Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali, the Rito Warrior

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali, the Rito Warrior

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Revali, the Rito Warrior is the third part of Chapter 2 of the game. Zelda and the party set out for Rito Village, hoping to recruit Revali as one of the Divine Beast pilots. As they cross the snowy plains, however, they are attacked by Rito.

This Chapter entry gives us one of the best miniboss fights in the game with Revali, as well as the new elemental enemies like Ice Moblin, Ice Keese, and Ice-Breath Lizalfos. It will also unlock Revali as a playable character.

Treasure Chests and Koroks

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Wildberry
  • Chillfin Trout
  • Chillshroom
  • Cool Safflina
  • Winterwing Butterfly

Special Rewards

Revali, The Rito Warrior

The Rito resided in a settlement on the Tabantha Frontier. These feathery folk were blessed with the ability to glide along the wind, and they were adept with bow and arrow.

Counted among them was Revali, the most capable warrior of all the Rito - the natural choice to pilot Divine Beast Vah Medoh. Zelda and her companions set out for Rito Village in hopes of securing his help.

To evade foes, the party tried crossing through the snowfield, but a fierce blizzard befell them, halting their progress. Link asked Zelda to wait in safety while he and the little Guardian scouted the area...

Into the Storm

On the way to Rito Village, the party gets caught up in an intense snowstorm. Leaving Princess Zelda behind at a safe location, Link and the party set out to scout the area but quickly come into conflict with Rito warriors led by Revali.

Revali: This nonsense again? Rito Village is my home. While I'm here, you won't be getting any closer.

Objective: Head for Rito Village

With the Rito Village being hostile to outsiders, they will attack Link and his party. Your goal is to reach the center of Rito Village to clarify the misunderstanding.

Rito Soldier: Hurry! They must be stopped!

Impa: Even in a blizzard, there's no way they'd mistake us for monsters. Why are they on the attack?

Impa: I hate to say it, but we need to take them out. We can't allow any harm to befall the princess.

As you go for the target area of Rito Village, the bridge connecting it will get destroyed with a bomb arrow by one of the Rito Captains.

Rito Captain: We took out the bridge! Great! Now the village should be safe.

Rito Captain: Be on alert for Guardian activity! We won't allow them to harm our village any further!

Notice the word used by the Rito Captain. He said "Guardian". And Link has with him a little Guardian, which we will discover later on looks very similar to another Guardian that leads monsters in attacking the village.

Objective: Defeat the Rito Captains

There are two captains that you have to defeat. In addition to using spears and swords, they will often attack using arrows. 

Ride the Wind

While moving from one captain to another, you will need to use these wind vents that can help you ascend and reach locations you will not normally be able to reach.

After defeating the two captains, your objective will return to reaching the Rito Village.

Rito Captain: This is no normal attack. Go and report this to the village! We need updated orders!

Impa: The Rito commander seems to be in the village. We must parley with him before it's too late!

Objective: Head for Rito Village

Revali: A sketchy Hylian... That's unusual for a raid. Hm.

While moving towards the target position, you will face the new monsters that are native to this location, all of them having ice-related powers.

Ice-Breath Lizalfos

The first native enemies you will meet are the Ice-Breath Lizalfos. They are similar to the normal Lizalfos, but instead of doing water attacks, they use ice attacks. This attack will freeze you once it hits.

Before doing the ice attack, Lizalfos show a very visible telegraph as shown below. Once you see this, you can raise your shield to avoid getting hit and freezing.

With the shield up, even if it hits you, there will be no damage and no freezing.

Ice Chuchu

Like other Chuchus, the Ice Chuchu explode after getting damaged, however, they will freeze you if you are within the radius of the explosion.

Ice Keese

You will also face the Ice Keese in this location. 

They are normally harmless, except when they are about to do their rush attack. The image below shows one Ice Keese telegraphing the rush attack. Once you see this, be ready to dodge or to block.

After the telegraph, the Ice Keese will blast and fly quickly towards you, causing you to freeze if you didn't dodge or block. 

Ice Moblin

And the biggest among these native enemies is the Ice Moblin. Similar to the other elemental Moblins, this one gains a new elemental attack.

The Ice Moblin gains an ice slam attack that brings a large freezing AOE upon impact.

If you don't guard or dodge, you will surely get frozen and receive huge damage.

Before you could reach the target area of the map, a new set of Rito enemies will show up. 

Revali: Heh, sorry to make you go the long way. You'll probably need to take a break soon.

Impa: Another rain of arrows? We can't allow this to continue! Defeat them and open the way!

Objective: Defeat the Archers

There will be three groups of archer enemies, each having a Rito Captain.

Most of these Rito Captains use bomb arrows. Take note of this specific Rito Captain shown below, as it will attack you with a bomb arrow even if you have not even landed after paragliding.

This particular Rito Captain will accurately shoot you with a bomb arrow, causing you to fall down if you are unlucky. And then he will repeat it, causing you to fall down again.

Show him who is the boss by blocking his attack. Even better, do a perfect guard on his bomb arrow.

It will be easier of course to just dodge, as the captain is not the only one shooting bomb arrows, all of his minions will use bomb arrows to hit you.

After defeating the three groups of Rito Archers, you will fight a group with two Rito Captains.

Rito Captain: We are just getting started!

Revali: He seems fairly stubborn, but no matter. I'll have him turning tail in no time!

Objective: Defeat the Rito Captains

These two captains are very similar to the earlier captains. Go ahead and defeat them.

After defeating the last two captains, you can proceed to the final boss fight.

Impa: We're almost to Rito Village! Hopefully, we can find out what's going on here.

Revali: This is certainly unusual for an assault. Our strategies fell through. Now... it's up to me.

