Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Impa Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Impa Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Impa Guide is the best source of information for Impa, giving you comprehensive details on her background, questline, and combat skills.

Royal Advisor, Loyal Friend. The adviser to Hyrule's royal family and a revered member of the Sheikah tribe. She is dedicated to her work and known for being steadfast and diligent. She can be distractible at times.

Unlocking Impa

Impa is unlocked in the entry The Battle of Hyrule Field of Chapter 1. Next to Link, Impa is Zelda's main source of protection, in addition to being her close friend and adviser.

Impa Attack Moveset

  • Absorb symbols with your strong attacks to spawn duplicates
  • Absorb all three types of symbols to greatly increase the power of the next special attack
  • Dodge with correct timing to perform a mid-dodge attack

Impa is one of the most versatile and powerful characters in the whole game. She is not as straightforward to play as Link, but once you get her techniques, she clears both minions and bosses fast.

The key to playing Impa is her Unique Action. It is not complicated but it takes some familiarity. All of the moveset guides below assume that you know how to do Impa's Unique Action, so it's best we learn it first.

Unique Action

When you press the ZR button, Impa applies a symbol to an enemy in front of her. This enemy could be near or far, but it has to be in her eyesight. 

You can apply the symbol consecutively, up to three enemies. If you exceed 3, it will just remember the last 3 marked.

You will notice that the moment a minion enemy gets marked, it will start floating and lose control of its actions, as though the symbol acts like a balloon.

This effect will not happen to big enemies like Lynels, Guardians, or Hinoxes.

After applying the symbol, the hint for absorbing the symbol will show up. If you press X, this will actually teleport you to the symbol Impa is currently looking in her eyesight. 

After you get teleported via pressing the first X button, you will see the Follow Up hint. If you press X again, Impa will attack the enemy. 

This attack is what makes Impa absorb symbols.

In short, we can summarize the whole flow in these easy to remember steps

  1. Press ZR - Impa applies a mark on an enemy
  2. Press X - Impa teleports to the enemy marked in 1
  3. Press X - Impa attacks the enemy and absorbs the symbol

Now that we know how to apply and absorb symbols, always do these actions first before engaging in combat. It only takes a few seconds to reach the maximum three symbols, so ensure you have all of them before starting to destroy the bosses and enemies.

Midair Unique Action

What we discussed above applies when Impa is on the ground. When Impa is in midair, she has a special mechanic that fans of Naruto and ninjas will definitely love. This mechanic complements the summary we described above.

When Impa is in midair, and if you press ZR, you will be able to target a specific enemy and apply a symbol on it. As shown below, Impa can target the Moblin. If you want to target a different enemy, just move the L stick.

Once you press X, Impa will teleport to the enemy and then you can do a follow-up attack. This follow-up attack is what will make Impa absorb the mark from the enemy. 

So, it is not much different from the summary we shared earlier. It is just that you can target a specific enemy when in midair.

Plus, it gives you the fantasy of performing Minato's Flying Thunder God Technique

Unique Action with Full Symbols

If you already reached full symbols, Impa will do a different action when you press the ZR button. 

Impa will send all of her clones towards her line of sight and cause large AOE damage on the enemies. This will typically clear all of the minions except the boss in front of her.

R1 - Regular Attack

For the regular attack, Impa and her clones perform slicing actions that damage every enemy in front of them.

Dash Attack 

For the Dash Attack, Impa moves back and dashes forward doing the same slicing attacks in the Regular Attack.

You perform the Dash Attack with B + Y.

C1 - X-X Strong Attack

Interestingly, the X-X combo is the main method for acquiring symbols. It is the easiest and fastest way to complete the three symbols.

As shared earlier in our summary for collecting symbols, the first press of X teleports Impa in front of her target.

The second press of X makes her attack the target and absorb the symbol. The animation of the attack looks like she is hitting the target with her elbow.

Running Strong Attack

Impa's running strong attack makes her and the clones do a wide AOE damage to everything in front of them. While running, they throw their hats forward, causing damage to all hit.

This will easily clear all minions in front of them. Note that this does not stop Impa from running, hence it is a very effective way of clearing enemies while being mobile. 

With this attack, you can rush towards outposts and still attack enemies on the way.

