Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief is the fourth part of Chapter 2 of the game. Zelda, along with the rest of the party, sets out for Gerudo Town to ask Urbosa to become a pilot. Along the way, they suddenly come under attack by the Gerudo.

This Chapter entry gives us one of the best miniboss fights in the game with Master Kohga, as well as the new enemy types of Yiga Masterblade and Yiga Footsoldier. It will also unlock Urbosa as a playable character.

Treasure Chests and Koroks

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Voltfruit
  • Zapshroom
  • Electric Safflina
  • Sunshroom
  • Summerwing Butterfly

Special Rewards

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

The Gerudo lived in a settlement in the Gerudo Desert. Comprised entirely of women, they were a tribe of great might and nobility.

For her exceptional strength and her ability to harness lightning, Urbosa, chief of the Gerudo, was the clear choice to pilot Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Zelda knew Urbosa thanks to her close relationship with the late queen of Hyrule.

With her party in tow, Zelda traveled to Gerudo Town to speak with her old friend. However, their journey took an unexpected turn...

Attack of the Gerudo!

The party sets out for Gerudo Town to recruit their chief, Urbosa, as a pilot of a Divine Beast. However, they are unexpectedly attacked by the Gerudo. Zelda steels herself and attempts to learn Urbosa's true motives.

Impa: But why? Why are the Gerudo attacking us?

Zelda: Urbosa will surely be able to explain everything if we can reach her.

Objective: Approach the Town from the South

As the chapter entry begins with the Gerudo being hostile to your party, your goal is to enter the town, as shown in the target area.

You will be facing several Gerudo soldiers and a few captains.

Zelda: Urbosa should be inside Gerudo Town. Right, then. Let's break on through!

Gerudo Soldier: The Hyrulean forces are attacking, just as Lady Urbosa warned!

Urbosa: You see? The princess wishes to seize the land from under our feet. Stop her in her tracks!

Impa: A trap?! Then they simply pretended to be vulnerable. What does Urbosa think she's doing?

Objective: Defeat the Gerudo Captains that Appeared

Once you reach the target area, more Gerudo Captains will appear. To easily defeat them, use a special attack, and that will simultaneously clear the captains.

Gerudo Captain: We fought with all our strength and lost. Well met.

Gerudo Soldier: Is Lady Urbosa all right? She is acting rather... unlike herself.

Zelda: The gates are open! Everyone, to Gerudo Town!

Objective: Head for Urbosa

After defeating the captains, the locked entrance to the town will open. Enter and defeat any enemy that stops you from reaching Urbosa's throne room.

Return of the Chief

With Zelda in peril, the real Urbosa makes her appearance, and the impostor chief is revealed to be Master Kohga of the Yiga Clan. Kohga quickly summons reinforcements to the battle then abruptly leaves them to fight on their own.

Confronting Urbosa

Once you reach the throne room, Zelda will confront Urbosa for the hostility.

Zelda: Urbosa!

Zelda: Why? What are you doing?

Urbosa: Thwarting your destiny, of course...

Urbosa: Princess Zelda.

Fortunately, the real Urbosa returns and reveals the impostor.

Urbosa: I came back as quickly as I could... Not exactly what I expected to find.

Zelda: Urbosa?

Urbosa: I hope you're not hurt... little bird.

Zelda: I'm not!

Finally, the villain reveals himself.

Master Kohga: You've got some nerve thinking you can go toe to toe with... MASTER KOHGA!

Master Kohga: I'll show YOU...

Master Kohga: YIGA, ASSEMBLE! Me excluded of course.

Objective: Defeat the Yiga Blademasters

From this stage onwards, Urbosa becomes one of the playable characters. You can continue playing as her to get familiar with her moves. 

Impa: So, a double of Lady Urbosa was calling the shots... and now the town is utterly surrounded.

Zelda: Impa, we must maintain our composure. It is urgent that we reclaim the town.

Urbosa: Allow me to help. I am the reason you walked into this mess, after all.

Zelda: Urbosa, it's heartening to have you by our side. Now then, let's push back the Yiga Clan!

