Ghost of Tsushima: Wolves at the Gates

Ghost of Tsushima: Wolves at the Gates

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Ghost of Tsushima's Wolves at the Gates is a major quest in Act 3 and the continuation of Honor and Ash. In this quest, Jin gets the help of a new ally, Takeshi, to liberate Fort Kaminodake.

This quest also shows that even after Jin becomes an outlaw, he still gets the support of his old friends and allies like Lady Masako, Sensei Ishikawa, Norio, Kenji, Yuna, and the people of Yarikawa.

Yuna and I secured a staging camp at Jogaku Temple, but the paths into Toyotama are blocked - and we'll need reinforcements if we're going to take the fight to the Khan.

I should speak with Yuna at Jogaku Temple to plan our next attack.


  • Major Legend Increase

Find Yuna in Jogaku Temple

This quest begins immediately after you complete Honor and Ash. You will find Yuna next to a campfire.

Yuna: Jin. Over here... We could use the old road from Omi up through Fort Kaminodake. Only problem is, it's held by Mongols. You'd need help to drive them out... I know some hunters camped on Mount Sago. Their leader's named Takeshi.

Jin: Friend of yours?

Yuna: No. But he'll do anything I ask, and his men are good archers. While you're meeting them, I'll slip through your uncle's castle. Meet our friends in Omi.

Jin: Lead them to strike the fort from the south. I'll attack from the north - with your hunter friends.

Yuna: You think it'll work?

Jin: Yes. Be careful, Yuna.

Yuna: You, too.

Find Takeshi’s Camp in Sago Prefecture

Takeshi's camp will be far from Jogaku Temple. Keep on using the Guiding Wind to refresh your direction while traveling.

Takeshi's camp is similar to other survivor camps in Tsushima.

Speak with Takeshi

You will find Takeshi next to the campfire.

Takeshi: You're welcome at our campfire, my lord.

Jin: Are you Takeshi?

Takeshi: You know my name?

Jin: I'm Jin Sakai. Yuna sent me.

Takeshi: She's alive? Where is she?

Jin: The Mongols block the pass to Omi. I have to open the way, and I can't do it alone. Yuna told me you can help.

Takeshi: Sounds dangerous.

Jin: I thought you were an expert hunter. Leader of the best archers in the prefecture.

Takeshi: Is that what Yuna told you?

Jin: She thinks you care enough to fight. Is she wrong?

Takeshi: About me? No. But my people need a reason to risk their lives.

Jin: It's going to be a cold winter. Why spend it on a mountainside, hunting squirrel, when you can live in a warm fort?

Takeshi: If we can stay till spring, we're in.

Jin: You have a deal.

Speak with Takeshi at the Cliff Overlook

Takeshi: This won't be like hunting wild boar. Come over here and you'll see...

Takeshi: Mongol archers guard the gate. Patrols ride in and out all day.

Jin: If we can get in from this side, Yuna and the rest of my friends will hit them from the south.

Takeshi: Yuna will be there? All right...

Jin: The fort was built around the cliffs. We can use them to get inside.

Takeshi: Woodcutter camp. Supplied lumber to the fort. Haven't seen anyone there since the Mongols showed up. How good are you at climbing?

Jin: Better than average.

Travel to Fort Kaminodake

Though it says travel to Fort Kaminodake, you don't really have to go near the Fort, because if you do, you will face overwhelming force and would have to back out.

Fire arrows will rain on you and there is nothing you can do to attack back.

Just several meters from the front of the fort, however, you will find the actual meeting place.

Meet Takeshi’s Hunters at the Lumber Camp

Use the Guiding Wind to find the exact spot you need to be present to continue the quest. While approaching this spot, you will hear Takeshi and his men.

Takeshi: Lord Sakai. Up here. We made the climb, but it took hours. If we sit up here much longer, the Mongols are sure to see us.

Jin: Back away from the edge. I'll be right up.

Takeshi: (Snorts) Sure you will.

Use the wood structure below and the grapple point on the tree to reach and climb the cliff.

This will impress Takeshi and his men, of course.

Bandit: Did you see that?

Takeshi: Shut up. Yuna's got some interesting friends.

Jin: Let's plan our attack.

Takeshi: You can see inside from over here...

Survey the Fort

It's time to use the observation circles to survey the inside of the fort.

Jin: We'll get on that roof. Control the high ground.

Takeshi: Hmph... You sound like Yuna.

Jin: She was a good teacher.

Takeshi: Hmph.

Jin: Archers on that ridge will have a good view of the courtyard.

Takeshi: And plenty of targets.

Jin: The bulk of our force should go there.

Takeshi: You men, with me. Everyone else, get to the ridge.

Jin: If the enemy sees me, take them down.

