Diablo II: Wrath Runeword

Diablo II: Wrath Runeword

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Wrath is a runeword consisting of Pul-Lum-Ber-Mal for four-socketed missile weapons in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Weapons that can be used as base equipment include bows and crossbows. It is a good end-game runeword that has bonuses for Crushing Blow, a chance to cast Decrepify, Enhanced Damage, Prevent Monster Heal, and Cannot Be Frozen.



Missile Weapons {4}
Level: 63

  • 30% Chance To Cast Level 1 Decrepify On Striking
  • 5% Chance To Cast Level 10 Life Tap On Striking
  • +375% Damage To Demons
  • +100 To Attack Rating Against Demons
  • +250-300% Damage To Undead (varies)
  • Adds 85-120 Magic Damage
  • Adds 41-240 Lightning Damage
  • 20% Chance of Crushing Blow
  • Prevent Monster Heal
  • +10 To Energy
  • Cannot Be Frozen


Pul (21) + Lum (17) + Ber (30) + Mal (23)