Ghost of Tsushima: Lighthouses

Ghost of Tsushima: Lighthouses

Game Mechanics
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Ghost of Tsushima's Lighthouses collection consists of 8 collectibles in total. Reignite lighthouses to give hope to the people and grow your Legend.

Tsushima has long been vital to trade and diplomacy between Japan and the Kingdoms of Goryeo and China. Lighthouses play a crucial part in this.

Reaching the lighthouse is not enough for it to be marked as complete in your Collections. You have to ignite the fire of the lighthouse. Typically the lighthouses have a group of Mongol soldiers guarding it. Defeat them and then you can ignite the fire.

Once you ignite the fire of the lighthouse, your Legend will increase, though by a small amount only.

Light the Way Trophy

One of the trophies of Ghost of Tsushima is Light the Way. You need to complete all the 8 lighthouses to unlock this trophy.

Lighthouse Locations

Here is the complete list of Lighthouse Locations.

Izuhara Lighthouse Locations

There is a total of four Lighthouse locations in Izuhara region.

  1. Tsutsu Lighthouse
  2. Akashima Lighthouse
  3. Ariake Lighthouse
  4. Komoda Lighthouse

Tsutsu Lighthouse Map and Location

Akashima Lighthouse Map and Location

Ariake Lighthouse Map and Location

Komoda Lighthouse Map and Location

Toyotama Lighthouse Locations

There is only one Lighthouse location in Toyotama region.

  1. Kubara Lighthouse

Kubara Lighthouse Map and Location

Kamiagata Lighthouse Locations

There is a total of three Lighthouse locations in Kamiagata region.

  1. Sago Lighthouse
  2. Kin Lighthouse
  3. Jogaku Lighthouse

Sago Lighthouse Map and Location

Kin Lighthouse Map and Location

Jogaku Lighthouse Map and Location

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