Ghost of Tsushima: Piece of Mongol Armor

Ghost of Tsushima: Piece of Mongol Armor


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Ghost of Tsushima's Piece of Mongol Armor is an armor set originally designed and created for Khotun Khan. To acquire the full armor set, you have to raid and liberate various Mongol Camps.

There are several pieces of the Mongol Armor set.

  • Hands - acquired from Bartu's Mining Camp
  • Feet - acquired from Dogshin's Mining Camp
  • Head - acquired from Kawachi Farmstead
  • Shoulder - acquired from Morimae Brewery

General Bartu's Mining Camp

General Bartu's Mining Camp Map and Location

General Dogshin's Mining Camp

General Dogshin's Mining Camp Map and Location

Kawachi Farmstead

Kawachi Whaling Village Map and Location

Morimae Brewery

Morimae Brewery Map and Location

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