Ghost of Tsushima: Kashine Bamboo Strike

Ghost of Tsushima: Kashine Bamboo Strike

Game Mechanics

Ghost of Tsushima's Kashine Bamboo Strike is a bamboo cutting mini-game found in Kashine where the player has to press a series of controller inputs to complete the goal. 

It's the games thematic way of upgrading the player's Resolve

You need to be focused while doing this mini-game. Memorize the sequence of control inputs and let your fingers be fast.

With enough practice, you will be able to complete the trial and you will be reward with points to increase your resolve.

Kashine Bamboo Strike Map and Location

Sacred Mountain Messenger Mask

There are 16 Bamboo Strikes distributed throughout Tsushima island. If you are able to complete all of them you will acquire the Sacred Mountain Messenger mask.

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