Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali Guide is the best source of information for Revali, giving you comprehensive details on his background, questline, and combat skills. As Revali is also one of the bosses in the game, we provide as well his moveset and attacks so you can effectively defeat him.

Rito Warrior. A gifted archer who has mastered an aerial move previously thought impossible. While boastful, he has the skills to back up his claims. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Unlocking Revali

Revali is unlocked in the entry Revali, The Rito Warrior of Chapter 2. He is one of the earliest Champions you can unlock in the game.

Revali Attack Moveset

  • Use ZR to land while flying
  • Grab an enemy with X, then press X to unleash a special attack
  • While flying, damage enemies in your wake

Revali's Boss Fight

This fight is one of the best boss fights in the whole game. The fact that the main enemy is aerial just adds to the epicness of the whole fight.

Revali has a large variety of attacks, hence making his boss fight very engaging. He also gives unique dialog when he reaches a specific percent of his health.

Revali at losing 25% of his health

Revali: Hmph. You're not as weak as expected. If I'm not careful, you may even steal the win...

Revali at losing 50% of his health

Revali: Heh, look at that. I didn't expect you to make it this far. I suppose I'll go ahead and humor you.

The first time he will do the gale wind for the multi-bomb attack

Revali: It's time to settle this nonsense. Don't blink, or you'll miss my rousing victory.

Multi-Shot Attack

This is a fast attack, and as a rule in the Age of Calamity, fast attacks have low damage.

Air Slam Attack

This attack has a wind up. Hence, it will bring larger damage to you. After showing the telegraph in the image below, Revali will slam the ground, having an AOE impact as well.

Bomb Attack

Similar to the Rito Captains, Revali also shoots bomb arrows. And like earlier, you can easily dodge them. This will give you the chance to fish for Flurry Rushes as well, as shown below.

Rush Attack

This is almost similar to Master Kohga's Rush Attack. Revali moves back, and then quickly attacks you.

As this attack has a very visible telegraph shown below, you can prepare and fish for a Flurry Rush by dodging, as shown above.

Revali's Whirlwind Attack

This is the second strongest attack by Revali, and it has a very visible telegraph, even after the attack gets initiated. It's a spinning attack, with the addition of some AOE.

You will notice that this attack gets triggered when he does the pose shown below. Also, the Lock hint for Statis also shows up. So you can easily counter this, at the earliest stage or even when it is happening.

If you don't want to counter the attack with a rune skill, you can do a backflip to dodge and fish for a Flurry Rush, as shown below.

Multi-Bomb Attack

This is the strongest and most epic attack by Revali, the Multi-Bomb attack. All of these bombs will actively track you. And it is very difficult to avoid them, even with repeated dodging.

It is visually impressive, in addition to causing large damage, depending on the number of bombs that will hit you.

As it is difficult to avoid the bombs once they start flying, the best way to counter the attack is to stop it from progressing. As a rule in the game, slow attacks with large wind up cause the largest damage.

You can see below the telegraph before the bombs get fired. You can also see the highlight on the ground where they will hit first. Focus not on the ground, but on Revali. You can see that the counter for him is to use Remote Bombs. Do this and the attack will not progress.

The most effective way to counter him though is to stop him from initiating the whole attack in the first place. Before he performs the multi-bomb attack, he will first do the gale wind. And this is the best time to stop him. Use the gale wind as the telegraph to start your counter.

The easiest way to stop him from progressing the gale wind is to do an elemental attack. You can drop a large ice block to freeze him, as shown below. He is about to ascend but he got frozen and the whole attack didn't happen.

Or you can strike him with lightning, and he will easily drop on the ground, being vulnerable and open for attacks.

Revali Combat Guide

Unique Action

Stasis Attack

Remote Bombs Attack

Regular Remote Bombs Attack

Flying Remote Bombs Attack

Magnesis Attack

Cryonis Attack

Special Attack

Regular Attacks

R1 - Regular Attack

C1 - Strong Attack

Regular 3 - R3 - Y-Y-Y Attack

Dash Attack

Combo 2 - C2 - Y-X Attack

Combo 3 - C3 - Y-Y-X Attack

Midair Attacks

R1 - Regular Attack

C1 - Strong Attack

Regular 7 - R7 - Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y Attack

Combo 2 - C2 - Y-X Attack

Combo 3 - C3 - Y-Y-X-X Attack

Combo 4 - C4 - Y-Y-Y-X Attack

Combo 5 - C5 - Y-Y-Y-Y-X Attack

Combo 6 - C6 - Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-X Attack

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