Diablo II: Quests Guide

Diablo II: Quests Guide

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There is a total of 27 quests in Diablo II, spread almost equally among the five acts of the game. Five of these quests involve defeating the final act bosses, and five of them are mandatory to complete the game.

Though there are 17 optional quests, it is highly suggested that you complete them as well as they give you rewards that you will not find elsewhere. These rewards include permanent health increase, total resistance increase, free skill points, and even attribute points that you can freely allocate.

Quests in Act I: The Sightless Eye

Den of Evil

In this quest, Akara informs you of an impending demon attack on the camp you are currently staying in. To protect everyone, she requests you to clear a cave, the Den of Evil, of all monsters and demons present there.

The cave is just a single floor, but you have to ensure every monster there gets slain. There will be a counter to help you track the remaining creatures. Once you have cleared the cave, Akara will give you a reward of one free Skill Points and one free Character Skill/Stat Reset.

Sisters' Burial Grounds

In this quest, Kashya informs you that the demoness Andariel has corrupted most of their sister Rogues. And one of them is their best member, Blood Raven. Kashya requests you to defeat Blood Raven and end her suffering.

You will find Blood Raven in the Burial Grounds, surrounded by zombies, which she can re-summon. She is one of the best miniboss fights in the whole game, and at this stage of your character, she is quite challenging. Once you have defeated Blood Raven, Kashya will open her Hirelings services and let you hire a ranged mercenary.

The Search for Cain

Akara will give you this quest once you have defeated Blood Raven. In this quest, she asks you to find and save your true mentor, your guiding light, Deckard Cain. It will not be an easy quest, though, as you need first to find the portal that will bring you to his location.

You would first need to find a set of mystical stones called Cairn Stones. This location will open the portal that you can use to visit Cain. However, these stones are currently dormant. You need to touch the stones in the proper order, and the only way to do that is to find the Scroll of Inifuss, which drops from the Tree of Inifuss. Once you have saved Cain, Akara will give you a rare ring.

The Forgotten Tower

While exploring the location Stony Field, you might discover a book called Moldy Tome. Upon clicking this book, it will initiate the quest for The Forgotten Tower. In this quest, you are informed that there once lived a terrible countess that lived in a now ruined castle.

Though this is an optional quest, it is one of the best in the game, as it has the best-guaranteed rewards in the form of runes. To complete the quest, you must visit the ruined castle and defeat the countess in the last level. Regardless if you are in Normal, Nightmare or Hell, this quest is a must for farming runes.

Tools of the Trade

In this quest, Charsi informs you that during the invasion of Andariel, she lost her special blacksmithing tool, the Horadric Malus, and asks you to get it for here in the Rogue Monastery.

You would need to reach the location Tamoe Highland to enter the monastery. Once you are there, you have to defeat a monster that guards the hammer. His name is The Smith, a strong monster that attacks fast and has a similar movement as The Butcher of Diablo I. Once you have returned the Malus, Charsi will allow you to imbue an item once, where she will convert a normal item into rare.

Sisters to the Slaughter

In this quest, Deckard Cain advises you that it is finally time to seek out and destroy Andariel, the final boss of the act. If you have been following the earlier quests, you are already in the position to go through the floors of the Rogue Monstery to find Andariel.

Andariel is a tough boss, and you might need to stock up on Antidotes and Potions to heal and cure her poison attacks. After completing this quest, there are no special rewards, though, aside from being able to progress the game and continue to Act II.

Quests in Act II: The Secret of the Vizjerei

Radament's Lair

In this quest, Atma informs you that a terrible monster named Radament has murdered her husband and son, and asks you to help her get revenge.

You will find Radament by going through several floors of the sewers. There Radament will summon a vast army of monsters and will keep on resurrecting them until you slay him. In his lair, you will find two chests, one of which will you reward you of a free skill point. Once you have completed the quest, the prices of the items sold by merchants in Act II will also get reduced.

The Horadric Staff

In this quest, Deckard Cain asks you to acquire the Horadric Staff, so you can later access Tal Rasha's Tomb. This goal actually consists of multiple subquests:

  • Find the Horadric Cube in the Halls of the Dead - you need this to combine the shaft and the amulet to produce the staff
  • Find the Staff of Kings in the Maggot Lair - one of the two parts for above
  • Find the Amulet of the Viper - one of the two pieces for above

Once you have completed the subquests, you have what you need to enter the room of the final boss of the act.

The Tainted Sun

While collecting the parts of the Horadric Staff, you will enter a location called Lost City, which will initiate an eclipse that will make the game temporarily in night mode.

The eclipse triggers this quest, and it informs you to talk to Drognan, who will give you the background and advice on how to proceed. This quest is actually a linking quest for you to reach the next part of the staff, which can be found on the Claw Viper Temple.

Once you have acquired the second part there, the Amulet of the Viper, the eclipse will disappear, this quest will be marked as complete, and you have the final piece of the staff.

The Arcane Sanctuary

In this quest, Drognan informs you that to find the location of Tal Rasha's tomb, you have to search for the Arcane Sanctuary first, as it will provide you the clues you need.

He will instruct you to meet Jerhyn, who will then open the palace and let you slay the demons through its floors until you find the portal leading to the Arcane Sanctuary.

The Summoner

Similar to the quest The Tainted Sun, this is a linking quest in your search for the Tomb of Tal Rasha. You are almost there in your pursuit of the tomb. You just need to defeat the Summoner.

This enemy is weak but has strong spells, a classic glass-canon. Defeat him, and you will unlock the portal to the Canyon of the Magi.

