Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - All Hyrule, United

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - All Hyrule, United

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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - All Hyrule, United is the second part of Chapter 7 of the game. People from all across the land have gathered on Hyrule Field. As a united force, they cut a path to Hyrule Castle in a bold attempt to defeat Calamity Ganon.

This Chapter entry gives you the first large enemy variations tainted with Ganon's malice, like the Malice Talus, Malice Hinox, and Malice Lynel. In addition, it lets you experience the first-ever Blood Moon that occurs in an actual battle in the Age of Calamity. 

It is the only chapter as well where you can observe Divine Beasts helping defeat minibosses on the battlefield and even capturing enemy outposts.

Treasure Chests and Koroks

Battlefield-Specific Materials

  • Armoranth
  • Armored Carp
  • Stealthfin Trout
  • Staminoka Bass
  • Razorshroom

Special Rewards

Princess on the Eve of Battle

Thanks to the newly improved Sheikah Tower, many soldiers from all across Hyrule have been able to gather together. Zelda stands at the vanguard and delivers a rousing speech to the assembled army.

Zelda: I understand your fear. But with all of us together, we shall prevail.

Impa: The time has come.

Purah: Click, snap! Look over here!

Mipha: Thank goodness. It looks like it went well.

Sidon: All that is left to do... is to join up and destroy Ganon!

Revali: And finally it's our chance to flaunt our power in all its splendor.

Teba: Make us proud, Master Revali.

Master Kohga: All right, everybody! Let's go get our sweet revenge!

Daruk: Time to rock and rampage! Yeah, Yunobo?

Yunobo: Yes, sir! Let's do this!

Riju: What a sight... I never imagined things could go this way.

Urbosa: Awaiting your orders, Your Highness.

Zelda: Calamity Ganon will be brought to its ruin. Hyrule is our home, and we must band together to protect and defend it.

Zelda: Divided, our strength would never have been enough. But together... all of us, united in our great power...

Zelda: ... together we are unstoppable! We shall overcome this threat!

Zelda: Now, to the castle!

All Hyrule, United

In an attempt to assuage the damage of Calamity Ganon, the Zora, Gorons, Rito, Gerudo, and Yiga Clan united with the remnants of King Rhoam's forces. All of them gathered their strength and assembled on Hyrule Field.

Leading the charge were the four Divine Beasts piloted by the Champions; Link, wielding the sword that seals the darkness; and Zelda, her power of sealing fully awakened.

Under the command of Princess Zelda, the troops began their march on Hyrule Castle, bolstered by the hope of sealing away Calamity Ganon and restoring peace to the land.

Objective: Capture the Outposts

You will notice that some outposts are accessible only to your other characters. This is a way the game helps you in team management. Distribute your other character to the unoccupied outpost so you can do fast switching between your heroes later.

Each of the outposts contains a Silver Moblin miniboss. You can view our Enemies Guide for tips on fighting Moblins.

Zelda: Together. We will join forces and strike down Calamity Ganon! Onward!

Zelda: First, let's capture the enemy outposts and open the way to Hyrule Castle!

Daruk: We'll use the Divine Beasts to weaken that Ganon jerk. Let's make this one to remember!

The Four Champions are preparing to attack with the Divine Beasts!

Zelda: The only way we will win is if we fight together. Each of you must lend your unique strength!

Hestu: I'm gonna do stuff now!

Revali: I'm a busy bird, you know. But fine. I'll make an exception and bail you out. Just this once.

On a very rare display of feat, we found out that that Divine Beasts can capture Outposts as well, once all the other four outposts have been captured.

Daruk: Ha! You really think we have time to take a breather? Let's keep going!

Zelda: We've done it! We capture the outposts. Let's keep this momentum and aim for Hyrule Castle.

After all the outposts are captured, the next wave of enemies will come.

The Guardians have begun an assault!

Zelda: Those Guardians are headed straight for us! We have no choice but to meet them in battle.

Objective: Defeat the Guardians

There are six Guardians to defeat. However, on your way to some of them, you will soon discover that the Divine Beasts are helping defeat them as well.

The Guardians you will face at this stage are all standard types, no Elemental or Malice Guardians.

Urbosa: Spare no effort! Together, we are unstoppable!

Zelda: Let's begin.

King Rhoam: Link! I willingly place my life in your hands.

While clearing the Guardians, Vah Ruta will help as well.

Mipha: Take heart. We are here to help!

Once all the outposts are captured, you can progress with the next objective.

Mipha: Thank you for waiting. Now the Divine Beasts are ready to launch their attack!

Revali: Let's see how you like this one, Calamity Ganon... Hm? What is THAT?

Urbosa: Whatever that thing is, it's going to block our attacks on Calamity Ganon.

Zelda: Before we attack with the Divine Beasts, we'll have to deal with that barrier.

King Rhoam: I shall defend the stronghold. Everyone else, try to take down that obstruction!

Zelda: The barrier is being created by the monsters... We must focus our efforts on defeating them first!

Objective: Defeat the Monsters Holding the Wall

The next objective is to defeat a series of strong minibosses. This is the first time you will face a Malice Frost-Talus, a Malice Igneo-Talus, and a Malice Hinox.

To easily beat elemental Malice Taluses, use optimal elemental attacks with your rod. You can view our Combat Guide for more details on this.

The Ice Rod will make the WPG of the Malice Frost Talus brittle and easier to break. Similarly, you can do the same for the Malice Igneo Talus, using the Fire Rod.

