare, Set, or Crafted.
  • The artwork of a charm has nothing to do with its stats.
  • Charm attributes are randomly generated.

Sizes of Charms

Charms come in three different sizes:

  • Small Charm - takes one box in the inventory
  • Large Charm - takes two boxes in the inventory
  • Grand Charm - takes three boxes in the inventory

Small Charms

Small charms take one box in the character's inventory. As they are the smallest in size, charms with good affixes, like Resistance, Life, Max Damage, Attack Rating, Elemental Damage, and Magic Find, are very popular among players.

In addition to the good charms above, the best charm in the whole game is an instance of a Small Charm, the Annihilus.


The Annihilus is a unique charm with amazing benefits for your character. It only drops after defeating Uber Diablo while playing online through Battle.net. Hence it could not be found in Single Player, LAN, or any other play mode that is not on Battle.net. However, with the plug-in called Plugy, you can acquire this special charm.

  • +1 to All Skills
  • +10-20 to All Attributes
  • All Resistances +10-20
  • +5-10% to Experience Gained
  • You can have only one in your inventory

Large Charms

Large charms take two boxes in the character's inventory. The second best charm in the game is an instance of a Large Charm, the Hellfire Torch.

Hellfire Torch

The Hellfire Torch is a unique Large Charm that is an excellent inventory item for any character, especially for the endgame. Similar to the Annihilus, it's only available online through Battle.net. You have to complete an endgame event called the Pandemonium Event to acquire this.

It is challenging as well as tedious to complete the requirements for this special torch, but it definitely worth it. Also, you would need an endgame character with already existing good items to defeat all the enemies for acquiring this loot. It is a guaranteed drop, though the items for its completion will need some farming.

  • 5% Chance on Striking to Cast Level 10 Firestorm 
  • +3 to (Random Character Class) Skills
  • +10-20 to All Attributes
  • All Resistances +10-20
  • +8 to Light Radius
  • Level 30 Hydra (10 Charges)
  • You can have only one in your inventory

Grand Charms

Grand charms take three boxes in the character's inventory. They are the most commonly collected items in the inventory by loot hunters, as the third-best kind of charms are Grand Charms, the Skillers.

Skillers are Grand Charms that add a point to a character class' skill tree. These are commonly farmed by players and are the most commonly held items in the inventory.

There is also a unique Grand Charm that can help you with merchants in the game, the charm named Gheed's Fortune.

Gheed's Fortune

Gheed's Fortune is a Grand Charm that increases your gold drop rate and magic find. Hence, it is very useful for farming when using a magic-find build. Also, it reduces the price of items with the merchants. Unlike the Annihilus and the Hellfire Torch, this is not a guaranteed drop associated with any events or monsters. It drops as random loot in the game, commonly in Hell mode.

  • 80-160% Extra Gold From Monsters
  • Reduces All Vendor Prices 10-15%
  • 20-40% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items

Skillers - Grand Charms

Affix Attribute
Fletcher's +1 to Amazon Bow & Crossbow Skills
Acrobat's +1 to Amazon Passive Skills
Harpoonist's +1 to Amazon Javelin & Spear Skills
Burning +1 to Sorceress Fire Skills
Sparking +1 to Sorceress Lightning Skills
Chilling +1 to Sorceress Cold Skills
Hexing +1 to Necromancer Curses 
Fungal +1 to Necromancer Poison & Bone Skills
Graverobber's +1 to Necromancer Summoning Skills
Lion Branded +1 to Paladin Combat Skills
Captain's +1 to Paladin Offensive Auras
Preserver's +1 to Paladin Defensive Auras
Expert's +1 to Barbarian Combat Skills
Fanatic +1 to Barbarian Combat Masteries 
Sounding +1 to Barbarian Warcries
Trainer's +1 to Druid Summoning Skills
Spiritual +1 to Druid Shapeshifting Skills
Natural +1 to Druid Elemental Skills
Entrapping +1 to Assassin Traps
Mentalist's +1 to Assassin Shadow Disciplines
Shogukusha's +1 to Assassin Martial Arts