Take note to free the wind vents by exploding them using Remote Bombs. Now you can paraglide and reach the final target area.

Objective: Defeat Revali

The final fight will be with Revali. This fight is one of the best boss fights in the whole game. The fact that the main enemy is aerial just adds to the epicness of the whole fight.

Revali: Our invaders have earned a special welcome... a cornucopia of Rito arrows!

Impa: Our enemy is unlike any we've faced thus far! This won't be easy... Stay on your guard!

Revali: Don't tell me... You can't even fly? Pfft! This is hardly worth my time.

Fighting Revali

Revali has a large variety of attacks, hence making his boss fight very engaging. He also gives unique dialog when he reaches a specific percent of his health.

Revali at losing 25% of his health

Revali: Hmph. You're not as weak as expected. If I'm not careful, you may even steal the win...

Revali at losing 50% of his health

Revali: Heh, look at that. I didn't expect you to make it this far. I suppose I'll go ahead and humor you.

The first time he will do the gale wind for the multi-bomb attack

Revali: It's time to settle this nonsense. Don't blink, or you'll miss my rousing victory.

Multi-Shot Attack

This is a fast attack, and as a rule in the Age of Calamity, fast attacks have low damage.

Air Slam Attack

This attack has a wind up. Hence, it will bring larger damage to you. After showing the telegraph in the image below, Revali will slam the ground, having an AOE impact as well.

Bomb Attack

Similar to the Rito Captains, Revali also shoots bomb arrows. And like earlier, you can easily dodge them. This will give you the chance to fish for Flurry Rushes as well, as shown below.

Rush Attack

This is almost similar to Master Kohga's Rush Attack. Revali moves back, and then quickly attacks you.

As this attack has a very visible telegraph shown below, you can prepare and fish for a Flurry Rush by dodging, as shown above.

Revali's Whirlwind Attack

This is the second strongest attack by Revali, and it has a very visible telegraph, even after the attack gets initiated. It's a spinning attack, with the addition of some AOE.

You will notice that this attack gets triggered when he does the pose shown below. Also, the Lock hint for Statis also shows up. So you can easily counter this, at the earliest stage or even when it is happening.

If you don't want to counter the attack with a rune skill, you can do a backflip to dodge and fish for a Flurry Rush, as shown below.

Multi-Bomb Attack

This is the strongest and most epic attack by Revali, the Multi-Bomb attack. All of these bombs will actively track you. And it is very difficult to avoid them, even with repeated dodging.

It is visually impressive, in addition to causing large damage, depending on the number of bombs that will hit you.

As it is difficult to avoid the bombs once they start flying, the best way to counter the attack is to stop it from progressing. As a rule in the game, slow attacks with large wind up cause the largest damage.

You can see below the telegraph before the bombs get fired. You can also see the highlight on the ground where they will hit first. Focus not on the ground, but on Revali. You can see that the counter for him is to use Remote Bombs. Do this and the attack will not progress.

The most effective way to counter him though is to stop him from initiating the whole attack in the first place. Before he performs the multi-bomb attack, he will first do the gale wind. And this is the best time to stop him. Use the gale wind as the telegraph to start your counter.

The easiest way to stop him from progressing the gale wind is to do an elemental attack. You can drop a large ice block to freeze him, as shown below. He is about to ascend but he got frozen and the whole attack didn't happen.

Or you can strike him with lightning, and he will easily drop on the ground, being vulnerable and open for attacks.


Just as a fierce battle between Link and Revali is about to reach a violent conclusion, Princess Zelda intervenes. Both the snowstorm and the battle between the two warriors come to an abrupt end.

Revali: You may think you're good...

Revali: But I'm better!

Zelda: Stop! Please!

The Plight of the Rito

Finally, a cutscene explains why the Rito are hostile to Link and his party. The Rito mistook the little Guardian for the one that attacks the village.

Rito Village had repeatedly been attacked by monsters led by an unusual Guardian.

Revali and his countrymen had barely repelled the monsters but were wary of further attacks.

Revali's Wishes

Revali agrees to become a pilot for a Divine Beast but gets his feathers ruffled when he discovers that Link is the princess's knight. The little Guardian interjects, not in support of Link, but to assert that it is also a protector of the princess.

Zelda: I understand the situation now. I'm thankful no harm befell you. Either of you.

Impa: Pardon me... But we must address the gravity of there being another Guardian resembling the little one, Your Highness.

Zelda: If it is in some way connected to the Calamity, we must swiftly come up with a strategy.

Revali: Out with it. We both know you'll be needing my unique skills... to pilot that Divine Beast. Hm?

Revali: However! About this pathetic knight in your service... Are you sure he's got what it takes?

The little Guardian makes some noises...

Revali: What the -

Impa: Oh, I see. Our friend believes itself to be a knight as well, in service of the princess.

Revali: It whaaat?

Revali: Ugh. Ridiculous. Every last one of you.

Characters Unlocked

As you move through the Chapters and later on with the Challenges and Quests, you will be unlocking characters that you can use for your party. This Chapter entry that you just completed rewards you with Revali.

If you would like to learn Revali's moveset and combat guide, view our Revali Guide.

Rito Warrior. A gifted archer who has mastered an aerial move previously thought impossible. While boastful, he has the skills to back up his claims. Now, he is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Medoh.

Korok Locations

Every Chapter in the game contains Koroks. The main challenge is that there is no feature in the game that will make them appear on the map. 

Hence, we provide all their locations on the area as well as on the map.

Total Koroks: 8

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 1

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 2

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 3

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 4

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 5

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 6

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 7

Revali, the Rito Warrior Korok 8

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