Fighting the Yiga Blademasters

This is the first time you will be fighting these very interesting enemies. They have some truly formidable attacks.

Sword Beam Attack

The first thing you will notice with the Yiga Blademasters is an attack that takes them a lot of time to execute, as it has an extreme wind up. This is a sign though of the attack's power.

This is the Sword Beam attack. If it hits you, it can remove three-fourths to one full heart in your character. It is a powerful attack.

Also, it does not matter if it hits you in melee distance or range; it has the same damage. No wonder it takes a long wind up. It means you really have to avoid it.

No matter the distance, the damage of this attack is the same. So, avoid it by dodging to your sides, not backward.

Earth Pillar Attack

This is another interesting attack, as it is one of the few attacks in the game that tracks you. It has an active tracking that will easily hit you if you don't dodge continuously until it dissipates.

Once the attack gets released, don't stop dodging until it gets exhausted.

Teleportation Attack

This attack can be punished, but only if you become familiar with it. The Yiga Blademaster will give the telegraph similar to the below image. 

After that hand signal, the next time the Yiga Blademaster appears, it will be immediately an attack, so dodge it. You know it will teleport, and it will attack once it appears, so don't just stand still, but move. You will definitely avoid it by just walking. Then you can punish the attack as it caused the WPG to appear after teleporting.

Defeat the three Yiga Blademasters using some of the tips given above.

Zelda: The town is secure. But the Yiga Clan is still an impending threat.

Urbosa: There is a beast in the north that will keep them busy, if we can lure it out of hiding.

Objective: Head for the Targeted Position

After defeating the three Blademasters, proceed to your new objective. Use this chance to raise your gauge for Special Attack.

Urbosa: It is sensitive to noise, so if the sounds of battle ring loud enough, then perhaps...

Objective: Defeat the Enemies with a Loud Attack

After reaching the target position, Urbosa will give you a hint to use a loud attack, that is, by using a Remote Bomb.

Urbosa: That should be enough to stir the creature. Come on, make a racket!

After defeating 50 enemies using a Remote Bomb, the anticipated monster will appear.

Urbosa: Any moment now...

Attack of the Molduga

Yiga Footsoldier: AHHH! Molduga!

The Yiga Clan ran away in terror of the Molduga!

Urbosa: Ha! I almost pity the Yiga scum.

Master Kohga: Protect your chief, you nimrods! Or do you WANT me to croak?

Zelda: The enemy is losing momentum. We must encircle them - now!

Objective: Capture the Outposts

After the Yiga soldiers retreat, your next objective is to capture three Outposts. This is the best time to command your characters, so each will occupy a different outpost, and you can save time running from one to another.

Master Kohga: Youuu... Looks like I have no choice but to WRECK YOU MYSELF!

Urbosa: The enemy has opened the gates. Time to stamp out these Yiga pests.

Objective: Defeat Master Kohga

After capturing the three outposts, it's time to fight the final miniboss, Master Kohga. This is one of the best fights in the whole game. Master Kohga is one of the most interesting enemies with an extremely varied moveset.

Master Kohga: I had a watertight plan, and you... you SANK it! I'm gonna make you regret that!

The attacks of Master Kohga can be grouped into two: Telegraphing attacks and Non-Telegraphing attacks.

Telegraphing Attacks

  • Bomb Attack
  • Float Attack
  • Rolling Bomb Attack
  • Multi-Bomb Attack

Non-Telegraphing Attacks

  • Slice Attack
  • Jump Attack
  • Bind Attack

Remember, the slower the attack from Kohga, the stronger its damage. If it has a long wind up, then it's powerful.

Bomb Attack

His floating Bomb Attack can easily be countered using Magnesis. Do not use a Remote Bomb, as it will not counter this attack.

Float Attack

Similar to other thrust/rush attacks, you can counter this with Cryonis.

Also, you can use the backflip dodge to bait and fish a flurry rush, as shown below. While he is approaching you, do a backflip until you get a flurry rush.

Rolling Bomb Attack

You can counter the Rolling Bomg using a Remote Bomb. This attack is slow but powerful.

Multi-Bomb Attack

You can counter his multi-bomb attack using Stasis. This one has a large wind up as well, giving you much chance to counter it.

