Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Ruta Guide

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Ruta Guide

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Our Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Vah Ruta Guide is the best source of information for Vah Ruta, giving you comprehensive details on its background, moveset, and the Chapter entries where it can be used to battle the armies of Calamity Ganon.

Background of Vah Ruta

We first met Vah Ruta in BOTW, as a source of grief for the Zora in one of the major quests of the game. With the help of Link, we are able to free the Divine Beast from the control of Waterblight Ganon and release as well the spirit of Mipha.

In the Age of Calamity, we get the chance to see Vah Ruta as a power to confront Ganon and his armies.

Vah Ruta is piloted by the Zora Champion, Mipha, who initially was not permitted to drive it due to King Dorephan's worries about her safety.

Vah Ruta not only gained Mipha as its pilot but Sidon as well, thanks to the little Guardian that adjusted the mechanic of the Divine Beasts.

Together, the siblings used the full might and power of Vah Ruta to defeat the forces of Ganon's army.

Divine Beast Battles with Vah Ruta

You will experience Divine Beast battles using Vah Ruta in these Chapter entries.

Vah Ruta Controls

Vah Ruta has the following controls for doing battles. 

  • Intercept - for defense against incoming attacks
    • Use the button L
  • Frozen Blast - a long-range attack that freezes enemies hit
    • Use the button R
  • Icicle Barrage - a powerful AOE attack with a cooldown
    • Use the button ZR
  • Fling Upward - a melee attack that can destroy obstacles and buildings
    • Use the button Y
  • Special Attack - the ultimate attack that relies on a gauge
    • Use the button A

Frozen Blast

Frozen Blast is the long-ranged attack of Vah Ruta. Use it for reaching far away enemies. You will notice that the attack freezes the enemies. 

This is useful for freezing strong enemies like Lynels and large enemies like Hinoxes, Taluses, and Guardians.

Fling Upward

Fling Upward is a powerful melee attack that you can use for destroying bridges and obstructions. It also one-hits groups of enemies that are nearby.

Fling Upward has no cooldown, so use it for doing powerful melee attacks.

Icicle Barrage is the second most powerful attack of Vah Ruta, hence the need for a cooldown.

You target enemies similar to the Frozen Blast, but with a higher level of destruction. There will be a cooldown after doing the attack.

Special Attack

The Special Attack is the most destructive attack of Vah Ruta. It can one-shot all enemies passed by it. 

There is a time limit for using it though, around a few seconds only. Use it swiping from left to right to eliminate the highest number of enemies.

Motion-Control Aiming - Turn On or Off?

By default, the game turns on Motion-Control aiming. In other words, by using the Switch, you can target enemies and do battle.

However, we highly recommend that you turn-off Motion-Control aiming. The main reason is that it is much easier to play the game with Motion-Control aiming turned-off.

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