Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Windblight Ganon Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Windblight Ganon Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Windblight Ganon Guide is the best source of information for Windblight Ganon, giving you comprehensive details on his background and boss fight, plus tips on how to effectively defeat him.

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Background of Windblight Ganon

Windblight Ganon is the scourge of Divine Beast Vah Medo. In the original BOTW, this blight brought the defeat and demise of the Rito Champion, Revali

With the help of Teba and one of your heroes, this fate is averted and Windblight Ganon fails in controlling the Divine Beast.

You first face Windblight Ganon in the Chapter entry Air and Lightning. After that, he gets revived by Astor and comes back as a miniboss in the Chapter entries Each Step Like Thunder and The Future of Hyrule.

Windblight Ganon Boss Fight

Before we go through the attack patterns of Windblight Ganon, let's discuss his one major weakness. This monster is very weak to arrow shots, or any attack that can hit its eyes.

If you remember in BOTW, he has the same weakness as well. The main trick of his boss fight in BOTW is to shoot his eyes and then attack him while he is down. 

In the Age of Calamity, you can stagger him and even interrupt his attack by just shooting arrows near his eyes. This will give you more chances in reducing his WPG after placing him in Stasis.

Multi-Shot Attack

This monster is a spammer of ranged attacks, and Multi-Shot attack is the one he likes to do the most.

These attacks are very easy to dodge, but if you are feeling confident, you can do a perfect guard on them as well. 

Ray Gun Attack

The Ray Gun is a more powerful attack as it has a windup and a visible telegraph. He pauses and points a gun on you.

Then the monster releases one huge energy shot, which you can also easily dodge or even block.

Whirlwind Attack

In this attack, the monster pulls back and positions his left hand as though it is drawing the power of the winds.

Then he releases a number of tornadoes, that keeps on getting larger the nearer they get to you.

You can punish this attack by dodging to your side, hence gaining a Flurry Rush on the monster.

Alternatively, if you feel confident, you can do a perfect guard on them and it will move in the opposite direction.

Twister Attack

The Twister Attack is the strong version of the Whirlwind Attack. It has a slower wind up, plus a telegraph that you can counter with Stasis. 

The monster opens its arms and then transforms into one huge tornado that will track you. As this is a spinning attack, you can do Stasis on it, even if the attack has already started.

Windblast Attack

In this attack, the monster points his huge gun on the ground, as though charging it with energy.

Then he pulls his arm up, causing a huge tornado that will cause you huge damage.

Bombardment Attack

This is one of the signature attacks of Windblight Ganon. It is equally powerful as well as flashy.

This attack does not have a telegraph that you can counter, but it has a very long wind up that makes it obvious when it is about to happen.

He raises up his left hand as though summoning the power of the winds and light.

After a few seconds, the Bombardment attack will occur and explosions will be everywhere. If you are lucky, sometimes you will not even get hit even if you just stand amidst all the explosions.

Ray Beam Attack

This is the most powerful attack and flashiest attack of Windblight Ganon. It is also a very rare attack, sometimes he does not do it in the whole fight.

This is the equivalent of Thunderblight Ganon's Lightning Beam Attack.

In the Ray Beam attack, Windblight Ganon begins with a wind up and a telegraph that you can counter with a Remote Bomb. It appears as though it is charging for a giant blast of energy.

If you do not counter the attack, Windblight Ganon will release powerful beams of destruction.

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