The next group of attacks does not show any telegraph. However, they all occur when you are in melee distance from him.

As most of these attacks are fast and do not have a wind up, their damage is typically lower, around 1/4 of a full heart.

Slice Attack

Kohga will take out a blade similar to a Katana and give you several slices. 

Bind Attack

This attack not only damages you, but it also heals Master Kohga after he eats a banana. You will not be able to move until the attack completes.

Jump Attack

This is one of his most common attacks. Unfortunately, you can't punish or counter this with the runes.

Instead, the way to handle the jump attack is to bait and fish a flurry rush.

Once you see him jumping towards you, don't block. Instead, dodge to the side, and you will most probably get a Flurry Rush.

Master Kohga Replication

Once you have reduced the health of Master Kohga to 50% or less, he will make a one-time special attack. He will replicate himself.

Master Kohga: I'll obliterate you with this next move... A secret technique taught by my father's mother's father!

The two Kohga's will have their own health bars. If you have a special attack reserved, this is the time to use it. Otherwise, fish for a telegraph counter, similar to the image below, so you can easily defeat one of them. In the scenario below, you can either use Stasis or Remote Bomb, and one of them will become vulnerable.

Sooga Appears

After defeating Master Kohga, a new character will show up, Sooga. He will provide a very cool cutscene where he will fight both Link and Urbosa.

Master Kohga: Gah! How could these losers defeat me?!

Sooga: Master Kohga.

Master Kohga: Sooga, you're late! I nearly got peeled like a banana!

Slippery as a Banana Peel!

Urbosa and the others manage to corner Master Kohga, but they're suddenly confronted by the Yiga Blademaster Sooga. Both Sooga and Kohga disappear, though the conflict with the Yiga Clan appears likely to continue.

Sooga: Forget these cowards. It's time to retreat.

Urbosa: I think not!

Urbosa's Wishes

In order to protect both her own desert home and all of Hyrule, Urbosa agrees to become a pilot for a Divine Beast. She also offers words of comfort to Zelda, who is feeling a mounting pressure to fulfill her duty as the days pass.

Urbosa: Thank you for meeting me here. The town is a bit... chaotic, shall we say.

Zelda: Of course, Urbosa. We'd meet you anywhere.

Urbosa: You know about the... Yiga Clan, I trust? Sheikah traitors working in the shadows to revive Calamity Ganon. Those lowlifes have been wreaking havoc here in Gerudo Canyon.

Urbosa: How long can we stand by and watch them get away with it? No longer, I say. I will pilot this Divine Beast. You are precious to me, and you need my help. I cannot refuse.

Zelda: Thank you, Urbosa. As princess of Hyrule, I, too, will carry out my sword duty.

Urbosa: Little bird... However I am able to support you, I will. Just say the word.

Plans for the Future

Master Kohga and Sooga escape to their hideout. Waiting for them there is the mysterious seer Astor, as well as a black Guardian eerily similar to the model that has been accompanying Zelda.

Astor: So you turned and fled, is that it?

Master Kohga: Hmm..hm-hmm... Well, if they hadn't interrupted me...

Astor: It seems that, as low as my expectations of you were, I was overly optimistic.

Master Kohga: What?

Astor: Well, no matter. My harbinger... show me the future.

Astor: Ah... Yes... The future as it will and must be. I will not allow anyone to alter its course.

Characters Unlocked

As you move through the Chapters and later on with the Challenges and Quests, you will be unlocking characters that you can use for your party. This Chapter entry that you just completed rewards you with Urbosa.

If you would like to learn Urbosa's moveset and combat guide, view our Urbosa Guide.

Gerudo Tempest. The chief of the Gerudo who possesses the power to command lightning itself. She was close friends with the late queen of Hyrule. Now, she is entrusted with piloting Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

Korok Locations

Every Chapter in the game contains Koroks. The main challenge is that there is no feature in the game that will make them appear on the map. 

Hence, we provide all their locations on the area as well as on the map.

Total Koroks: 9

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 1

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 2

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 3

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 4

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 5

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 6

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 7

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 8

Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief Korok 9

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