Ghost of Tsushima: Seiryuu’s Glare

Ghost of Tsushima: Seiryuu’s Glare

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Ghost of Tsushima's Seiryuu’s Glare is one of the Helmets available for Jin in the game. It can be found in a building on Sago Mill.

For a warrior with the heart of a dragon.

Seiryuu’s Glare Map and Location

As this mask is located in the open field, you just need to know the exact location. It does not involve climbing any pagoda or temple.

You can see below where it is placed on the map, also the exact location when zoomed.

Once you see this building, you have found the location. If you are lucky, a golden bird might bring you here, like in the scene below.

Collect the Seiryuu’s Glare

The mask is placed at the entrance of the building. Just walk towards it and claim your reward.

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