Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Lord Shimura

Ghost of Tsushima: The Tale of Lord Shimura

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Ghost of Tsushima's The Tale of Lord Shimura is the final major quest of Act 3 and the continuation of Eternal Blue Sky. In this quest, Jin meets up with Lord Shimura to offer his help in eliminating the remaining Mongols in Tsushima.

This is one of the best and emotionally stirring tales in the whole game.

The Khan is defeated, but I have one last personal matter to deal with...

Lord Shimura has asked me to meet him under the red-leafed tree by Omi Lake. I need to face him. I won't keep running.


  • Major Legend Increase

An Invitation from Lord Shimura

Near the end of the tale Eternal Blue Sky, Yuna informs you that Lord Shimura sent a messenger inviting you for a meeting in Omi Lake.

This is after Lord Shimura appeared unexpectedly as reinforcement in defeating the army of Khotun Khan.

Travel to your Old Sparring Circle by Omi Lake

You can fast travel to reach Omi village. This is the same spot that was used for the combat tutorial at the beginning of the game.

You will not find Lord Shimura though when you reach the area.

Jin: Lord Shimura isn't here. I'll wait for him on the dock.

Wait on the Dock for Lord Shimura

Jin will play the flute while waiting for Lord Shimura. After a while, the jito will appear.

Shimura: Jin.

Jin: Uncle.

Shimura: I wasn't sure you would come.

Jin: I wanted to talk with you. If we work together, we can drive off the remaining Mongols. Start rebuilding our home.

Shimura: That is not your duty. The shogun has disbanded clan Sakai. As of today... you are no longer samurai.

Jin: I sacrificed everything for my people. And I would do it again.

Shimura: New samurai are coming to replace those we lost. They will occupy your land and estate.

Jin: I have to say goodbye to my home.

Shimura: Ride with me.

Ride with Lord Shimura

Continue your conversation with the jito while riding your horse.

Jin: Will you remain jito of Tsushima?

Shimura: Yes. The shogun asked me to train his warriors to fight the Mongols.

Jin: Good. They won't give up until they've conquered all of Japan.

Shimura: I will spend what years I have left ensuring they fail. A task I hoped we would face together... as father and son.

Jin: You can still remarry. Start a new family.

Shimura: Yes... I suppose I can.

Help the peasant with wagon

On your way to the Sakai manor, you will meet a peasant whose wagon got stuck in the mud.

Shimura: Looks like he could use a push.

Jin: Here... let us help you!

Peasant: Do not trouble yourselves, my lords.

Shimura: Nonsense.

Jin: You can't do it alone.

Peasant: You're much too kind. The mud's thicker than it looks...

Jin: That's a heavy load. Where are you headed?

Peasant: Jogaku. The Ghost's army is up there.

Jin: He has an army?

Peasant: You didn't hear? They'll sail for the Mongol steppes with a storm at their back. Burn their homes to the ground!

Shimura: An impressive goal.

Peasant: This is everything I can offer them. I hope it helps.

Shimura: Then we will see you on your way.

Peasant: Thank you, my lords!

Shimura: Jogaku is many miles from here. Keep away from the mud. And the Mongols.

Peasant: I will!

Jin: I have no idea what he's talking about...

Shimura: Not here. Follow me...

Ride with Lord Shimura

Continue traveling with Lord Shimura, the next dialogue foreshadows what will happen next.

Jin: I don't have an army.

Shimura: Every day, more people flock to your cause. The shogun is concerned. I am concerned.

Jin: You have nothing to fear.

Shimura: When the new clans arrive... Will people bow to their samurai? Or betray them in the name of the Ghost?

Jin: I won't let them do that. They'll listen to me.

Shimura: You openly defied me, Jin. My most trusted warrior. You taught our people to disobey their leaders. What makes you think your followers will obey you?

Shimura: That's enough riding. Walk with me, Jin.

Jin: As you wish...

Follow Lord Shimura

Lord Shimura will bring you to the resting place of the Sakai clan.

Jin: My family's cemetery.

Shimura: The resting place of seven generations of Sakai. Including your mother...

Jin: And my father.

Shimura: We must pay our respects.

Uncle and Nephew

Jin: I will miss this.

Shimura: So will I.

Shimura: The shogun has declared you a traitor.

Jin: He ordered you to kill me.

Shimura: The Ghost was an outlaw. He taught our people to defy their leaders -

Jin: To defend themselves.

Shimura: With poison? A gift you gave to our enemy.

Jin: I had to stop you from throwing away our people's lives.

Shimura: You have no honor.

Jin: And you are a slave to it.

Shimura: You were my son. Now I must continue the line of Shimura without you. I must start a new family.

Jin: And my head is the cost.

Shimura: Taking it is my punishment.

Shimura: Our final day together... It is beautiful.

Shimura: It's time. Write the last words... of clan Sakai.

Jin: And clan Shimura.

Sakai Clan Haiku: Reflect on Loss

Go ahead and compose one of the few story-related haikus in the game. There are only three of them in total.

Hands that shaped the world

A bond broken forever

This is where we part

A memory of a son

Immediately after the haiku, Jin will have a vision of a past memory. 

Shimura: Your parents will always be with you.

Jin: Yes, Uncle.

Shimura: I will train you... to become the strongest warrior clan Sakai has ever known. I will raise you as my own son. Are you ready?

The memory shown above is actually a part of the memory shown during Kazumasa Sakai's funeral, where Yuriko fetched Jin to face the visitors mourning for his father.

The last words shared in that memory is Lord Shimura saying:

Lord Shimura: Tomorrow... you will come to my fortress. As my ward. Today... say goodbye to your father.

The Duel with Lord Shimura

And that memory will transition to Lord Shimura asking if Jin is ready for their duel.

Shimura: Are you ready?

Jin: I am ready.

Jin: Let me go in peace...

Shimura: The wounds you dealt my spirit will never heal.

Jin: Killing me will only make them worse. I don't want to hurt you...

Shimura: I can't fail the shogun...

Jin: You want revenge... for my failure.

Shimura: This is not my revenge.

Lord Shimura Fights with Honor

In the scenario that you run out of health points but still have resolve bar to heal, you will observe that Lord Shimura will not attack you, but wait for you to heal.

And once you heal, the duel continues.

Jin's Defeat

If Lord Shimura wins the duel, he will share a unique dialogue line.

First death dialogue:

Shimura: You game me no choice...

Second death dialogue:

Shimura: Why did you turn away from me?

Kill or Spare Lord Shimura

Of course, the game will not progress without you defeating Lord Shimura. He is destined to lose the duel.

However, it is up to you what to do once he is defeated. You can either kill him or spare his life.

Shimura: Honor me... with a warrior's death.

Defending on your choice, you will have a different ending.

Kill Lord Shimura

If you choose to kill Lord Shimura, he will ask for an honorable death, that is, the death of a warrior.

Jin: I will make sure you are remembered. As a great warrior... a wise leader... and a father.

Shimura: Thank you, my son. Find me... in the next life.

Jin: I will.

This could be considered the official ending as it is the one that plays the main theme of the game, created perfectly for this scene

Spare Lord Shimura

If you choose to spare Lord Shimura, Jin will leave the scene and the dramatic theme described above will not play.

Jin: I have no honor. But I will not kill my family.

Shimura: The Ghost will be hunted for the rest of his days.

Jin: I know.