Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Services Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Services Guide

Game Mechanics
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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Services Guide is the best source of information for all the services available in the game, giving you comprehensive details on the Hylian Blacksmith Guild, Military Training Camp, Meditative Training, Kochi Dye Shop, and all the Merchants with their items list.

The full list of services are as follows:

You access the Services by navigating the left-most part of the menu.

Hylian Blacksmith Guild

Among all of the services in the game, the Hylian Blacksmith Guild is the most important and could be the one you will visit most because it provides services related to weapons.

The Blacksmith provides the following services:

  • Fuse Weapons - the core upgrade mechanic of the game. It allows you to upgrade a chosen weapon by consuming other weapons. In this consumption, it regains some of their characteristics. To learn more about this mechanic, view our Weapon Fusion Guide.
  • Raise Weapon-Level Limit - this service is initially unavailable and will become unlocked once you progress farther in your gameplay.
    • The default maximum level of a weapon is Level 20
    • The first unlock of this service will extend the max level to 25
    • The second unlock of this service will extend the max level to 30
  • Remove Seals - similar to the service above, this is also initially unavailable and will become unlocked later in your gameplay. It provides two kinds of seal removal, both of which you have to unlock separately.
    • Remove all seals - for a price, you can remove all the seals in a weapon.
    • Remove one seal - for a price, you can remove one seal in a weapon.
  • Octo-Polish - use this service to polish the rusty weapons you acquire in the game.
  • Sell - Sell weapons to earn extra rupee.

To get more details on the mechanics of the Blacksmith and learn what are the conditions for unlocking his services, visit our Hylian Blacksmith Guide.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Hylian Blacksmith Guide

Military Training Camp

Being in a Warriors game, you are expected to play multiple characters. Playing specific character levels it up while you complete Chapters, Quests, and Challenges. You might wonder though, how can you easily level all your other non-main characters?

Fortunately, the game provides the Military Training Camp service so you can easily level up your other characters.

For a price, Instructor Rubeo will level up your selected character, with the condition that it can only be equal to or less than your currently highest level character.

So in the example below, we can level up all the other characters to Level 100, as we already have one character that has reached that level.

To see the exact UI and mechanics for doing this, view our Military Training Guide.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Military Training Guide

Meditative Training Guide

Recently, more action games provide a feature for players to have a training room where they can practice the combat mechanics of their characters.

A good example of this is in Sekiro, where you can safely practice your newly learned skills by fighting Hanbei the Undying, without any repercussions to your character.

Similarly, the Age of Calamity provides a training room where you can practice any of your unlocked heroes. 

To see our tips and advice on how to make the most out of this training room, view our Meditative Training Guide.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Meditative Training Guide

Kochi Dye Shop

Do you still remember the merchant in BOTW who says "I live to dye?" Yes, he is back in business for Age of Calamity and ready to provide his dyeing services so you can color your armor as you please.

To learn more about the exact details of his dyeing services, visit our Kochi Dye Shop Guide.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Kochi Dye Shop Guide

The Merchants of Hyrule

The next list of services is for all merchants who sell various items local to their area in the region. You will surely visit most if not all of them, as you will need various items to unlock Quests and satisfy the requirements for completing the game 100%.

To see our tips and tricks for easily completing your item requirements, view our Merchants Guide.

Snowy Feathers

Find the color that really defines you here at Snowy Feathers. Add a pleasant hue to this silvery-white world!

Snowy Feathers Items

  • Spicy Pepper - 9 Rupees
  • Endura Shroom - 14 Rupees
  • Tabantha Wheat - 7 Rupees
  • Hearty Durian - 36 Rupees
  • Ice Keese Wing - 14 Rupees
  • Sapphire - 624 Rupees

Royo-Royo Depot

Here at Royo-Royo Depot, we work year-round to fulfill your every need!

Royo-Royo Depot Items

  • Flint - 12 Rupees
  • Fireproof Lizard - 15 Rupees
  • Smotherwing Butterfly - 6 Rupees
  • Spicy Pepper - 9 Rupees
  • Rock Salt - 7 Rupees
  • Goron Spice - 9 Rupees

Secro's Supplies

Welcome to Goponga Village. We've got a wide array of goods to enrich your day-to-day life!

