Ghost of Tsushima: What Happened in Komoda

Ghost of Tsushima: What Happened in Komoda


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Ghost of Tsushima's What Happened in Komoda is a Record found near First General's Field in which a person logs his daily experience after the Mongol invasion while searching for a person named Toku.

What Happened in Komoda Record Content

Day one... They is gone. Fires still go. Smoke. Can't find Toku.

Day three... Find stale rice ball this morning. Taste better than a pear from Shinano.

Day seven... Smoke finally go away. Sun is shining. Maybe we live.

Day nine... Thought sun would bring Toku out. No. But talk with survive person from Kashine! So maybe there is hope. Wish my writing bettre.

Day... It doesn't matter what day it is... Found Toku today. Bury Toku by her favorite waterfall.

Now my turn Toku my Toku.

What Happened in Komoda Map and Location

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