Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Sooga Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Sooga Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Sooga Guide is the best source of information for Sooga, giving you comprehensive details on his background and boss fight, plus tips on how to effectively defeat him.

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Background of Sooga

Right Hand of the Inverted Eye. The leading figure and devoted soldier of the Yiga Clan. He tends to the pressing organizational duties of his clan in Master Kohga's stead.

We first learned about Sooga during his impressive entrance in the Chapter entry Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief, where he fights both Urbosa and Link at the same time.

He is the right-hand man of Master Kohga and takes care of him whenever he faces danger. He is a very interesting contrast to the buffoonery of his master.

We next saw Sooga in the Chapter entry The Yiga Clan Attacks!, where Sooga leads the Clan to assassinate Zelda. It was here where we first faced him in a boss fight.

Sooga returns in the Chapter entry Akkala Tower, where we have to fight him to recapture the citadel. In his return, he becomes stronger and gains new attack moves.

And finally, we fight him in the entry Destroy the Yiga Clan!, first as a mandatory objective, and second, as an optional boss alongside Master Kohga.

Sooga Boss Fight

Sooga is a master of the sword and dual-wields these weapons. Before we go through his moveset and attacks, let's observe a peculiar way in which his attacks track the target.

In the scene below, Sooga is preparing for his Rush Attack. Link moves to the left to avoid getting hit. We expect Sooga to miss Link as he is pointing to the right side.

However, when Sooga finishes the wind up and executes the attack, he still hit Link. This is similar to how the projectile attacks of the Lynels work, the attack will track the target as long as it has not yet executed. So even if Sooga or a Lynel is looking in a different direction, the moment the attack gets released, it will track your current location and continue from there.

Now we can proceed with the attacks of Sooga.

Sword Beam

Like the standard Yiga Blademasters, Sooga has a Sword Beam as well. But his attack is a much stronger version, as he uses two swords.

He telegraphs this attack as shown below.

The actual attack is shown in the next image, after the telegraph. As we have shared with the Yiga Blademasters, it does not matter where you are when you receive a Sword Beam attack, the damage is constant. As though you received it in melee distance.

Teleport Attack

Like the Yiga Blademasters, Sooga also has a Teleport Attack. He telegraphs it as shown below, with a large explosion.

After the telegraph, the next time you see him will be an immediate attack as shown below. As we shared for the Yiga Blademaster, you can punish the teleport attack by positioning or dodging.

Bind Attack

This is the first unique attack of Sooga. He telegraphs it as shown below. The moment you see that, prepare with a dodge.

Once Sooga hits you with the attack, it will bind you as shown below. 

There is no damage yet though. The actual damage will happen the moment he rests his swords down.

These bind attacks are very similar to that of Master Kohga.

Rush Attack

This is one of the more powerful attacks of Sooga, at this stage of the game. He telegraphs it as shown below.

You can counter it with Cryonis, but take note, it is a very fast attack. If you are not able to counter, you can safely assume that you will get caught by it. 

The only slow part of this attack is the telegraph. Once it is over, the attack has fully executed and you are already sliced.

You will not see the damage right away though. The actual effect of the attack will happen once he sheats his swords. That is very cool indeed.

Multi-Bind Attack

As shared above, Sooga has a Bind Attack that leaves Link unable to move and then damages him severely. That Bind Attack has one direction only.

The Multi-Bind Attack is more powerful as it can hit in all directions, within a certain radius.

Like all powerful attacks, this one has a telegraph, which you can counter using a Remote Bomb.

If you do not counter Sooga, he will do a 360-degree attack that will bind you if hit.

Sooga Avalanche Attack

The Avalance Attack is a combo attack by Sooga. He strikes his swords to the ground that causes a flow of rubble to approach you. This one has a large AOE. You might think you can avoid it by just walking on the side, but it spreads out and will hit if it reaches you.

In the image above, it's obvious that it will not hit Link. But as the attack spreads out, it hits Link and brings him to the second part of the combo.

Sooga Tornado Attack

The Tornado Attack follows immediately after the Avalanche Attack. Tornadoes will form after the avalanche and take your character in the whirlwind.

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