You can defeat these strong minibosses in any sequence. After defeating your first miniboss, you will get this dialog.

Hylian Captain: Yes! The barrier should fall now... right?

Mipha: Alas, the shield still stands. Although it does look weakened, at least...

Zelda: Indeed. In its weakened state, I may be able to disperse it fully using my power.

Zelda: Everyone, please defeat the last of them. I'll handle the rest!

Zelda must head for the Targeted Position!

Defeat the Malice Hinox

We have covered the moveset and attack patterns of all the Hinoxes in our Enemies Guide. You can view it for combat tips. This is the first Malice Hinox you will face in the game.

Master Kohga: Link, old buddy! Get me out of this mess!

The Malice Hinox is located in the center target position.

Defeat the Malice Igneo Talus

The Malice Igneo Talus is located in the right target position, as a counterpart of the Malice Ice Talus. As shared earlier, you can make the fight with this monster faster and easier by using the Ice Rod. It will make its WPG brittle and faster to clear.

This is the first Malice Igneo Talus in the game.

Once all of the three strong minibosses are defeated, the Champions can proceed on blasting the Malice Wall created by Ganon.

Zelda: All right... Now!

Zelda: Now, fire!

Daruk: C'mon!

Revali: Take this!

Urbosa: Here it comes!

Mipha: We must!

Blood Moon Rising

The devastating barrage from the Divine Beasts strikes Calamity Ganon. Its defeat seems imminent until, suddenly, the skies turn red and the Blood Moon rises. Calamity Ganon and his minions recover, their power restored beneath the Blood Moon's light.

Zelda: And now, Link, it's up to us!

Zelda notices the Blood Moon rising.

Zelda: Oh no!

Zelda: The Blood Moon rises - Ganon's magic waxes strongest now! The monsters now roam the land... Their souls have returned to them - they've arisen!

Objective: Defeat the Revived Monsters

This is the first time a blood moon occurs in the game, and the mechanic was beautifully used as well. 

Due to the Blood Moon, the enemies in each area have been revived.

  • Malice Hinox and Electric Moblin
  • Malice Igneo Talus and Fire Moblin
  • Malice Frost Talus and Ice Moblin

Yunobo: There are monsters everywhere! If this keeps up, we'll be in deep trouble...

Daruk: Argh! Even the Divine Beasts won't be able to move for a while!

Zelda: We must stand strong. If we band together, we will succeed!

Zelda: We will defeat them again and aim for the castle. Take out the monsters upholding the barrier!

Zelda: I will draw the enemies on the plains to me. Hear that, you all? I am your enemy!

Yiga Blademaster: Ugh, this is a real mess!

Gerudo Captain: Ngh... They know how to fight...

The Champions Support the Descendants

After clearing the first outpost that contains two enemies, you will observe the future heroes struggling and the spirit of teamwork.

Riju: I'm afraid I cannot carry on alone.

The Four Champions have arrived on the battlefield!

Urbosa: Kept you waiting, did we? How gracious of you not to finish before we arrived.

Revali: I can't stand owing to someone... Hehe, especially someone from the distant future.

The Four Champions are moving to support the descendant units!

King Rhoam: Even for Zelda, this may be a challenge. I will go now to my daughter's side.

King Rhoam is moving to support Zelda!

Master Kohga: Hellooooo?! I need reinforcements, pronto!

Urbosa: You did very well, Riju! Never underestimate a Gerudo vai!

Riju: Lady Urbosa... Thank you for your help. With you on my side, no enemy will stand a chance!

Mipha: Sidon! Are you all right? You can step back and let me handle this, you know.

Sidon: Dearest sister! Nonsense. We shall fight together, with courage and gusto to spare!

Daruk: Yunobo! You survived, kid! Not that I'd expect any less from my descendant, haha.

Yunobo: Hee-hee, thanks! It's all because of the great ability I inherited from you. Let's keep it up, goro!

Revali: Teba... You've got spunk - I'll give you that much. Maybe I didn't need to bail you out after all.

Teba: Ha! Do not sell yourself short, Master Revali. I am merely following your lead.

King Rhoam: Zelda, always protecting others. Allow me to protect you now.

Zelda: Father! To fight by your side - there is no greater honor.

With that beautiful teamwork and collaboration, it's only inevitable that the revived enemies will get defeated. 

Zelda: Offensive positions! We must break through to the castle!

Objective: Defeat the Malice Lynel

There is one final enemy to defeat though before the attack on the castle can begin. This is the first-ever Malice Lynel in the game.

You will notice that this Lynel is dual-wielding swords. We have covered the moveset and attacks of a dual-wielding Lynel in the entry Water and Fire. You can view our Enemies Guide to get more tips on fighting this kind of Lynel.

After defeating the Malice Lynel, the Hyrule army can enter the castle. This exciting adventure will continue in the next entry, The Future of Hyrule.

The gate to Hyrule Castle has opened!

Zelda: We will march forward and strike down Calamity Ganon!

Korok Locations

Every Chapter in the game contains Koroks. The main challenge is that there is no feature in the game that will make them appear on the map. 

Hence, we provide all their locations on the area as well as on the map.

Total Koroks: 6

All Hyrule, United Korok 1

All Hyrule, United Korok 2

All Hyrule, United Korok 3

All Hyrule, United Korok 4

All Hyrule, United Korok 5

All Hyrule, United Korok 6

Continue the adventure with our next Chapter entry The Future of Hyrule.

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - The Future of Hyrule