Ghost of Tsushima: Ashen Straw Hat

Ghost of Tsushima: Ashen Straw Hat


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Ghost of Tsushima's Ashen Straw Hat is a helmet described as "For the ronin who flourishes amid the fires of war." The helmet comes as part of the Ronin Attire set which can be acquired during the tale Blood on the Grass.

Acquiring Ashen Straw Hat

Ronin Attire I

Though the helmet is part of the full armor set, it will not show right away. You need to upgrade the armor thrice for you to acquire it.

Ronin Attire IV

Once you upgrade the Ronin Attire thrice, the Ashen Straw Hat will be acquired.

Ronin Attire IV upgrade costs:

  • 750 Supplies
  • 30 Linen
  • 20 Leather
  • 6 Silk

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