Ghost of Tsushima: Rationing in Yarikawa Stronghold

Ghost of Tsushima: Rationing in Yarikawa Stronghold


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Ghost of Tsushima's Rationing in Yarikawa Stronghold is a Record found in Yarikawa Stronghold in which Steward Ujimasa lists the rules and regulations of the rationing for the people.

Rationing in Yarikawa Stronghold Record Content

By order of Ujimasa, Steward of Yarikawa Stronghold, string rationing is to be maintained at all times.

Anyone caught stealing food, taking more than their apportionment, or falsely claiming excess dependents, must be jailed immediately. Repeat offenders may be executed.

I know this is harsh. But we cannot afford to be lenient as long as the Mongol siege continues.

Rationing in Yarikawa Stronghold Map and Location

Where is the Building?

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