Quality of Life Changes for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Quality of Life Changes for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

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Diablo II was released on June 28, 2000. Though it has been around for almost two decades, people still play it, and fans still consider it as the best isometric action RPG there is. With its 20th anniversary approaching, there is an expectation of a remaster coming from Blizzard.

We are not sure if the remaster will come, however even if it does, there are a few quality of life changes that are severely missing in Diablo II. Will Blizzard change the game to add these improvements? We don't know. Fortunately, we don't even have to wait for these to come, as there are already available means to achieve them today.

Quality of Life Wishlist

  1. Remove the Diablo 2 CPU bug
  2. Increase the stash size
  3. Increase the Horadric Cube size
  4. Safely unsocket items and preserve them
  5. Unlimited unsocketing with Larzuk

Remove the Diablo II CPU bug

While playing Diablo II, have you ever noticed that your laptop or computer gets hot even though the game it runs is already 19-year-old?

There is a bug in the game known as the Infinite Loop CPU bug. It causes the game to utilize a CPU fully by 100% if it's single-core, 50% if dual-core, and 25% if quad-core.

If you would like to fix the Diablo II Infinite Loop CPU bug, read this guide.

How to Increase the Stash Size

Diablo II started with a stash size of 24 slots. It is a mystery why Blizzard North designed it like that, but during the Lord of Destruction expansion, they doubled it into 48 slots. Now you can hoard six polearms in the stash instead of three.

If you would like to have infinite storage for your loot collection, read this guide.

How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size

While slaying demons in your adventure, you will soon discover that you quickly run out of space in your inventory. Is there a way to increase your backpack without breaking the integrity of the game?

If you would like to have a larger Horadric Cube for more item storage, read this guide.

Why Not Just Increase the Inventory Size?

The original goal of the guide above is to ensure you don't go back-and-forth to the town to store or save your loot. Why not just increase the size of the inventory then? Our view on this is that this breaks the integrity of the game as it gives the player an unfair advantage, due to the nature of the Charms. By increasing the size of the cube instead of the inventory, you achieve the goal of a larger backpack and maintain the integrity of the game.

How to Safely Unsocket Items and Preserve Them

Have you experienced a scenario where you crafted your precious Infinity runeword, just to find a better weapon base after a few days? Currently, there is no way in the game to take out socketables items that have been used. They will always get destroyed if you use the provided Horadric Cube recipe in unsocketing items.

If you would like to have a cube recipe to safely remove and preserve socketable items, read this guide.

Unlimited Socketing With Larzuk

Larzuk is one of the best quest givers in the game, as he rewards you a single chance to socket an armor or a weapon. However, have you ever wondered, wouldn't the game be much better if this service is permanent?

If you would like to have the socketing service of Larzuk become permanent, read this guide.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.

As the original Diablo II: Lord of Destruction does not contain the quality of life improvements above, there is no guarantee that the remaster will introduce them. But with our available guides, you can already experience the benefits right now.