Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Naboris Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Naboris Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Naboris Guide is the best source of information for Vah Naboris, giving you comprehensive details on its background, moveset, and the Chapter entries where it can be used to battle the armies of Calamity Ganon.

Background of Vah Naboris

We first met Vah Naboris in BOTW, as a source of grief for the Gerudo in one of the major quests of the game. With the help of Link, we are able to free the Divine Beast from the control of Thunderblight Ganon and release as well the spirit of Urbosa.

In the Age of Calamity, we get the chance to see Vah Naboris as a power to confront Ganon and his armies.

Vah Naboris is piloted by the Gerudo Champion, Urbosa, who didn't hesitate to help Zelda and accept being the pilot for the Divine Beast.

Vah Naboris not only gained Urbosa as its pilot but Riju as well, thanks to the little Guardian that adjusted the mechanic of the Divine Beasts.

Together, the two rulers used the full might and power of Vah Naboris to defeat the forces of Ganon's army.

Divine Beast Battles with Vah Naboris

You will experience Divine Beast battles using Vah Naboris in these Chapter entries.

Vah Naboris Controls

Vah Naboris has the following controls for doing battles.

  • Intercept - for defense against incoming attacks
    • Use the button L
  • Lightning Strike - a long-range attack that electrocutes enemies hit
    • Use the button R
  • Lightning Onslaught - the most powerful AOE attack in the game without a cooldown
    • Use the button ZR
  • Rush - a running attack that can destroy obstacles and buildings
    • Use the button Y
  • Special Attack - the ultimate attack that relies on a gauge
    • Use the button A

Lightning Strike Attack

This is the long-range attack of Vah Naboris. Similar to Vah Medoh's Aerial Bombardment, it is limited to the radius of the target. After knowing the attack Lightning Onslaught, which we will cover next, you will most probably not use Lightning Strike again.

Lightning Onslaught Attack

The Lightning Onslaught is the most powerful Divine Beast attack in the whole game. It could be said that it is even more powerful than any Special Attack of any Divine Beast. That is how powerful and how destructive it is.

What makes this attack most powerful are these reasons:

  • This attack has no cooldown. You can fire one after another.
  • This attack has the largest AOE in the whole game. It is a sphere that attacks both the air and the ground in a 360 degrees direction, that is, everywhere.
    • Compared to Light Blades of Vah Medoh, that only attacks what is in front and only those on air. Plus, Light Blades has a cooldown.

So, with Lightning Onslaught, you do not need any other attack from Vah Naboris. Maybe except for Rush which you need to destroy buildings and obstacles. The lightning attacks do not affect those.

The attack initiates by forming the sphere which tells you how far the attack will go.

Once the sphere is formed, another lightning sphere forms inside and will grow as large as the original. This is the one that will electrocute and destroy the enemies within the boundary of the first.

The result is a complete annihilation and destruction of all enemies inside the sphere.

Rush Attack

The only other attack you will need is the Rush Attack, which is useful for destroying structures and blockages.

Special Attack

Like the other Divine Beasts, Vah Naboris has a Special Attack that becomes available once its gauge gets filled up.

This has a longer range than the Lightning Onslaught, but that one is more destructive and has a more constant output without being limited by a gauge or a cooldown.

Motion-Control Aiming - Turn On or Off?

By default, the game turns on Motion-Control aiming. In other words, by using the Switch, you can target enemies and do battle.

However, we highly recommend that you turn-off Motion-Control aiming. The main reason is that it is much easier to play the game with Motion-Control aiming turned-off.

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