Secro's Supplies Items

  • Raw Prime Meat - 36 Rupees
  • Swift Violet - 24 Rupees
  • Fleet-Lotus Seeds - 12 Rupees
  • Stealthfin Trout - 24 Rupees
  • Staminoka Bass - 43 Rupees
  • Hearty Blueshell Snail - 36 Rupees

High Spirits Produce

Visit High Spirits Produce to enjoy local specialties from Kakariko Village!

High Spirits Produce

  • Swift Carrot - 9 Rupees
  • Bird Egg - 7 Rupees
  • Goat Butter - 7 Rupees
  • Fortified Pumpkin - 12 Rupees
  • Cane Sugar - 7 Rupees
  • Bokoblin Guts - 48 Rupees

Dearest Stars

Trust our merchandise to make you shine brighter than the brightest star.

Dearest Stars Items

  • Amber - 72 Rupees
  • Opal - 144 Rupees
  • Topaz - 432 Rupees
  • Ruby - 504 Rupees
  • Sapphire - 624 Rupees
  • Diamond - 1,200 Rupees

Mabe Ranch Co-op

Looking for a refreshing little pick-me-up? Look no further than the fresh milk from our ranch!

Mabe Ranch Co-op Items

  • Courser Bee Honey - 24 Rupees
  • Fresh Milk - 7 Rupees
  • Bird Egg - 7 Rupees
  • Goat Butter - 7 Rupees
  • Hylian Rice - 7 Rupees
  • Acorn - 4 Rupees
  • Chickaloo Tree Nut - 7 Rupees

Outskirt Stable

Merchant Monda: Feast your eyes on these delicious fish I caught with my homemade bait. They're fresh as fresh can be! Go on, take a gander!

Outskirt Stable Items

  • Voltfin Trout - 24 Rupees
  • Sizzlefin Trout - 24 Rupees
  • Chillfin Trout - 24 Rupees
  • Sanke Carp - 80 Rupees
  • Hearty Bass - 72 Rupees

Lakeside Stable

Merchant Bena: You're missing out if you don't pick at least a few of these amazing mushrooms I've gathered!

Lakeside Stable Items

  • Sunshroom - 16 Rupees
  • Zapshroom - 16 Rupees
  • Chillshroom - 16 Rupees
  • Hearty Truffle - 24 Rupees
  • Big Hearty Truffle - 60 Rupees

South Akala Stable

Merchant Cheria: Another day, another ancient relic to research! I wouldn't have it any other way!

South Akala Stable Items

  • Thunderwing Butterfly - 10 Rupees
  • Electric Darner - 10 Rupees
  • Cold Darner - 10 Rupees
  • Sunset Firefly - 10 Rupees
  • Restless Cricket - 10 Rupees
  • Hot-Footed Frog - 10 Rupees
  • Hearty Lizard - 100 Rupees

East Akala Stable

Merchant Ettu: The more plants I sell, the more meat I can buy. So to get more meat, I must tolerate plants.. Ugh. Think of the meat, just think of the meat.

East Akala Stable Items

  • Hyrule Herb - 12 Rupees
  • Blue Nightshade - 16 Rupees
  • Electric Safflina - 12 Rupees
  • Cool Safflina - 12 Rupees
  • Warm Safflina - 12 Rupees
  • Hearty Raddish - 32 Rupees
  • Big Hearty Raddish - 60 Rupees

Serenne Stable

Merchant Segimo: Cores in the morning! Gears at night! Ancient Screws and Ancient Shafts! Guardian collection delight!

Serenne Stable Items with Merchant Segimo

  • Ancient Screw - 48 Rupees
  • Ancient Spring - 60 Rupees
  • Ancient Gear - 120 Rupees
  • Ancient Shaft - 160 Rupees
  • Ancient Core - 320 Rupees

Merchant Rhodo: I'm having a blast traveling and selling this stuff.

Serenne Stable Items with Merchant Rhodo

  • Hyrule Bass - 24 Rupees
  • Mighty Bananas - 20 Rupees
  • Raw Prime Meat - 60 Rupees
  • Hearty Durian - 60 Rupees
  • Raw Gourmet Meat - 140 Rupees

View our Game Mechanics guide to learn more about the other features of the game.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Game Mechanics Guide