Ghost of Tsushima: Sakai Storm

Ghost of Tsushima: Sakai Storm

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The Sakai Storm is the most important weapon in the game Ghost of Tsushima. It is a family heirloom and will be with Jin from the beginning to the end of the game.

As a lethal samurai, this is his primary weapon in fighting against the Mongol invaders. This katana is something that will grow with Jin throughout his journey.

Sakai Storm Upgrading - Stats and Appearance

Jin's katana is extremely important to him. It's also his primary weapon of choice from beginning to the end of the game. There are ways to improve this weapon, both in stats and appearance.  

Together with the Sakai Mask, the Sakai Storm completes Jin's transformation into the Ghost of Tsushima.

Equipped Sakai Katana

You can view the state of your equipped Sakai Katana in the Gear menu.

Appearance Customization

While playing the game, you will discover as well as received cosmetic rewards that can transform the appearance of Jin's Katana.

The Storm of Clan Sakai

The regalia of the Sakai clan, right hand of the jito.

Breath of Hachiman

Let the kami of the samurai guide your blades.

Midnight Hanabi

Pierce the darkness with your glinting blades.

Shogun's Storm

Sweep your enemies aside with righteous fury.

Heavenly Falcon

Strike without warning like the hunter of the skies.

Mamushi Venom

Your blades strike home with venomous precision.