Ghost of Tsushima: Heart of the Jito

Ghost of Tsushima: Heart of the Jito

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Ghost of Tsushima's Heart of the Jito is a major quest in Act 3 and the continuation of A Gathering Storm. In this quest, Jin infiltrates Castle Shimura to deliver a message to Lord Shimura on the plans and location of Khotun Khan and invite the Jito to join him in the final battle against the Mongols.

When the next storm hits, we attack Khotun Khan. We may not succeed, but with the right help we may stand a chance.

I should check on Yuna at Jogaku Temple to make our preparations.


  • Major Legend Increase

Speak with Yuna at Jogaku Temple

You will find Yuna standing near the tree containing the gifts in Jogaku Temple.

Yuna: I've got some good news.

Jin: How are the plans coming?

Yuna: Kenji found where we can steal hwachas from the Mongols. I'm heading there now.

Jin: That's a good start. But we need more fighters.

Yuna: No...

Jin: My uncle wants the Khan dead as much as we do. He'll join our attack.

Yuna: He'll throw you in prison.

Jin: I'll write him a message. Leave it in his quarters.

Yuna: In a castle full of samurai.

Jin: I'll be gone before they know I was there.

Follow Yuna

A cutscene will follow with Jin writing his message on a scroll.

Jin: There. Let's hope my uncle reads it.

Yuna: I'm not letting you leave without a good horse. I can't replace what you lost. But give one of these a chance.

This is reminiscent of the scene during the start of the game where Yuna brings you to a stable so you can select your permanent horse.

This is the second and last time you can do this.

Jin: Easy there... It's all right... I'm a friend.

Yuna: What will you name this one?

Note that you can't use the same name as your original horse at the start of the game.

Here are the original name choices at the beginning of the story.

Jin: Kaze. Swift as the wind.

Yuna: Good choice.

Yuna: How will you get inside your uncle's castle?

Jin: I grew up there... And I still remember every hidden path through those old walls. Even as a boy... Lord Shimura couldn't keep up with me...

Enter Castle Shimura from the North

One of the good fast travel you can use in approach Castle Shimura from the North is Kubara Crossing.

Kubara Crossing is near to the castle and is positioned north of it.

After approaching the castle from a northern direction, you will enter a cutscene from Jin's memory.

The memory brings you to a scene in Castle Shimura when Jin was still a kid. Take note of Jin's face. He does not have the scar yet that you see in the tutorial combat at the start of the game, where Lord Shimura teaches you the basics of attack, block, and parry.

That means this memory is older than the one in the combat tutorial.

Shimura: Jin. Why did you run away?

Jin: I... I wanted to catch an eel for your dinner.

Shimura: Were you planning to catch it with your bare hands?

Jin: Ryuzo said you'd get rid of me as soon as you had a son of your own.

Shimura: Jin, come here... Your friend is wrong. The path ahead may take a lifetime. But I will walk it with you. Always.

This memory reminds Jin of his uncle's promise that he will always be with him. It also reflects the insecurity of Jin for not being his true son and his fear of being displaced.

This dialogue also reflects the kind of personality Ryuzo has, which will manifest again in the future - that of being a coward and a liar.

Once the memory ends, you will be positioned in the same spot where the younger Jin stands earlier and it is already nighttime.

Jin: They won't be watching the cliff face...

You will be surprised that the person fishing above will recognize you as the Ghost and will be calm about it.

Peasant: Be careful, Ghost. The samurai are watching for you...

Sneak into Lord Shimura’s Quarters

As this is a special stealth mission, you will not be allowed to use weapons to assassinate anyone in the castle. You truly have to avoid getting seen.

Jin: If I attack the guards... It will prove I'm the monster they think I am...

Start climbing the cliffs and soon you will reach an opening that you can squeeze through.

Once inside, use the Guiding Wind so you can refresh the direction of your target location.

