Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Astor Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Astor Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Astor Guide is the best source of information for Astor, giving you comprehensive details on his background and boss fight, plus tips on how to effectively defeat him.

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Background of Astor

Prophet of Doom. A seer from a certain small village in Hyrule who plotted to revive Calamity Ganon. He was defeated and subsequently absorbed by the Calamity.

We first learned about Astor during his introduction in the Chapter entry Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief, where he confronts Master Kohga and Sooga after they escape from the heroes. It also shows us his alliance with the black Guardian, the malice-infected Terrako of this world.

We next see Astor causing havoc in Koror Forest in the Chapter entry Freeing Korok Forest. This entry showed us his powers as well as his skill to summon Hollows, which actually defeated Link in a four-to-one battle before the Master sword selected him.

This is the first time you will face Astor in a boss fight.

In the Chapter entry Akkala Tower, Astor gains the distrust of Sooga, as he assumes that he will be able to control Calamity Ganon.

After the Yiga Clan got defeated in Akkala Tower, Sooga and Master Kohga confronted Astor in the entry Destroy the Yiga Clan!, for he promised them victory, which until now is left unfulfilled.

Astor just smiled calmly, saying that they have a big role to play in the future.

This big role gets revealed in the entry Water and Fire, where it is shown that Astor sacrificed the Yiga Clan members to be able to revive the defeated Blight Ganons. 

This is the first time we see Astor summoning Link Hollow to attack his target.

In the entry Each Step Like Thunder, Astor revives the Blight Ganons and uses them to kill Zelda and Link.

And finally, we fight Astor again in the last Chapter entry, The Future of Hyrule, before he got consumed by Calamity Ganon.

Astor Boss Fight

Being a boss, Astor has a large health pool. To effectively defeat him, use optimal elemental attacks. You can see our Combat Guide for more info on optimal elemental attacks.

As there is water in the area where you first fight Astor, using the Ice Rod will produce an optimal elemental attack. It shows clearly on the radius of the attack, as shown below.

It also shows in the size of the freezing ice that gets formed after the attack. 

Malice Ball Attack

The Malice Ball is the most basic of Astor's attacks. He attacks you with a single Malice Ball.

Multi-Malice Ball Attack

In this attack, he summons a Malice Ball on top of him, which then produces a number of other Malice Balls which attack you.

Like all powerful attacks in the game, this one has a wind up. While Astor is preparing, you can either prepare to dodge or to block.

Malice Orb Attack

In this attack, Astor summons a much large Malice Ball and then throws it at you.

Multi-Orb Attack

We are starting to approach the more dangerous attacks of Astor. In this attack, he summons multiple Orbs that stay in place and then makes them all explode.

You can punish this attack by just dodging with a backflip when the orbs start to explode, as shown below.

Floating Malice Balls Attack

In this attack, Astor summons multiple Malice Balls floating on top of him. They will then start tracking you and explode on contact.

Malice Pillar Attack

This attack is very similar to that of a Yiga Blademaster, but more dangerous. You can recognize it by the wind up shown below, where Astor raises his hand to initiate it.

The moment you get hit by the malice, you will get damaged and get thrown out.

Summon Hollows Attack

Astor typically performs this attack once he loses around 50% of his health. It has a very interesting mechanic. He summons again the Hollows and, as long as one of them is alive, he becomes invincible.

Do not attack Astor as he will not take any damage. Instead, focus your effort on any of the four Hollows. They are very weak though and can be easily defeated.

Malice Pool Attack

The Malice Pool is the strongest attack of Astor and among the most powerful attacks in the whole game. Like other highly damaging attacks, it has a large wind up.

You will notice it when Astor summons a swirling pool of Malice. There is no damage done yet and you can still use this time to re-position yourself.

But after the wind up, the attack fully executes, you will get thrown out, and get a minimum of two hearts removed from your health. It also makes the whole screen bloody red like below.

Astor Gains New Attacks

After the first boss fight in Korok Forest, you will face him again inside Hyrule Castle. This time, he gains two new skills. 

Summon Link Hollow

The moment you enter the room, the first thing Astor does is summon a Link Hollow. This is very similar to the last fight in the Korok Forest, but this time, he is not invincible while there is a Hollow present.

The summoned Link is weak though, and you can easily defeat him. Once his WPG is cleared, he can be killed.

If you have an unused special attack, using it can easily defeat Link Hollow.

Once Astor loses more than 50% of his health, he might summon Link Hollow again.

Malice Circles Attack

In the wind up of this attack, Astor summons five Malice Circles around him. 

Immediately after that, he will move his hands and cause the five circles to explode, causing damage to any targets inside them.

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