Diablo II: Radiance Runeword

Diablo II: Radiance Runeword


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Radiance is a runeword consisting of Nef-Sol-Ith for three-socketed helms in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Any armor that is used on the head like Helms, Barbarian Helms, Druid Plets, and Circlets can be used as the base equipment. It is an average early-game runeword with bonuses to Defense, Mana, and Vitality.



Headgear {3}
Level: 27

  • +75% Enhanced Defense
  • +30 Defense Vs. Missile
  • +10 To Energy
  • +10 To Vitality
  • 15% Damage Goes To Mana
  • Magic Damage Reduced By 3
  • +33 To Mana
  • Damage Reduced By 7
  • +5 To Light Radius


Nef (4) + Sol (12) + Ith (6)

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