Diablo II: Lum Rune

Diablo II: Lum Rune

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Lum rune is a socketable item, level 17 rune used to gain magical bonus properties from weapons and armor, and craft runewords in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.

Id Name Details
17  Lum Weapons: +10 To Energy
Armor: +10 To Energy
Lvl Required: 37
Recipe: 3 Io + 1 Flawed Topaz


Farming the Countess on Hell mode can drop Lum runes.

The quest Hellforge on Nightmare or Hell mode has a 1 in 11 chance of dropping a Lum rune as a reward.


Lum rune is used in the recipes of eight runewords.

  • Beast 'Ber-Tir-Um-Mal-Lum' ax, scepter, and hammer
  • Lionheart 'Hel-Lum-Fal' body armor
  • Memory 'Lum-Io-Sol-Eth' staff
  • Oath 'Shael-Pul-Mal-Lum' sword, ax, and mace
  • Smoke 'Nef-Lum' body armor
  • Splendor 'Eth-Lum' off-hand armor
  • Stone 'Shael-Um-Pul-Lum' body armor
  • Wrath 'Pul-Lum-Ber-Mal' missile weapon

Horadric Cube Recipes

  • 3 x Lum rune + Flawed Amethyst = Ko rune