Ghost of Tsushima: Eternal Blue Sky

Ghost of Tsushima: Eternal Blue Sky

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Ghost of Tsushima's Eternal Blue Sky is a major quest in Act 3 and the continuation of Heart of the Jito. In this quest, Jin and his allies finally execute their plan of attacking Khotun Khan and stop the Mongol army from leaving Tsushima Island.

This is the final quest that we will see Jin, Lady Masako, Sensei Ishikawa, Norio, Yuna, Kenji, Daikoku, Lord Shimura, and Khotun Khan all present in one tale.

The storm is coming. It's time we make our final preparations to strike Khotun Khan. I don't know if we'll survive, and I don't know if Lord Shimura will reinforce us. But I can't turn back now.

Yuna should be with the others at Jogaku Temple. I should speak with her before we end this.


  • Major Legend Increase

Speak with Yuna at Jogaku Temple

You will find Yuna standing beneath the pagoda of Jogaku Temple.

Yuna: What took you so long? You had us worried. I thought you'd been caught.

Jin: Delivering my message wasn't easy.

Yuna: Did your uncle read it? Will he help us defeat the Khan?

Jin: I hope so. But we can't wait to find out.

Yuna: Wind's getting stronger.

Jin: The storm will be here by morning. Did you secure the siege weapons?

Yuna: Enough to cause plenty of damage. Also found some deserters from your uncle's army who want to follow the Ghost. We're ready.

Jin: Tell others we attack at dawn.

Yuna: I'll spread the word, but you should check on them. They want to hear from their leader...

Speak with your Allies

The nearest ally you can meet after speaking with Yuna is Daikoku. He represents the trust the Yarikawa people have placed on the Ghost.

In the first place, they decided to join previously the army of Lord Shimura, not because of the jito, but because of Jin.

Daikoku: Lord Sakai. The warriors of Yarikawa have come to follow the Ghost.

Jin: Thank you, Daikoku. We will defeat the Khan together.

You will Norio inside the other pagoda in front of Yuna.

Norio: Lord Sakai.

Jin: Norio. I knew you would be here.

Norio: For all the times we've fought together, I wouldn't miss it.

Jin: Tomorrow we avenge your brother, and the warrior monks of your temple.

Norio: I just want our home back.

Ishikawa: Sakai.

Jin: It's good to have your bow with us, Sensei. I have not forgotten about Tomoe.

Ishikawa: We will defeat the Khan. Her support will crumble like dried tea leaves.

Jin: I owe you a debt of gratitude.

Ishikawa: Don't get sentimental, Sakai.

Jin: As you like, Sensei. I'll let you prepare for tomorrow.

Ishikawa: I've prepared my whole life. One more day makes no difference.

Masako: Jin...

Jin: I know we haven't found your family's killers, but we must move against the Khan.

Masako: He murdered my husband. Hanged my sons. I want him dead, too.

Jin: We will bring him to justice.

Masako: Afterward, I will resume my hunt.

Jin: And I will ride with you. Get some rest. Tomorrow will be a long day.

Masako: Or a very short one.

Kenji: Here we are, my lord!

Jin: You're in good spirits.

Kenji: Of course. I've been sipping good spirits all day.

Jin: Don't sip too much. You don't want to sleep through tomorrow.

Kenji: Joking aside... There's no way I would miss tomorrow. I'm here for Taka.

Jin: Thank you, Kenji.

Speak with Yuna

And last but not least among your allies, speak with Yuna. You will find her next to the blacksmith.

Jin: We've come a long way since you pulled me off Komoda Beach.

Yuna: You were so heavy, I could barely drag you... Had to strip you half-naked just to reach the town.

Jin: (Laughs) I wouldn't be here without you... Yuna.

Yuna: I can't lose you, Jin. After everything we've been through. Everyone we've lost... I can't.

Jin: I have to stop the Khan.

Yuna: No you don't. We could find a boat, sail somewhere quiet... While your uncle fights his samurai war.

Jin: Do you really want that?

Yuna: No.

Jin: If I fall... Promise me you'll keep fighting.

Yuna: You're a real bastard, Jin Sakai. You should get some rest.

Jin: Not yet. Let's... Sit... Just a little longer.

The Battle Plan

After speaking with all allies, a cutscene will follow, showing that everyone has arrived in Port Izumi, ready to execute the battle plan.

Jin: This is it... We have once chance to take down the Khan before he attacks our mainland. Kenji. What's the status of our siege weapons?

Kenji: Ready to rain fire on the Mongol fleet.

Jin: Good. Yuna will signal your attack. Once the volley begins, the Mongols will charge your position... and run right into our ambush.

Masako: The explosives are set up. Archers on the rooftops.

Ishikawa: We're with you, Sakai.

Jin: Thank you. All of you... Go.

Yuna: Jin. There's no sign of your uncle.

Jin: That storm's not waiting... and neither are we. Get ready to fire the signal arrow.

Take Position in the Fishing Village

Immediately after the final meeting, the plan will be executed and fire arrows and missiles will rain on the ships.

Run towards the entrance gate and prepare for the ambush, as planned.

Jin: The Mongols are coming! We'll cut down anyone who gets through!

Defeat the Khan’s Reinforcements

After the large explosion, eliminate the remaining Mongols that survived.

Masako: This is for my sons!

Ishikawa: Watch your back, Masako!

Yuna: Don't let them get behind us!

Jin: Take the fight to them! Forward!

Ishikawa: More Mongols up there!

Masako: Charge them! Or they'll pin us down!

