Ghost of Tsushima: Conversations with the Khan 1

Ghost of Tsushima: Conversations with the Khan 1

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Ghost of Tsushima's Conversations with the Khan 1 is a Record found in the South-East of Izuhara Clearing in which a monk shares his first impressions and experience after meeting Khotun Khan.

It is among the first records you can acquire if you are following the major quest The Warrior's Code.

Conversations with the Khan 1 Record Content

What can a simple monk like me hope to accomplish by recording my conversations with Khotun Khan? My aim is to document his words and deeds, in order to counter the natural suspicions of the people of Tsushima, foster mutual understanding, and thereby prevent more bloodshed.

The Khan has been most receptive to these talks, and surprisingly frank on a range of matters, though I am a mere translator, and Japanese to boot. His ambition is boundless as any shogun's, and he has a keen sense of history and his place in it. At the same time, he is eager to learn more about our culture and history.

Such an intriguing man.

Conversations with the Khan 1 Map and Location

Where is the Building?

It's not difficult to find this record, just enter the largest Mongol tent shown below.

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