Special Attack

Impa's special attack is a powerful AOE that causes an explosion and damages all the monsters surrounding her in all directions.

With all three symbols filled, Impa's clones will collect explosives and stack them in front of the target enemy. 

The explosives will cause a large AOE damage on the target and all surrounding enemies. Note that after the special attack, all of the symbols will get consumed. 

Stasis Attack

With Impa's Stasis Attack, she will be locked in a unique animation where you can press the X button to continuously attack the enemies in front of her.

Observe that the clones are all seated and doing nothing while Impa attacks the frozen monsters. This is not as effective as when Impa gets the help of her clones in attacking.

Hence, you need to perform what we call the Stasis cancel. You cancel the default animation of the stasis by dodging the moment the monsters get frozen.

This will free Impa and allow her and the clones to attack the frozen enemies.

You can easily observe that this results in higher damage to the monsters as compared to the default animation.

Remote Bombs Attack

When Impa initiates the Remote Bomb attack, she summons a large whirlwind amidst the enemies. This will suck all of the minions to its center.

Once the whirlwind has sucked the enemies, a bomb will come from the center and explode upwards. This ensures that any minion that survived the whirlwind will get finished by the final explosion.

This gives an interesting animation where Impa and the rest of her clones are all covering their ears in preparation for the big explosion.

Magnesis Attack

Unlike the Magnesis Attack of other characters, Impa's attack is very flexible. You do not need any enemy carrying a metal weapon for the attack to execute. In other words, the Magnesis Attack of Impa always occurs when triggered.

When the Magnesis Attack begins, Impa summons swords and shields and combine them into a large blade.

She will then swing the blade in front of her and then finally slam it, making it explode and cause damage and knockback to all monsters hit.

Cryonis Attack

Impa is one of the characters where the Cryonis Attack has a follow up action. You will see the Ride hint after initiating the Cyronis attack.

If you press Ride, Impa will ride this pillar while it moves in the direction that you prefer. After covering some distance, it will explode and damage the enemies. 

Regular 7 - R7 - Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y Attack

Impa is among the few characters who have a very good regular attack flow. In fact, you can damage a large number of enemies and cause a large AOE just by her regular attacks.

This is not the case with other characters, where you will need to press X, to make their combos stronger.

As shared earlier, Impa's regular attack begins with slicing attacks.

Then their group will summon the Yiga Seals as shown above.

They will then release powerful whirlwinds that will hit everything in front of them. As Impa and her clones cover almost all of the screen, this is a large AOE damage for everything that gets hit.

Finally, the combo will finish with Impa and her clones doing a plunging attack on all the monsters that survived the whirlwind. 

Combo 2 - C2 - Y-X Attack

In Combo 2, Impa jumps up and then throws a number of kunais in front of her.   

These weapons will then explode, burning all the enemies hit. 

The explosion will send and keep Impa floating. If you have all of the clones with you, they will float as well, dropping kunais as they move forward.

Combo 3 - C3 - Y-Y-X Attack

In the C3 combo, Impa throws her hat and then performs melee attacks on enemies in front of her. With the help of the clones, she will be able to clear a wide area of enemies.

This combo demonstrates the shinobi nature of Impa, where she throws her hat, vanishes, and then reappears to pick up the still floating hat, as the enemies all go down defeated.

Combo 4 - C4 - Y-Y-Y-X Attack

In Combo C4, Impa summons her clones where they position themselves pointing at your target. 

Then they will all simultaneously release a laser beam on each of their fingers, causing huge damage to the target.

Combo 5 - C5 - Y-Y-Y-Y-X Attack

In Combo C5, Impa will summon a giant kunai in front of her enemies. Notice that the clones get summoned next to the kunai as well.

The giant kunai will then drop on the enemies and cause a big explosion, destroying all the minions that get hit.

Combo 6 - C6 - Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-X Attack

The final combo of Impa is reminiscent of one of Naruto's signature moves, summoning a giant toad. We can assume this is a reference to the Anime series, together with the teleportation skill we have described above.

If Impa is alone, there will only be one giant toad. But if you have all the clones, then each of them will have their own ride, causing huge damage on all the enemies that get trampled upon.

Once the toads disappear, Impa and her clones will all then do a plunging attack on the enemies that are still standing.

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