Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Meditative Training Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Meditative Training Guide

Game Mechanics
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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Meditative Training Guide is the best source of information for the Meditative Training service of the game, giving you comprehensive details on its mechanics and features.

More Games with Training Rooms

Recently, more action games provide a feature for players to have a training room where they can practice the combat mechanics of their characters.

A good example of this is in Sekiro, where you can safely practice your newly learned skills by fighting Hanbei the Undying, without any repercussions to your character.

This is the last feature you would expect from a FromSoftware game, but they did provide it.

Similarly, the Age of Calamity provides a training room where you can practice any of your unlocked heroes. 

Meditative Training

A curious room in the temple, perfect for meditation. Entering the room relaxes your spirit and prepares you for meditative training.

You can practice your skills through meditative training. However, you won't gain any experience points practicing in this way.

In this training room, you will face a miniboss Moblin and a group of Bokoblins. Every time the Moblin dies, another one spawns, possibly carrying a different weapon. It would have been better if the miniboss changes whenever it dies.

However, the best option would be a feature where you can select the kind of miniboss that you want: a Lynel, Guardian, Hinox, or even a major boss.

While in the room, you can practice your combos, perfect dodges, guards, or whatever you want to learn for your character.

Changing Character and Weapon

You can change characters without leaving the room. You do this by pressing the + button.

Not only can you change character, but you can change your weapon as well, without leaving the training room.

Once you are satisfied with your training, you can leave the room through the menu.

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