Ghost of Tsushima: A Gathering Storm

Ghost of Tsushima: A Gathering Storm

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Ghost of Tsushima's A Gathering Storm is a major quest in Act 3 and the continuation of Wolves at the Gates. In this quest, Jin and Yuna infiltrate the lighthouse near Port Izumi so they can gather intelligence and plan the downfall of Khotun Khan.

With this investigation, they were able to find out:

  • The location where Khotun Khan stays
  • The key to defeating the Mongols and stop them from reaching the mainland

Yuna, Ishikawa, Masako, Norio... Everyone is gathered at Jogaku Temple. Even Kenji. I can't let them down.

I should check on Yuna. We need to plan our attack against the Khan's stronghold in Port Izumi.


  • Major Legend Increase

Meet Yuna at Jogaku Temple

You will find Yuna standing beneath one of the outer pagodas of Jogaku Temple.

Jin: How are the others?

Yuna: Ready to follow wherever you lead. The sensei told them you're the only person on Tsushima who can kill the Khan.

Jin: I can't do it alone, or without a plan of attack.

Yuna: We know he's at Port Izumi, surrounded by an army.

Jin: We need to know the weakness in their defense. How to get past them... and where to find the Khan.

Yuna: Sounds like we need a hawk's view of the place. I know where we can get one. We'll have cover of darkness if we leave now.

A cutscene will follow, and you will be automatically moved to Port Izumi with Yuna.

Yuna: Port Izumi. We'll have a better view from the lighthouse. Just need to get up there.

Jin: Without being noticed. Let's move.

Move Closer to the Lighthouse

Travel to the lighthouse with Yuna. Along the way, she will notice the kind of flowers that grow near the lighthouse.

Yuna: Why would the Khan come up here?

Jin: He'll sail for our mainland. Attack it just like he did here. This is our last chance to stop him.

Yuna: These flowers...

Jin: The same ones I use to make my poison.

Yuna: The Mongols have been here picking them.

Jin: To use against us.

Yuna: Did we do the right thing at your uncle's castle?

Jin: I took a risk, and my poison saved thousands.

Yuna: What if it kills a thousand more?

Jin: We have to stop the Khan before it comes to that.

Yuna: You're right. We need to kill him. Soon.

Sneak to the Lighthouse

Use sneak to reach the lighthouse, assassinating any Mongol that gets in your way.

Jin: We can't get in the front. But we could climb around the cliff.

Yuna: And sneak in through the back. Lead the way.

Use the side of the cliff to reach the lighthouse. And when you are in front of the lighthouse, use the back door to get inside, as the front has two Mongol soldiers.

There is an opening you can enter from the back.

Investigate the Barrels

After sneaking in from the back door, you can investigate the barrels.

Yuna: What's in all the barrels? Supplies?

Jin: Flowers. Poison. One barrel holds enough to kill hundreds... Khan will use this against the mainland. We can't let them leave Tsushima.

Reach the Top of the Lighthouse

After checking the barrels, climb the stairs to reach the top of the lighthouse.

Jin: We'll scout Port Izumi from the top of the lighthouse.

Yuna: Right behind you.

Jin: Look at the waves. They're flat...

Yuna: The kind you see before a storm.

Jin: That could work to our advantage. For now, I'll leave the lighthouse dark. Make sure the Mongols can't use it when the storm hits.

Yuna: You can relight it once they're gone. Let's get a look at the port...

Survey Port Izumi

Use the observation circles to survey Port Izumi.

Yuna: Over here...

Jin: Let's find our plan of attack... The Mongols left that area empty.

Yuna: Too open. Can't defend it.

Jin: But a good place for an ambush.

Jin: That ridge has an open sightline to the Mongol fleet.

Yuna: Imagine what we could do to their ships if we had our own hwachas.

Jin: We could place archers there.

Yuna: Force the Mongols to fight uphill?

Jin: (Sighs) Khotun would send horsemen to outflank us...

Jin: See how the birds are circling?

Yuna: Like they're scared of something on its way...

Jin: The storm. Preparing to fly inland for shelter.

Jin: The harbor master's estate. The Khan may have taken it for himself.

Yuna: Close to the docks and his fleet. Makes sense.

The Plan to Bring Down the Khan

Jin: The Khan is almost ready to sail for our mainland. With ships full of men, explosives, and my poison. If we don't stop him here, the shogunate will fall.

Yuna: The storm is our key to beating him...

Jin: When it comes, the Khan will have to shelter his fleet in the bay. That's when we strike.

Yuna: Destroy his ships and everything on them. To do this, we'll need Mongol weapons.

Jin: A simple task for a master thief.

Yuna: Hmph. We'll need fighters, tool.

Jin: A small force could distract the Mongols while I get inside Port Izumi... and kill the Khan.

Yuna: It could work. Let's get back to Jogaku and prepare...

And with that, you have completed A Gathering Storm major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with Heart of the Jito.

Ghost of Tsushima: Heart of the Jito