Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Fireblight Ganon Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Fireblight Ganon Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Fireblight Ganon Guide is the best source of information for Fireblight Ganon, giving you comprehensive details on his background and boss fight, plus tips on how to effectively defeat him.

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Background of Fireblight Ganon

Fireblight Ganon is the scourge of Divine Beast Vah Rudania. In the original BOTW, this blight brought the defeat and demise of the Goron Champion, Daruk

With the help of Yunobo and one of your heroes, this fate is averted and Fireblight Ganon fails in controlling the Divine Beast.

You first face Fireblight Ganon in the Chapter entry Water and Fire. After that, he gets revived by Astor and comes back as a miniboss in the Chapter entry The Future of Hyrule.

Fireblight Ganon Boss Fight

Like Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon is a melee fighter that uses a weapon in most of its attacks.

Unlike the other Blight monsters though, Fireblight Ganon gets an upgrade when it reaches below 50% of its health. Its weapon will start getting enveloped in flames, and all of its attacks will have more fire in them.

As an example, Fire Chop is one of the most common attacks of this monster. After losing 50% of its health, the Fire Chop will have an AOE that will burn targets inside the radius of impact. This was not there before.

Fire Swipe

The Fire Swipe is one of the common attacks of Fireblight Ganon. In the wind up of the attack, he pulls back his right arm, preparing it for the actual attack.

He will then immediately swing it in a 270 degrees arc, burning everything that gets hit. This is analogous to Waterblight Ganon's Ice Swipe attack.

If you are confident, you can do a perfect guard on this attack, as shown below. This damages the monster a little and makes him briefly vulnerable.

Fire Chop

In the Fire Chop wind up, the monster moves up his arm as shown below. The moment you see this, get ready to either guard or dodge.

The monster will then immediately slam the weapon down in your direction.

If you are confident, you can anticipate the chop and do a perfect guard on it.

As shared earlier, this attack becomes more powerful when Fireblight Ganon loses much of its health.

Fire Bombs

This is one of the few non-melee attacks of the monster. In the attack's wind up, the monster summons small spheres with his left hand. Once you see them, prepare to guard or to dodge.

He will then immediately throw the bombs, causing explosion and damage to anyone who gets hit.

Your best course of action is to dodge in your side. This is the easiest approach as well.

Show the monster you are the boss by doing a perfect guard on the bombs. This will cause them to move in another direction and explode there.

Fire Blast

This attack is analogous to the Fire Swipe. In the Fire Blast wind up, the monster pulls his left arm, as though preparing for the attack.

He will then immediately swing it in an arc, creating fire circles in the process, which will all burn afterward.

Avoid getting damage by getting out of the circles, the moment you see them.

Fire Slam

The Fire Slam could be the most dangerous attack of Fireblight Ganon, not because of its impact, but of how often he does it. He has other stronger attacks, but he rarely does them. But this one, he spams it a lot.

In case Fireblight Ganon defeats you in the future, it is most probably because of getting too much damage from this attack. So it's best to learn how to handle it.

You will know that it is coming due to its wind up. The monster will put back his head as shown below.

And then he will immediately start slamming its head, multiple times. If you don't get hit by the first try, you might get hit by the second, or the third, as he will be approaching nearer to you after every slam.

If you try to guard against this, the first hit will break your guard. That will leave you vulnerable to the next slam attacks. So the best approach to handle this is to dodge to your side, approaching the monster on his back.

Fire Nova

This is one of the strongest attacks of Fireblight Ganon, but he rarely does this. This attack also has a telegraph that you can easily counter, unlike the Fire Slam discussed above. 

In the wind up of the attack, the monster pulls back his arms to himself, as though meditating and charging his power.

Immediately after that, he will spread his arms and unleash a powerful blast that can repell almost all targets in the vicinity. Note that Daruk and Yunobo are next to the monster, just before the attack.

After the attack, the targets are nowhere to be found. They got completely repelled.

Fire Twister

This is the most interesting and rarest attack of Fireblight Ganon. It is too rare that you might fight him multiple times and never see him doing this attack. He does it when he has received much damage.

This attack has a telegraph that you can counter using Stasis.

In the wind up of the attack, Fireblight Ganon pulls his arms as shown below, and then positions his hair menacingly, twisting like a coil.

He will then start spinning, not his body, but his head. Every revolution of his hair will cause an explosion with a large fiery AOE. He will do the revolution multiple times, causing multiple explosions.

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