Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Rupees Farming Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Rupees Farming Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Rupees Farming Guide is the best source of information for farming rupees in the game, giving comprehensive details on the best quest for farming, meal preparations, and the ideal merchant for the loot.

Making Money through Merchant Preference

Before we go through the exact process for farming rupees, let's share the game mechanic we are using to make money.

Similar to BOTW, in the Age of Calamity, there are merchants who pay high for certain items. This is the mechanic of merchant preference. Some merchants will pay high for items like bananas, monster parts, and so on.

We will share below the technique how you can know what preference a merchant has. 

But for now, take note of the merchant named Merchant Segimo. He can be found occasionally in Serenne Stable.

Merchant Segimo sells Guardian parts. He is a rare merchant. If you don't find him, just do a quick Challenge, and sooner or later, he will show up.

Merchant Segimo has a preference for buying monster parts. You can know this by observing the star mark next to the monster part icon. That means this is his preference.

We will use this fact to make profits.

Pricing Difference Between Merchants

If you farm for monster parts and sell them to any other merchants without preference, you will get this pricing:

  • Bokoblin Guts - 1 item for 20 Rupees
  • Bokoblin Fang - 1 item for 8 Rupees
  • Bokoblin Horn - 1 item for 3 Rupees

But if you sell these monster parts to Merchant Segimo, you will have this pricing:

  • Bokoblin Guts - 1 item for 50 Rupees
  • Bokoblin Fang - 1 item for 20 Rupees
  • Bokoblin Horn - 1 item for 7 Rupees

Based on that data, every item's price is more than doubled. This is the key to making a large profit for farming.

Food Recipes for Farming

Our approach for farming Rupees is not to farm the rupees directly, but to farm items that we can sell for rupees. This is more effective as we can acquire more items than rupees while playing a Challenge.

And with the addition of the Merchant mechanic preference, the profit gets even better.

There are three food recipes you should take note of. It's highly recommended that you take these meals before doing the farming, so you can maximize the items you can sell later on.

These are:

  1. Egg Pudding
  2. Egg Tart
  3. Wildberry Crepe

Egg Pudding

  • Material Drop Rate: +10%

Egg Tart

  • Material Drop Rate: +15%

Wildberry Crepe

  • Material Drop Rate: +20%

By preparing these three meals, you can increase your bonus significantly.

  • Material Drop Rate: +45%

If you are interested to see more cooking recipes, you can view our Cooking Guide.

With the preparation part done, we are ready to look into the best Challenge that can give us the most number of Bokoblins.

The Challenge: Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle

The best Challenge for farming monster parts of Bokoblins is Chief-of-the-Dunes Battle. You can see where it is located on the map below. 

In this quest, you are required to defeat 900 Bokoblins and one Molduga. It also spawns Moblins, which you can also kill if you want. But they are optional in this quest.

How Much Profit per Run?

Using the tips shared above, you can earn an amount from 20,000 to 30,000 Rupees per run. Just ensure that you take all the three meals and you kill as many Bokoblins as possible, even after the Molduga appears. Of course, don't forget to sell them to Merchant Segimo.

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