Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Lore Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Lore Guide

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The core story of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity revolves around the group of heroes who banded together to defeat the evil that threatens the entire kingdom. Unlike the story of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which focuses on the aftermath of the attack on the kingdom, Age of Calamity focuses on the actual events that happened during Ganon's devastation of Hyrule.

In this context, the game's story can be considered a prequel to that of BOTW. However, there is a minor twist. As the story of this game involves a character that time-traveled from the future, the events that will occur in your gameplay are not exactly as what happened in the past of BOTW. 

This does not make this game's story non-canon or even inferior to what actually happened in the past. In fact, this heightens the excitement of the story, as you will constantly be thinking in your gameplay - how much can this time-traveling character really change in the fate of the kingdom, and is there anything you can do while you play the various heroes of the game to contribute to the alteration of the future?

Some significant events alluded in BOTW which you might want to look forward to in the story of this game:

  • What actually happened during the recruitment of the Champions?
  • How are the Divine Guardians really used in the fight against the armies of Ganon?
  • How did the Battle of Fort Hateno look like?
  • What happened in the last stand of the Hyrulean army in the Battle of Akala?
  • How did the four Champions lose against the four Blights?

You will be able to witness and experience all of the above.

The Prophesy of Ganon's Return

The story of Age of Calamity begins with a recap of the past of Botw. Ganon has returned and started the devastation of Hyrule.

Ganon's malice has consumed and controlled the Guardians and the Divine Beasts, using them to decimate the lives of the Hyruleans.

As we have learned from BOTW, this leads to the death of the king, the four Champions, and thousands of people in the kingdom. 

Zelda's Sealing Power Awakens

All this time, Link protects the princess, but while in Fort Hateno, they got surrounded by a large swarm of Guardians. Link prepares for his final stand as he faces them, ever willing to risk and give his life for Zelda's safety.

Link is too weak to fight the horde of Guardians, and seeing this, Zelda rushed to help him.

It was at this moment when Zelda's power awakens. Her desire to save Link from certain death awakened her sealing power, which she used to disable the Guardians in Fort Hateno.

The story, up to this point, is exactly what happened in BOTW. However, upon the awakening of Zelda's power, something else turned to life in Hyrule castle.

The Awakening of the Diminutive Guardian

Placed in a box near Zelda's room, a small toy-like Guardian turned alive. As though searching for his life's source, he looked in the direction where Zelda and Link are located in Fort Hateno. 

Zelda: I must protect... everyone!

The little Guardian moved as though he understood the princess's longing and her desire to protect Hyrule.

At this moment, a time travel portal appeared in front of the little Guardian. There are no explanations given, and in fact, none are required. 

This portal is all that we need to have a new and exciting adventure. 

One of the malice-consumed Guardians suddenly appeared and tried to blast the little Guardian. Fortunately, he was able to avoid the laser and ended up entering the portal. 

And so the History Changes

Game: A tale of the Champions... a diminutive Guardian who traveled backward through time... and the Great Calamity they faced.

The Premise of the Game

With that background as a context, your gameplay's premise is to relive and experience the period before and during the Age of Calamity. Everything is the same except for that one minor twist, the little Guardian that visited your present timeline.

A Peaceful Hyrule

After the little Guardian enters the portal, he returns to the past where the kingdom still prepares for Ganon's return. It's a more peaceful time, though monsters have started to increase in number and began attacking settlements, including the castle itself.

A Knight of Full Potential

Your story begins with King Rhoam addressing a group of soldiers about to fight the horde of monsters approaching the castle. 

And amidst these soldiers is you, the most exceptional knight of the kingdom.

King Rhoam: Listen well, soldiers of Hyrule. In our long history, we have scarcely faced a threat of this magnitude. The years have passed quickly since Calamity Ganon's revival was prophesied.

King Rhoam: Yes, we have unearthed the Divine Beasts and filled volumes with our knowledge of ancient relics. But a barricade of books will not protect us. Because this way surges a horde like we have never faced before. Even now the enemy is clawing for our throat - for Hyrule Castle itself.

King Rhoam: We must exterminate the monsters roaming Hyrule Field. Thus will begin our renewed effort to stop the Calamity! Here, now, go forth! And be brave for your kingdom!

This is the start of your story, as a knight of exceptional potential.

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