Diablo II: How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size

Diablo II: How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size

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The inventory in Diablo serves as the backpack of the hero as he goes on his adventure, containing a limited number of slots where you can store armor, weapons, scrolls, and consumable items.

Unlike other Diablo clones, though, the inventory has an additional use - as storage of power, where items present there lend their magical properties to the hero. This is achieved through the concept of Charms, a unique feature of Diablo where special attributes are added to the hero based on the properties of the charms present in the inventory.

Hence, there is a direct correlation between the hero's power and the size of his inventory. In other words, you can't just increase the size of your backpack, without affecting the core game mechanics. Expanding the inventory size is equivalent to an unfair advantage in the game.

So you might ask, how do I increase the storage size of my backpack without gaining the unfair advantage, assuming that you want to preserve an authentic experience and maintain the integrity of the game mechanics.

Expansion via the Horadric Cube

The answer is by using the Horadric Cube. The cube consumes only four slots in the inventory, but it contains twelve slots. Plus, the charms inside the cube do not contribute to the hero, hence preserving the integrity of the inventory mechanics.

However, twelve slots are still not enough. They can only contain one polearm and four rings or three grand charms and three potions. That's how limited it is still.

The solution is to expand the size of the cube. Does this alter the integrity of the inventory mechanics? No, it does not. It only increases the number of items you can store, which is more of a convenience to avoid going back and forth the town, rather than an advantage in combat.

How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size

Fortunately, there is an easy way to increase the size of the Horadric Cube. The steps below might seem complicated, but they are truly straightforward.

These steps are equivalent to modding your game. That is the simplest way of stating it. However, the mod does not do anything else except increase the size of the Horadric Cube, from 12 slots to 80 slots.

  1. Go to the url to download files that will expand the cube size - https://sajonoso.github.io/d2mods/
  2. There are other options there on the kind of enhancements you would like to do to your game. Select the row that states - Increases the Horadric cube size from 3x4 to 10x8.
  3. If you want the other available enhancements, you can select them as well.
  4. Click Generate & Download zip file

That is the first part of achieving the change. Now that you have the files in your machine, you need to know what to do with them.

  1. Extract the zipped file in your machine.
  2. The extracted file will show a folder named 'data'.
  3. Go to your Diablo 2 program folder and paste there the 'data' folder
  4. In your Diablo 2 shortcut in the desktop, change the properties by adding this option: -direct -txt
  5. Click OK

Now, whenever you run Diablo II via your desktop shortcut, it will run the mod enhancement, and the Horadric Cube will be larger.