After reaching the bridge, the upcoming path should be familiar to you, as you have already faced this during the quest From the Darkness, on which you had to enter the keep and poison the Mongols without getting seen.

Lord Shimura's Speech

While approaching Lord Shimura's keep, you will hear him giving a speech.

Shimura: Warriors! You have all journeyed far to defend Tsushima. And I am honored to lead you in battle against the greatest enemy we have ever faced.

Shimura: The Mongols burn towns and farms. Murder women and children. We will not let these atrocities go unpunished!

Shimura: We will deliver the shogun's justice and send our enemies to the hells they deserve! in the days ahead... We will march north to hunt the enemy and trap the Khan.

Shimura: We will find his hiding place and burn it. He will serve as an example to all of what awaits those who dare challenge us!

Shimura: We will remind our people who their protectors are. Not a dishonorable Ghost spreading terror and poisoning our land. But noble warriors who embody the true spirit of the samurai!

Shimura: Pray to our gods for strength and courage. I will see you again on the field of battle.

Key Path to the Keep

Take note of the structure below as it is a key path to enter the keep. The front entrance is full of samurai. Using the ladder below, you can get inside the building.

Jin: Uncle... He can't know I'm here...

Shimura: (To himself) We should have delivered that speech together. Damn you, Jin...

Keep on ascending the keep, following Lord Shimura.

In the second floor, you are going to hear a very interesting conversation between Lord Shimura and one of his guards.

Samurai: A stirring speech, Lord Shimura. May it carry us to victory.

Shimura: The Mongols have much to answer for. It is our duty to ensure their threat never reaches the shogun's domain.

Samurai: I've heard the Khan now wields the same poison as Lord Sakai.

Shimura: Do not speak his name in my presence.

Samurai: Forgive me, my lord.

Shimura: Because of him... Bandits have learned to use poison to murder our people. The Ghost has unleashed a hell upon this island.

Samurai: He will not escape us again.

Shimura: Keep a close eye on the camp. Report anything unusual.

Samurai: Of course, Lord Shimura. I will take the first watch.

You will not be able to use the door as the guard stands in your way. You have to use the window to continue moving up.

Jin: His quarters are on the top floor... Now's my chance to get up there...

On the third floor, there is another interesting conversation that you can hear.

Samurai: The Mongols have suffered defeats at Granite Pass and Jogaku Temple. We believe Lord Sa-- The Ghost is responsible for both.

Samurai: What do you wish to do?

Shimura: We will deal with the Ghost. Once we defeat the Mongols.

Samurai: The shogun's orders were clear.

Shimura: I am aware of his orders. Our first priority remains the Mongols and their leader.

Samurai: Of course, Lord Shimura.

Shimura: Have you learned the Khan's location?

Samurai: The scouts we sent north never returned. I fear they were caught or killed.

Shimura: Show me where they were searching. We will march in their footsteps and see where they lead.

While on the way to Lord Shimura's quarters, you will pass by Jin's old room.

Jin: My old room. (Sighs) Wonder if I'll ever be welcome back...

After moving out of Jin's room, you have to move fast and take the ladder on your right side. If you don't do this, you will be seen and your quest objective will fail.

You have to do it continuously, without stopping or checking the guard for his alert indicator. If you stop or hesitate, you will be seen.

Leave the Letter for Lord Shimura

Finally, you have reached the quarters of Lord Shimura. 

Jin: Leave the message where he can see it...

A cutscene will follow after you leave the message.

Shimura: He's here! Guards!

Jin: Uncle. Forgive me for not facing you in person... That Khan's fleet has gathered at Port Izumi. His ships are loaded with poison that will devastate the shogun's army. But when the next storm arrives, I plan to kill the Khan and sink his fleet. I ask that you join me. I hope that we can meet again. If not as father and son... Then as warriors who have walked different paths. Whatever you believe I've become... I will always be your family.

And with that, you have completed Heart of the Jito major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with Eternal Blue Sky.

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