The Seven Tombs

This is the last quest of the act, where you can finally enter the Tomb of Tal Rasha. Upon reaching the Canyon of the Magi, there will be seven dungeons there, but you only need one for the actual tomb. Use the information in the quest to find the shape that you need to select which dungeon you have to enter.

Once you have reached the floor of the tomb where there is an orifice, place the staff there, and an opening will show up. Here you can fight Duriel, the final act boss.

Quests in Act III: The Infernal Gate

The Golden Bird

This quest is initiated after you defeat the first random unique monster in Act III. The loot will include a Jade Figurine, which you must bring to Meshif. He will exchange it for another figure, the Golden Bird. Bring this to Alkor, and he will reward you with permanent 20 points to Life.

Blade of the Old Religion

In this quest, Hralti informs you that he needs a magical dagger called the Gidbinn. This blade is required to protect the town from the monsters outside. Once you have given the Gidbinn to Ormus, he will reward you with a rare ring.

Khalim's Will

This is the equivalent of the quest The Horadric Staff from Act II. Instead of a single-goal quest, it consists of subquests that you must complete.

In this quest, Deckard Cain asks you to:

  • Find Kahlim's Eye - located in a golden chest in Spider Cavern
  • Find Kahlim's Heart - located in a golden chest in Kuras Sewers
  • Find Kahlim's Brain - located in a golden chest in Flayer Dungeon
  • Find Kahlim's Flail - dropped as loot after defeating Ismail Vilehand

After you collected the ingredients above, use the Horadric Cube to transmute them into the powerful weapon Khalim's Will. To complete the quest, use the weapon to smash the Compelling Orb in Travincal.

Lam Esen's Tome

In this quest, Alkor informs you that he is in search of a book called Lam Esen's Tome, and asks you to find it for him.

Though this is an optional quest, don't skip it as the reward is permanent five stat points of your choice. You can find the book in a temple called Ruined Temple in Kurast Bazaar.

The Blackend Temple

In this quest, Ormus informs you that it is time to defeat the High Council so you can enter the Temple where Mephisto is hiding. It is linked to the previous quest, as slaying the council is the only way for Kahlim's Flail to be acquired.

There is no direct reward for this quest, but you will notice that the zealots in Kurast will be less aggressive and start to flee from you.

The Guardian

In this quest, Ormus informs you that it is time to face and defeat Mephisto before his brothers have a chance to join him. There will be some minibosses inside the dungeon with him, but you just have to slay them before facing the final boss.

Upon defeating Mephisto, he will drop his Soulstone, which you will need for a quest in the next act.

Quests in Act IV: The Harrowing

The Fallen Angel

In this quest, Tyrael tells you the story of his former lieutenant, Izual, who is now in the form of a demon serving the Burning Hells. He requests you to free him from his suffering.

This is the equivalent of the quest Sister's Burial Grounds from Act I. Upon completing the task of defeating Izual, Tyrael will reward you with two free skill points.

The Hellforge

This quest is triggered after approaching a location in the River of Flames called Hellforge. If you remember, after defeating Mephisto, he dropped his Soulstone. To complete this quest, you must first defeat the demon named Hephasto the Armorer, who is like a stronger version of The Smith. He will drop the weapon Hellforge Hammer, which you can use to break Mephisto's Soulstone in the Hellforge.

Though this is an optional quest, you must not miss it. It will reward you with good gems plus guaranteed runes.

Terror's End

In this quest, Tyrael informs you that it is now time to face and defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. Among all the bosses in the game up to this point, Diablo has the longest preparation because you have to defeat all of his minions before he shows up. There is only one other boss who requires mandatory clearing of minibosses, Baal.

After defeating Diablo, you will not have any guaranteed rewards, except the ability to move to the next act.

Quests in Act V: Lord of Destruction

Siege on Harrogath

In this quest, Larzuk informs you that the town is currently under the attack of an army of demons. He requests you to slay their general, Shenk the Overseer.

Upon completing the quest, Larzuk will offer his service to add sockets to an item of your choice.

Rescue on Mount Arreat

In this quest, Qual-Kehk informs you that the army of demons has captured some of his men, and he asks you to help release them.

Though this quest is optional, don't miss it. Similar to the quest The Hellforge, this will reward you with guaranteed runes. Plus, you will have access to new mercenaries from Qual-Kehk.

Prison of Ice

In this quest, Malah informs you of the disappearance of Anya, one of the merchants in the town. She asks you to look for her and save her.

This is an optional quest, but the rewards are among the best. Malah will grant you +10 points of total resistance, and Anya will give a rare item that fits your chosen class.

Betrayal of Harrogath

In this quest, Anya informs you of what really happened, how Nihlathak has betrayed them all and made a deal with Baal. She requests you to defeat Nihlatak and bring back the stolen Relic of the Ancients.

Once you have completed this optional quest, Anya will reward you by inscribing your name on a piece of equipment.

Rite of Passage

In this quest, Qual-Kehk informs you that to reach Baal in Mount Arreat, you must pass through the guardians of the summit, the Ancients. You have to defeat them in combat to proceed.

This is one of the best quests in the game, as you will not be fighting demons, but instead multiple barbarian warriors. It's like PVP, with each guardian having his own build. It will be difficult for range characters, especially in Hell mode, but the reward is worth it - one level's worth of experience.

Eve of Destruction

This is the final quest of the game. In this quest, the Ancients inform you that Baal has already entered the Worldstone Chamber and is going to corrupt it if he does not get stopped. They ask you to face Baal and defeat him once and for all!

Once you have completed this quest, it will enable you to play the game again in higher difficulty and gain a new title.