Takeshi: Understood. Good luck!

Defeat the Mongols

You are not required to use stealth in this quest objective, as there are no hostages in the camp. However, you might want to use stealth at the start, as the Mongol leader is advantageously positioned for you to do a slaughter.

Climb the nearest building from the starting point when you did the survey earlier, then look down. The Mongol leader should be there.

With this, you can trigger immediately the ghost stance and eliminate some of the stronger enemies in the camp.

Regroup with the Hunters

After eliminating the current batch of Mongols, look for Takeshi. He will be standing next to dead bodies impaled on stakes.

Takeshi: What sort of animals would do this?

Jin: The Mongol kind. The woodcutters must have resisted them.

Takeshi: Let's kill every bastard in this fort.

Jin: Another patrol. We'll ambush them when they come through. Hide.

Takeshi: You heard him - move! Open fire on my signal...

Wait for the Mongol Patrol to approach

The upcoming Mongol Patrol will have archers that use fire arrows. Eliminate them first.

Takeshi: Let them get closer... Now! Kill them all!

Advance through the Fort with the Hunters

After eliminating the Mongol patrol, press forward.

Takeshi: Come on, everyone! Let's get to the bridge.

Takeshi: I heard Lord Shimura has an army, with samurai from the shogun. Why aren't you leading them?

Jin: Lord Shimura has his plan to fight the Mongols, and I have mine.

Takeshi: You're on your own. This fort isn't your to give us.

Jin: The jito is at his castle.

Investigate the Fight at the Toyotama Gate

While Takeshi is asking these questions and doubting you, a horn will be heard, signaling a fight happening elsewhere.

Jin: That came from the southern gate.

Takeshi: Better see what's happening. Over here.

Jin: Yuna!

Takeshi: She did that?

Jin: We have to get over there. Let's get a look at the bridge.

Survey the Keep

There is a ladder a few steps from your current spot. Ascend the ladder and survey the keep.

Takeshi: The Mongols sent most of their forces over there. This is our chance.

Jin: If we charge across the bridge, we'll have to deal with that hwacha quickly...

Takeshi: Could you sneak under the bridge with that hook of yours? Take the hwacha by surprise?

Jin: I could grapple onto the tree and swing across. There's a way up the cliff on the other side.

Takeshi: If they spot you, we can hit them with arrows. Charge across or sneak over... either way, it'll be risky. We'll follow your lead, Lord Sakai.

Jin: Get your people ready to move.

Defeat the Mongols

You can use the grapple hook and traverse easily and fast under the bridge to reach the other side. Keep on scaling the side of the keep until you reach the back.

This way, you can easily sneak in, assassinate some soldiers, and capture the hwacha.

You can rain fire on the enemies from this point onwards, or kill them with your katana.

Reach your Allies

After clearing the Mongols in the area, move towards the gate.

Jin: We have to help my friends at the gate!

What follows is the natural chaos of battle, as your old friends and allies join you in fighting the Mongols.

Samurai: Yarikawa!

Jin: There they are! And they brought some friends from Yarikawa.

Takeshi: I figured it out - you're the Ghost! But you're supposed to be ten feet tall!

Jin: Keep fighting!

Yuna: You finally got here!

Kenji: Don't get too close! They'll see me.

Jin: Stay safe, Kenji.

Kenji: I'm trying! Get away!

Jin: You should've waited for us to open the gate!

Yuna: It was Masako's idea!

Norio: Lord Sakai! You're just in time!

Jin: Keep swinging, Norio!

Samurai: For the Ghost!

Samurai: The Ghost!

Once all the Mongols are eliminated, a cutscene will follow.

Yuna: That was close...

Norio: The fort is ours, my lord!

Jin: Is everyone all right?

Ishikawa: Never better.

Masako: All things considered.

Norio: Good to see you, Lord Sakai.

Kenji: Is it this cold everywhere up here?

Jin: You'll get used to it. Take any supplies we need, and prepare to ride for Jogaku.

After talking to the allies, you will get a bonus scene where Jin checks with Yuna about Takeshi.

Jin: So... you and Takeshi...

Yuna: That was my old life.

Jin: He and his people are more than hunters, aren't they?

Yuna: Depends on how you look at it.

Jin: I told them they can stay and hold the pass for us. But I don't want bandits making trouble for innocent people fleeing the Mongols.

Yuna: He knows what I'd do to him if they tried.

Jin: I think he's been looking forward to seeing you.

Yuna: He's seen me. We can go now.

Jin: Let's get everyone to Jogaku. We'll plan our final attack from there.

Yuna: It's time for the Khan to die.

And with that, you have completed Wolves at the Gates major quest.

The Next Quest

If you would like to continue with the next major quest, let's proceed with A Gathering Storm.

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