Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Thunderblight Ganon Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Thunderblight Ganon Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Thunderblight Ganon Guide is the best source of information for Thunderblight Ganon, giving you comprehensive details on his background and boss fight, plus tips on how to effectively defeat him.

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Background of Thunderblight Ganon

Thunderblight Ganon is the scourge of Divine Beast Vah Naboris. In the original BOTW, this blight brought the defeat and demise of the Gerudo Champion, Urbosa

With the help of Riju and one of your heroes, this fate is averted and Thunderblight Ganon fails in controlling the Divine Beast.

You first face Thunderblight Ganon in the Chapter entry Air and Lightning. After that, he gets revived by Astor and comes back as a miniboss in the Chapter entries Each Step Like Thunder and The Future of Hyrule.

Thunderblight Ganon Boss Fight

Though Thunderblight Ganon is the smallest of the four Avatars of Calamity, he is the fastest of them all. In addition to having near-teleportation melee attacks, he is the only shield-user and can produce multiple clones of himself.

In the original BOTW, he is the most difficult enemy, almost at a Dark Souls level of challenge. In the Age of Calamity, they removed one of his game mechanics, where you have to electrocute him with a metallic item so he will be staggered.

Among the four Blights, Thunderblight Ganon has the most powerful AOE attack, the Lightning Beam, which can repel enemies in front of him.

Lightning Blast Attack

In this attack, the monster moves up, apparently disappearing. You can only see the sparks he left behind.

Then lightning circles will form up beneath you. This is already a sign of an impending attack.

Then the monster executes the attack and blasts downwards with extreme force. You do not take damage unless it hits you.

If you do not guard or dodge, it will definitely bring huge damage.

Though it's a little risky, you can punish this attack with a backflip dodge, gaining a Flurry Rush on the monster. It is safer to just get out of the circle and punish him after he lands the blast attack.

Lightning Storm Attack

In this attack, the monster summons multiple lightning circles, which he will immediately explode once his arm moves downward.

You do not take any damage until this arm movement happens, so you can easily get out of the circles.

Spin Attack

Thunderblight Ganon has a good combination of ranged and melee attacks. The Spin Attack is one of his melee attacks. 

In this attack, he performs three spins, each of which can take 1/4 heart. If you are blocking, the final spin will break your guard.

In this game, the faster the attack, the smaller the damage, especially if it has minimal telegraph or windup. It is the attacks that have a slow preparation that you have to be worried about.

If you would like to show the monster who is the real boss, you can do a perfect guard on his third spin. This will damage him a little and put him in a vulnerable state.

Lightning Slice Attack

The Lightning Slice is very similar to the Spin attack, but instead of spinning, the monster makes multiple small slicing attacks, and then one large slice attack. You will most likely get hit only by the last slice.

As this attack has a regular rhythm, you can anticipate the last large slice and dodge it, thereby gaining a Flurry Rush on the monster.

Alternatively, wait for the last big slice and do a perfect guard on the monster.

Replication Attack

Thunderblight Ganon typically performs the Replication Attack after receiving significant damage. But sometimes he does not do it all. 

You will know this attack is about to happen when he forms a ball of energy around him, as shown below.

This attack will not cause you damage but will produce two clones, which you can easily identify through their colors, as shown below.

You can dual Stasis these enemies as the space where you fight them is relatively narrow. 

These clones are relatively weak though as their health is not linked to the original monster. One release of your Special Attack will kill them.

They only have one WPG, once it runs out, they can be killed.

Lightning Ball Attack

The Lightning Ball attack is one of the range attacks the monster likes to spam on you. You can know it is coming when he does this pose as shown below.

Once he moves down his arm, he will release three Lightning Balls, each of which can take 1/2 heart from your life bar. Note that all of them can hit. If the monster has clones, all of their Lightning Balls can do damage, if you get hit by them.

These Lightning Balls are very easy to avoid though. Just dodge to your side. Or if you are feeling lucky, do a Perfect Guard on one of the Lightning Balls. The ball will get deflected and move in the opposite direction.

Lightning Armada Attack

The Lightning Armada is one of the most interesting attacks of Thunderblight Ganon, next to the Lightning Beam. It has a very visible telegraph which you can counter using Magnesis.

In this attack, the monster collects weapons of various kinds - swords, shields, etc. 

After collecting these weapons, he will form a large lightning orb and then throw it at you. This is a slow-moving giant orb.

It is very similar to Freeza's Death Ball.

Once the attack hits, it will fill the screen with lightning and sparks of destruction.

Lightning Beam Attack

The Lightning Beam takes the top attack for Thunderblight Ganon though. Similar to other powerful attacks, it has a telegraph which you can counter with Remote Bombs.

In the wind up for this attack, he just stands still, as though collecting his energy. Typically he also shields up.

Then he opens up his arms and releases one of the flashiest and strongest AOE attacks in the whole game. It has one weakness though, it can only hit in one direction. So you can just be standing next to it and take no damage.

You can see none of the heroes below got hit by this powerful attack.

How Powerful is the Lightning Beam Attack

So the question is if it succeeds in hitting the targets, how powerful is the impact? In this demo below, Link and Riju are standing near each other, far from Thunderblight Ganon. Urbosa is in front of the monster, doing melee attacks.

Meanwhile, Thunderblight Ganon is charging his Lightning Beam attack, while his shield is up.

Finally, he releases the attack, blasting Riju out of the screen, with Urbosa flying as well.

Link got severely electrocuted, while Urbosa is still flying after getting pushed back by the attack.

Finally, the attack is over, and two heroes disappeared after getting repelled by the attack. Link still has not gotten up after all this time.

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