Jin: Push them back!

Travel with your Allies to Meet Norio

After defeating all the Mongols in the area, regroup with your allies.

Yuna: Our plan worked.

Ishikawa: The Mongols are regrouping.

Jin: We won't give them a chance.

Masako: Norio's leading the rest of our forces up the hill.

Jin: Then we'll join him, and press the attack.

Norio will be leading the Yarikawa people. It's time to join him.

Norio: You're all safe!

Jin: This is where it ends. Today, the Khan dies. Lord Shimura isn't here. We fight alone.

Yuna: We'll lead an attack on the main gate. Distract the Mongols while you find a way inside.

Jin: You'll be overwhelmed.

Yuna: We came this far. We're not turning back now.

Jin: You are all the bravest warriors I've ever known...

(To Yuna)

Jin: I hope to see you again.

Yuna: Leave the battle to us...

Ishikawa: Well? What are we waiting for?

Masako: No mercy for the Mongols!

Norio: Fight! We fight for Lord Sakai!

Yuna: For the Ghost!

Infiltrate Port Izumi

Use the Guiding Wind to find the exact location where you can begin the infiltration of Port Izumi. As this is a scripted event, you can just pick any random path.

Go to your right side and you will find the path for the start of infiltration.

Jin: Need to get to a rooftop. Look over the camp. Figure out how to find the Khan.

Find a Vantage Point to Locate the Khan

Go to the nearest rooftop that you can climb. Once on top of it, look around you and you will see a watchtower as shown below. This will progress your quest objective.

Jin: That watchtower is perfect. Can see the whole camp from there.

Climb the Watchtower to locate the Khan

Note that you don't really have to use stealth while completing this quest objective. You can fight every Mongol that you see without sneaking if you want to.

Once you reach the top of the watchtower, you will find Khotun Khan.

Jin: Khotun Khan.

And also see an unexpected ally. Lord Shimura has indeed read the letter and acted on it. That means he trusted the words of Jin, even after everything that has happened.

Shimura: For Tsushima. No mercy!

Confront the Khan at the Manor House

As shared earlier, you don't have to use stealth on your way to face Khotun Khan. Fight like a samurai or the Ghost, whichever you prefer.

Jin: Just have to reach the manor house.

Once you enter the gate shown above, you will enter a cutscene, and the boss fight with Khotun Khan begins.

Khotun Khan: All this death. Because you... and your uncle would not surrender. I offered you peace. And you... chose war. Now... the people of your mainland... will suffer.

Jin: You will never lead this island.

Jin: I will avenge the people of Tsushima!

Khotun Khan: Vengeance? The petty wish of a child!

Fight Khotun Khan and reduce his health points to zero.

Khotun Khan: It is not my destiny to die here... You're weak... I defeated you before. This will be no different!

Jin: You sound afraid!

You will not be able to defeat him in this fight though, as he will cheat and poison you once you have damaged him enough.

Defeat the Mongols

Khotun Khan will leave the area and let his minions finish you. Defeat them so you can follow Khotun Khan.

After defeating the two minions of Khotun Khan, another batch of Mongol soldiers will meet you as run after Khotun Khan.

Defeat Khotun Khan

Once you have defeated the last minion, you will enter a cutscene and the final battle at Khotun Khan's ship will follow. This time, there is no escaping for him.

You have the option of ignoring all the Mongol soldiers and just go for Khotun Khan. But to relish this final battle, you might want to eliminate each and every soldier, and then go for Khotun Khan as the last enemy.

Khotun Khan: Finish him off!

Once you have damaged him enough, he will reset his position and refresh the number of minions present. There will be more archers and brutes in this new batch.

Khotun Khan: Cut him down!

At this stage, if you damage Khotun Khan enough, you will be able to break his spear-like weapon into two pieces. 

From here onwards, he will fight you as a sword and shield user.

This will be the final stage of Khotun Khan. If you damage him more, it will lead to his death.

Khotun Khan: Kill me... and another will come... We... will be remembered. Forever.

Jin: No. You will be forgotten.

After killing Khotun Khan, the ship will be engulfed in flames and you will be forced to jump into the ocean.

Follow Yuna

A cutscene will follow where Yuna picks up the Ghost Mask which her brother created for Jin. Wondering if Jin survives the fight with Khotun Khan, she sees him.

Yuna: This is yours.

The next scene will show them traveling towards Jogaku Temple.

Jin: The Khan is dead. But his army is still here. Our home won't be safe until we drive them out to sea.

Yuna: And when they're gone... what happens then?

Jin: We start new lives.

Yuna: I used to know what my new life would be. Now I'm not even sure who I am.

Jin: You're a great warrior. A loyal friend.

Yuna: And a thief.

Jin: That's the past. What you become tomorrow is your choice.

Jin: We can't stay here long. My uncle will come looking for us.

Yuna: No, he won't. After the battle, he sent a messenger.

Jin: Did he offer to make peace?

Yuna: He wants to meet you... "by the still waters under the red-leafed tree."

Jin: Omi Lake. We used to spar there when I was a child.

Yuna: Want company?

Jin: I need to face him alone. He's my only family.

Yuna: I know. It still hurts... thinking about Taka... The smell of smoke in his hair. His quiet laugh. The hell he'd give me for drinking too much. My whole life, he was part of me. And... And now... I'm alone.

Jin: You're not alone. You have me.

Yuna: A ghost. You belong to everyone.

And with that, you have completed Eternal Blue Sky major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with The Tale of Lord Shimura.

Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Lord Shimura