Diaglo II: Plugy Guide

Diaglo II: Plugy Guide

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Plugy is the best mod available for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, without changing much of the game's core mechanics. Diablo II has many amazing mods, with some even adding additional content in the form of new acts, quests, locations, skills, items, and monsters. However, if you are looking for a mod that keeps the game as close to the original as possible, Plugy is what you need.

Plugy provides the most requested quality of life enhancements to Diablo II. The top among these is the inventory size. Plugy gives Diablo II the following changes with regards to item storage.

  • Every character gains a personal stash and a shared stash
  • A stash has pages with each containing 10x10 slots, that is, 100 slots per page
  • There are 4 Billion pages for personal and shared stash
  • In other words, infinite storage for the whole game

Not only did Plugy solved the storage problems of Diablo II, but it also made it easy to share items between characters without having to use multiple versions of the game or any muleing program.

As a bonus, when you install Plugy, you get these additional features:

  • The Runewords that are exclusive to the Battle.net realm become available in the game
  • The Pandemonium Event becomes available
  • The Uber Diablo quest becomes available
  • The Cow Level Portal becomes always-accessible, even if the Cow King has already been killed in that difficulty
  • Unlimited skill and character stats reset
  • Display of additional info in the game, like item levels, magic find, and maximum resistances

How to Use Plugy

Plugy is easy to use, as it only requires the installation of a free plugin. The current version is compatible up to version 1.13d patch of Diablo II.

  1. Ensure you are within the compatible version.
  2. Download the free Plugy installer from http://plugy.free.fr/en/index.html
  3. Install the plugin.
  4. You can still play the original version of Diablo II without the changes by running the original launcher of the game.
  5. To run the Plugy version, choose the Plugy launcher.