Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Challenges Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Challenges Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Challenges Guide is the best source of information for the Challenges of the game, giving comprehensive details on the full list of challenges, their recommended level, main enemies, materials, and rewards.

There is a total of 161 Challenges in the game. We grouped the Challenges into the recommended level when you should be taking them. In addition, we also placed all Challenges related to the Divine Beasts into their own group.

Each Challenge contains the following information:

  • Recommended level
  • Main enemies
  • Battlefield-specific materials
  • First-clear rewards

All of the Challenges reward the player with:

As you progress your gameplay, the more advanced Challenges will get unlocked.

Challenges of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

Challenges for Lv.1 - Lv.10

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Mastering Remote Bombs

Mastering Remote Bombs

Master the use of Remote Bombs and defeat the monsters.

Recommend Level

  • Level 4

Main Enemies

  • Fire Wizzrobe
  • Bokoblin

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Stealthfin Trout
  • Staminoka Bass

First-Clear Reward

  • 1 x Ethereal Stone
  • 5 x Ancient Screw
  • 5 x Ancient Gear

Daruk's Training

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Urbosa's Training

Urbosa's Training

Urbosa has gathered her soldiers and declared the start of combat drills. Never one to shirk hard work, she also intends to take part.

Recommend Level

  • Level 5

Main Enemies

  • Gerudo Soldier
  • Gerudo Captain

First-Clear Reward

  • 1 x Ethereal Stone
  • 1 x Amber
  • 10 x Hydromelon
  • Weapon

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Electric Safflina
  • Sunshroom
  • Warm Darner

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Lizalfos Infestation

Lizalfos Infestation

Lizalfos have made this area into a nest. Make the area safe again by defeating these scaly foes.

Recommend Level

  • Level 5

Main Enemies

  • Lizalfos

First-Clear Reward

  • 1 x Ethereal Stone
  • 5 x Hearty Durian
  • 10 x Energetic Rhino Beetle
  • 10 x Hyrule Herb

Mipha's Training

Revali's Training

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Explosive - Handle With Care

Explosive - Handle With Care

Monsters have appeared near the Breach of Demise. There are bomb barrels nearby - meant for mining - but they'd probably be effective against monsters too...

Recommend Level

  • Level 6

Main Enemies

  • Red Bokoblin
  • Blue Bokoblin
  • Lizalfos
  • Red Moblin

First-Clear Reward

  • 1 x Ethereal Stone
  • 10 x Big Hearty Radish
  • 10 x Rugged Rhino Bettle
  • 1 x Weapon

Mastering Cryonis

Anti-Flame Training: I

Anti-Lightning Training: I

Anti-Ice Training: I

Link: One-Handed Weapons

Link: Two-Handed Weapons

Link: Spears

Mastering Magnesis

Challenges for Lv.11 - Lv.20

Leave None Behind

Zelda's Training

Mastering Stasis

Daily Drills: Rito

Impa's Training

Hair-Width Trial: Beginner

The Breach of Demise

Cross the Hebra Mountains

Cross the Volcano

Challenges for Lv.21 - Lv.30

Daily Drills: Zora

Daily Drills: Goron

Fish Out of Water

Hestu's Training

Great Fairy Training

Messenger's Escort

Through the Desert

Anti-Ice Training: II

Innkeeper's Request

Swift Spear of the Zora

Fairy Fountain: Grassy Plains

Mountain Rescue

Echoing Footsteps

Anti-Flame Training: II

Daily Drills: Hyrule

Fierce Gale of the Rito

Mighty Thunder of the Gerudo

Outpost Defenders

Fairy Fountain: Deep Snows

Anti-Lightning Training: II

The Royal Escort

Daily Drills: Gerudo

Strike It Rich

Molduga Sighting

Tough Bulwark of the Gorons

Fairy Fountain: Desert Sands

Hair-Width Trial: Intermediate

Fairy Fountain: Battlefield

Coliseum: Beginner

Challenges for Lv.31 - Lv.40

Monk's Training

A Feast for Wizzrobes

Defend the Sands!

Escape the Lost Woods

Win Back the Mighty Bananas!

A Show of Strength

Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle

Fruit for the Princess!

In the Clutches of the Yiga!

Trial of the Ancients

Territorial Battle

Stronger Yet

Coliseum: Intermediate

Teba's Training

Riju's Training

Challenges for Lv.41 - Lv.50

Anti-Flame Training: III

Anti-Lightning Training: III

Sidon's Training

Yunobo's Training

Fleeing the Weather

Forest Dance Festival

Anti-Ice Training: III

The Chief-in-Training

Winged Escort

Anti-Flame & Lightning Training

Anti-Ice & Lightning Training

Escorting the Injured

Prince's Escort

Like Grains of Sand

Anti-Flame & Ice Training

The So-Called Knight

Apprentice Yunobo

Questionable Escort Mission

Zelda's Training: Bows

Lost Treasures

Defend Zora's Domain

Fire Hazards

Master Kohga's Training

Generational Conflict

Elemental Uproar

Impa's Damage Control

Fight Lightning with Lightning

Defend the Spring of Courage

A Hidden Treasure

King Rhoam's Training

Nap Quest!

Sidon vs. the Octoroks

Anti-Element Training

Goron-Style Barbecue

Challenges for Lv.51 - Lv.60

Wisdom of the Storm

Hero of the Rito

King's Escort

Sibling Bonds

Hunting for Gemstones

Polishing His Technique

Defend Akkala Citadel

Hair-Width Trial: Expert

Reclaim the Land

The Guardians Counterattack

Gerudo Fury

Coliseum: Expert

Footsteps of the Giant

Zora Mettle

Rito Discipline

Terrako's Training

Ganon's Training

Invading Terrors

Hair-Width Trial: Expert+

Taming the Savage Lynel

The Master Kohga Chronicles!

Goron Spirit

Rampaging Malice

Hunting Partners

Defend Hyrule Castle

Shadow of Ganon

Guardian Graveyard

Challenges for Lv.61 - Lv.70

A Royal Investigation

Hyrule's Greatest Warrior

Guardian Showdown

Heart's Escort

Harbingers of the Calamity

Miss Vai Battle Pageant

Defeating Destiny

Blight Ganons Resurgent

Deep Woods, Deep Shadow

Remnants of the Calamity

Hold the Line

True Strength

Mysterious Arrivals

Versus Astor

Versus Harbinger Ganon

Challenges for Lv.71 - Lv.80

Versus Calamity Ganon

The Fiercest of Foes

The Heart of the Calamity

The Siege of Fort Hateno

Unnatural Disaster

Divine Beast Battles

Might of a Divine Beast

Volcanic Defense

Protector of the Forest

Pursue the Yiga Clan!

Defending Cephla Lake

Volcanic Might

Like the Wind

Two Chiefs

Molduga Deluge

The Power of Three

A Fiery Reckoning

Through the Storm